Grameenphone Balance Transfer: How To Transfer BDT Easily

Grameenphone Bangladesh has some great features for which people use it. One of the important features is Balance Transfer. It means, you can transfer an amount of Taka from your account to your friend’s mobile number. It is very essential when your friend has no BDT in his/her account and cannot make an important call. You can help your friend by transferring this money.

You can also do a profitable business with this service if you wish! Sometimes, people talk for hours late in the night and eventually discovers that their account balance is 0.00! Then it is not possible for the to recharge their mobile from a Flexiload agent. If you are there, you can easily transfer some amount of BDT to that person and get the money with profit in cash from him/her!


NOTE: You can transfer any amount of money between 50-100 Taka. That means, you must transfer at least 50 Taka at a time. You cannot transfer more than 100 Taka  in a single attempt. If you want to transfer more money, try transferring by multiple attempts. For example, if you want to transfer 300 BDT, transfer 100 BDT at first, then another 100, then another 100.

So, let’s see how to transfer BDT from your Grameenphone SIM to another person’s Grameenphone SIM.


1. You have to REGISTER your mobile number for Balance Transfer. Just go to your message option and Create a new message REGI and send it to 1000. Here is a screenshot:

Grameenphone Balance Transfer How To Transfer BDT Easily


2. In the reply message, you will get a confirmation message with a PIN CODE of 4 digits for Balance Transfer. Keep this PIN CODE safe for future transactions.


Just go to your message option and create a new message like this: BTR <SPACE> PIN CODE <SPACE> RECEIVER’S MOBILE NUMBER <SPACE> AMOUNT TO BE TRANSFERRED. Send this message to 1000. Here is a screenshot:

Grameenphone Balance Transfer


The PIN CODE given by the Grameenphone may not be easy to remember. But this number is essential for transferring balances from your mobile to another mobile. So, you can change your PIN CODE anytime you want and use a code that is easy for you to remember.

Just go to message option, type a new message like this: CPIN <SPACE> OLD PIN <SPACE> NEW PIN <SPACE> NEW PIN. Now send this message to 1000. See the screenshot. Here 1234=Old PIN that is given to you by message from GP. 5678=Your desired NEW PIN.

Grameenphone Balance Transfer

In the reply message, you will get the following information. That means, your PIN CODE has been changed successfully. You have to use the NEW PIN CODE for transferring balances.

Grameenphone Balance Transfer

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    5. When the Balance & Validity period of a friend’s phone account is exhausted/over, the transfer of balance would be helpful or not? If helpful, its good. If not, then what would be fate of the transferred amount? The amount will remain in the account of GP. It is trap to extract money from innocent/illiterate mass/people.

      1. Now-a-days the validity period of balances are more, like 2-3 years or so. So, it will not be a wastage of money.

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      1. It’s REGI, not REG. The code has been changed by Grameenphone.

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      1. If you know your PUK Code, try recovering the PIN Code with it.

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