Hajar Bochor Dhore: Jahir Raihan Bangla Novel PDF Download

Hajar Bochor Dhore is one of the finest novels in the history of Bangla Literature. This masterpiece was written by famous writer Jahir Raihan. It contains the rural picture of Bangladesh, which is prevailing for thousands of years. So, the name of the novel itself tells the story.

Hajar Bochor Dhore Jahir Raihan Novel PDF

Jahir Raihan is thought to be one of the modern era writers from Bangladesh. Although he was murdered by the Pakistani Army in 1971, he wrote some special novels in his short lifespan. He is still living in the hearts of millions of people who read those novels.

The story of the novel Hajar Bochor Dhore is centered by a character called Mokbul. But, surprisingly, he is not the hero, rather than the villain of this novel. Montu and Tuni are the secondary characters of this novel, but they are presented as hero and heroine by Jahir Raihan. There are many other characters like Ambia, Abul, Saleha, Rashid, Fokirer Ma etc. They all have some valuable contribution to the story of the novel.

Mokbul has 3 wives. Among them, TuniĀ is the youngest. Montu stays in Mokbul’s house and works for him. Gradually Montu and TuniĀ falls in love with each other. But, there is no scope for this kind of love in the rural Bangladesh. So, they don’t end up in a successful ending. This is just a summary of the story. The main story has many twists and turns to keep the readers attracted and amazed throughout the book.

This novel is the part of the Rapid Reader (Druto Pothon) in class 9-10 (SSC) in Bangladesh. So, it is a must read for all. In this website sujonhera.com, you will get the PDF eBook file of the novel Hajar Bochor Dhore. Download this novel now and read it to know more about rural Bangladesh.


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