Find Out Who Steal Your Website Posts Or Articles

Writing website posts is not an easy task. Nowadays, almost every internet user has got a blog or website. But, all of them are not genuine bloggers! They can’t write with their own talent. Rather, they prefer copy-paste from other renowned websites and use those contents as their own. This is simply called stealing. Those thieves think that they will get benefit by this shortcut technique. But, alas! Google keeps a close eye on them and they get their punishment sooner or later.

Find Out Who Steal Your Website Posts Or Articles

Many genuine bloggers remain tensed about being stolen by those thieves. They always fear that the copy-pasted post by the thieves may be more popular than their own genuine posts. But, it’s totally a wrong concept. As truth will always be revealed, the copy-pasted materials will always be identified by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. They should not be worried about the thieves. The thieves will get nothing but a big loss of time and energy while copy-pasting the contents from other websites.

In this post, I will show you how you can identify which website is copying your genuine contents/articles/posts. Let’s start:

1. At first, select any popular post from your own website. For an example, I have decided to take this post: Sadika Parvin Popy: Hot Bangladeshi Model & Actress Photos

Find Out Who Steal Your Website Posts Or Articles

2. Then, select the post title or any other sentence from the body of the post. Next, right click on the selected part and click on “Search Google for ….

Find Out Who Steal Your Website Posts Or Articles

3. A new tab will open and you will see which websites are containing the same sentence. Here, a blog from a thief contains this sentence:

Find Out Who Steal Your Website Posts Or Articles

To confirm, click on any one of them and you will get your answer.

Find Out Who Steal Your Website Posts Or Articles

You can see, this thief has copied many of my posts from A to Z and posted on his/her blog without any links to my blog. Even, the images are still hosted on my server! The image links are same!

Find Out Who Steal Your Website Posts Or Articles

So, what can you do now?

You man complain against the website. Or, you may not! There will be no harm if you don’t complain about the website. As those will automatically go downwards in the search list.

So, always write genuine articles by your own. Don’t do any copy-paste. It earns nothing or something which is far less than the genuine articles.

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  1. You should definitely take action against copied post specially if its blogger, If for any reason you have to shift the domain, Google will rank them better for the same post, coz google search the timestamp of the post, Google has some special link report Copied Blogspot site. Hope you will write another article on “How you complain to google about copied content?”

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