How To Download 320KBPS MP3 Audio Songs From YouTube

Do you want to Download 320KBPS MP3? Many of us are fond of music. We like to listen to our favourite music in our leisure. Some people listen to music all day and all night. So, music is a part and parcel of our life. And the listening experience may be greatly enhanced if the audio songs are in 320KBPS MP3 format. You may have already known that MP3 songs have different qualities like 64KBPS, 128KBPS, 192KBPS, 256KBPS and 320KBPS. The 320KBPS is the highest quality for any MP3 song.

We usually download songs not bothering about the KBPS quality. Most of the websites offer 128KBPS MP3 songs which are far less lively than the 320KBPS ones. So, we have to download 320KBPS MP3 audio songs to get the highest satisfactory music listening experience. In this post from, you will know about the simple way to download 320KBPS MP3 for any song. Yes. You have read it right! Any song, which is available on YouTube. Not only YouTube, many other video and audio sharing websites. So, let’s start the tutorial.


1. At first, visit and search for your desired song. For example, I have searched one of my favourite song named “Onek Sadhonar Pore” by Imran Mahmudul and Nancy, which is a remake version of the classic one from Khalid Hasan Milu and Kanak Chapa. Play the song on YouTube. You will get the URL of the song in the address bar. Copy that URL.

How To Download 320KBPS MP3 Audio Songs From YouTube

2. Now, visit You will see the following picture there.

How To Download 320KBPS MP3 Audio Songs From YouTube

3. Now, paste the YouTube URL in the box VIDEO URL. You will see the quality is already set to 320KBPS (Highest Quality). You can change it to any quality you want. Then click on CONVERT TO MP3 button.

How To Download 320KBPS MP3 Audio Songs From YouTube

4. Now, wait for a few seconds to a few minutes. The MP3 file will be generated in the given quality and it will take time depending upon the file size. The page will be refreshed many times. But, don’t get impatient and ┬ádon’t close the tab.

How To Download 320KBPS MP3 Audio Songs From YouTube

5. After some time, you will see this. Click on the highlighted link named “Click Here To Download Your MP3 File.

How To Download 320KBPS MP3 Audio Songs From YouTube

6. After the download has finished, here is the property details of that MP3 file. You can see this by right click on the file>Properties>Details tab. The Bit Rate is 320KBPS. Now listen to it through an earphone and you will feel the best music listening experience you can ever get.

How To Download 320KBPS MP3 Audio Songs From YouTube

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