How To Download Youtube Video Without Software

Most of us use different software to download YOUTUBE videos. Such as YouTube video downloader, Internet download manager etc. They are cool, I know.

But what if you don’t need any of these software for downloading videos from YouTube?
Yes, that’s possible. Thanks to some websites that helps us to download videos from YouTube.

In websites like KEEP-TUBE or KEEPVID [FOR COMPUTER USERS] and TUBIDY or TUBEZEN [FOR MOBILE USERS] you can download these videos by providing the YouTube link.

How To Download Youtube Video Without software

But now I will share another method of downloading YouTube videos. You don’t have to remember the above mentioned site names! Just remember & SS !

Let me elaborate a little!


1. Go to & search for your desired video.

2. Now look at your web browser’s address box. You will see a link like this…

How To Download Youtube Video Without software

3. Now take your mouse cursor in between www. & & type ss (see image below)

How To Download Youtube Video Without software

4. Press ENTER & you will be taken to the website SAVEFROM.NET. There, on the right side of your screen, you will see something like this…

How To Download Youtube Video Without software

5. Click on More to get more downloading options.

How To Download Youtube Video Without software

6. Now just click on the format you want to download & the download starts!

Thank you for reading this post!


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