Grameenphone Emergency Balance: How To Activate & Details

Grameenphone is the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. They have a lot of attractive offers for their customers. Now, they have introduced another new and user-friendly offer called Emergency Balance. This offer is only applicable for the prepaid customers. This offer will allow the customers to get an emergency balance of 5 Taka [10 Taka for Star Subscribers] when their balance becomes zero or insufficient to make a call. They can easily get this BDT and make emergency calls.

Grameenphone Emergency Balance: How To Activate & Details


Just dial *1010*1# [Free] to collect 5 BDT in your balance when you don’t have enough account balance.


Not at all! You will be charged the exact amount of money when you will recharge your account next time. So, the Emergency Balance is not free. It is just a privilege for the Grameenphone Customers.


You can check the remaining Emergency Balance of your account by dialing *566*28# any time for free.


Emergency Balance has a validity period of 30 Days.


You can get an Emergency Balance for the second time only after recharging your account and paying the first Emergency Balance.


Grameenphone Emergency Balance: How To Activate & Details

Ananta Jalil, the Super Action Hero of Dhallywood, has become the model of the Grameenphone Emergency Balance Advertisement. In this advertisement, Ananta has 2 dialogues: “Osomvob ke somvob korai Ananta’r kaj” & “Nothing is impossible for Ananta”. Have a look at the advertisement below:

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    2. How to get more validity time of Grameenphone account balance?

      1. Recharge larger amount of money to get longer validity time.

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