Download Top 5 Most Addictive Free Android Games

Android games are very exciting to play on Android devices. Some of them are so much addictive that you can’t stop playing. They are very harmful for you and can ruin your day. You will have no concentration to the outer world once you look at the screen and start playing these games. Some people play these games and finish levels after levels until all the levels are finished. It earns nothing, rather destroys your valuable time. So, play these games with caution.

Download Top 5 Most Addictive Free Android Games


I am not responsible if any of these games becomes an addiction for you after reading this post. I am just reminding you about the harmful effects of these addictive games. So, here are the top 5 Most Addictive Free Android Games:

1. Candy Crush Saga: I have put this game to the number one position as I am one of the victims of this game! This game is so ridiculously addictive that you can’t stop playing. You have to match same types of candies in this game to make them vanish. It has some hundreds of levels and it takes more than one attempts to pass each of them. So, it takes enough time from you. I am currently at level 92. I think, you should not download it if you still don’t know about this game. And if you have played this game, please re-think before playing this game!

2. Angry Birds: Angry Birds is another most playing addictive android game. It has some versions also like Rio, Star Wars, Seasons, Space, Go and Friends. So, even though you finish playing all the levels, you will always try to finish the other versions. The game is all about destroying pigs with the help of different types of birds. I recently made my mind and uninstalled it to make sure I am not addictive to this game!

3. Temple Run: Temple Run is all about running! You will have to guide a virtual character who is always running through various roads of an old temple. You will have to collect coins to improve your score. It also becomes an addiction when you start playing! It has got the second version also named Temple Run 2. This game has taken much of my time. But now, I am not playing this game as it has become monotonous for me!

4. Fruit Ninja: Fruit Ninja is all about cutting fruits and earning points. You have to smash fruits thrown above. It can cause scratches on your mobile phone’s screen as sometimes you forget that it is a game. You think of cutting fruits in real! So, think once again before playing this game.

5. Subway Surfers: This is very much like the Temple Run. The difference is, you will have to run through a rail line. The graphics of this games are so nice that you can’t stop playing this game either.

So, play these games with caution and with time limitation. If you think, it is killing your valuable time, please uninstall it. As, playing games on Android phones does not earn you much. It is a media for recreation only!

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