Full Guideline Of Writing A Successful Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume is the primary media of presenting yourself as a candidate for any job in any organization. If you don’t create a good and complete CV, you have a little chance of being selected among a lot of candidates. So, the importance of a good CV is immense. In this post of sujonhera.com, you will get a full guideline on how to create a complete CV and be on the first row of the candidates. So, let’s start the discussion.


1. The people in the interview board will judge you face to face. You have to satisfy them with your presence of knowledge and skills. You have a little to do with your CV. They will look at your CV for a maximum period of 30 seconds and not more than that. So, you have to write your key points in the CV. It must be clearly visible and must contain points rather than paragraphs.

2. Your CV must be printed on white paper using clear fonts. You may use bold letters for the headlines or use underlines and Italic letters. Don’t use any other colors apart from black as the text color. It will be good if you can write every important key point in one page. As it is too difficult, you can use 2 pages for a CV. Don’t use both sides of a paper. Using 3 or more papers for a CV is not good at all because, the reader will be bored during reading the long CV.

3. Don’t do any grammatical mistake in your CV. If there is a mistake and the reader can find it, you are saying bye bye from the interview board. So, check and double check for any possible error. If you are not sure about it, ask anyone you know who is good at English to read your CV and check for any mistakes.

4. Customize your CV according to the job circular of the organization. This means you have to emphasize on the points which are required most for that particular job. For this purpose, you have to study and research well about the organization. You have to read the circular carefully to understand what is needed in you for that job. For an example, if they require any past experiences, write each and every experience you have in details. This will help you getting a plus point.

5. Don’t write any wrong information in your CV. You can be fired from your work if the information that are given in your CV are proved wrong later.

Full Guideline Of Writing A Successful Curriculum Vitae (CV)


The following parts are common for most of the CVs:

1. Title: The Title is your full name. It should be written in the bold letter and a larger font than the others. You should refrain from writing your nickname there. Right after your name, you have to write your present address, email address and phone number. The title section must be placed in the upper middle part of the page so that it can be easily seen.

2. Photograph: You must attatch a printed passport sized photograph to the CV paper on the upper right corner.

3. Career Summary: In this part, you have to write your previous jobs. You can write your achievements in this section. This section is applicable for only those who have got a lot of experience. If you are new in your career, you don’t have to write this section.

4. Career Objectives: This part is applicable for those who have little experience and are relatively new in their career. Here, you have to write your goals and objectives in your career. You have to write your skills for this kind of jobs and state your hard working ability very intellectually.

5. Job Experiences: Here, you have to write your previous experiences of working for any other organizations. Remember, the more you are experienced, the more is your chance of being selected. So, write each and every experience you have gathered from the other organizations. You should write these points for each organization:

Organization Name
Time Period: From and To
Job Responsibility
Special Achievements

Write separately if you have the experience of working in the same organization in different designations. Mention the most recent experiences at first. Then gradually go back and write the oldest experience at last.

6. Educational Experiences: You have to write your educational qualifications here in the following order:

Name of the degree
Course Period
Educational Institution and Education Board
Examination Year
Position in Merit List (If any)

If you are in a course, write “Ongoing” beside that one. If the result of any degree is not published yet, write “Appeared” beside it.

7. Additional Information: You can write these points as additional segments if you wish.

Professional Achievement
Language Skill
Computer Skill
Voluntary Works

8. Personal Information: You should mention your personal information like the name of your parents, present and permanent address, religion, marital status, nationality, hobbies, countries you have visited etc.

9. Reference: This portion includes name, address, email address and phone number 2 or 3 people who know you personally during working under them in the past. They may be your teachers and company managers. But, make sure you inform them that you have mentioned their names in your CV.

10. Signature: You must give your signature with a black ink pen at the end of your CV.


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