Dinner Tips: 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

If you are going to a party, you should have a dinner with many important persons. They may be your relatives, friends, neighbours or colleagues. There are some common manners and etiquettes you should follow on those dinners. Otherwise, people will have bad impressions on you. To prove yourself smart enough, you should know the following rules during dinner:

1. Start when all people in your table is served: Wait for a while and start eating when all the people in your table is served. Some people can’t wait and starts eating like mads as soon as they are served. Avoid doing this to remain smart in the group!

2. Don’t remove stuck food particle in teeth: Some people are careless enough to remove the stuck food particle in their teeth. They use their fingers or toothpicks to do so. It is very embarrassing seeing a person on your table doing such crazy job! So, be careful about it.

3. Don’t clear your nostrils: Sometimes, people have running nose and  use tissue papers and handkerchief to clear their nose frequently during dinner. This is so much nasty and annoying for all the other people in the table. So, don’t do such type of job. Use medications to avoid falling in such situations.

Dinner Tips 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

4. Keep your mobile phone in silent mode: Avoid phone calls during a dinner. You may have some important calls from some important persons. You can keep the phone in vibration mood. If there is less chance of such important calls, it’s better to keep your mobile in silent mood.

Dinner Tips 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

5. Avoid chatting or messaging someone: Some people always chat or message their friends. It is not right, specially when you are in a dinner table with many other people.

6. Avoid doing make-up: Some girls are stupid enough to do make-up all the time! They comb their hairs, use lipsticks and many other materials on their face to make them look beautiful. Actually, they look like psychiatric patients all the time! So, don’t do make-up all the time, specially in a dinner table.

7. Behave well with the waiters: Waiters are always ready to serve you. If you find any waiter away from your table, wait a few seconds for him/her. Don’t shout and call him/her. Always talk gently with the waiters. Never misbehave with them.

Dinner Tips 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

8. Eat with spoons if supplied: If you get spoons for your dinner, use them. Some people don’t know how to eat with spoons. Some others find it easier to eat with fingers. If all the other people are using the spoons, it will be bothering to eat with fingers.

Dinner Tips 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

9. Don’t comment on others eating methods: Some people likes to comment on other people’s eating style. They forget that others have mouths too and he/she has an unique eating style also!

10. Remain quite during eating: Some people likes to gossip more and eat less! They remain talking and laughing all the time. It hampers others. So, remain quite while eating.

Dinner Tips 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

11. Use tissue paper for cleaning: If you find that your hand or mouth is dirty with the food materials, use tissue paper to clean it. Don’t use any other things to clean it.

12. Don’t express love below the table: Sometimes, couples express love below the table. Sometimes it goes wrong and any other person may get involved accidently. So, avoid this types of acts.

Dinner Tips 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

13. Don’t express your hunger: Expressing your hunger is one of the worst act in a dinner table. Some people eat like they have never eaten for so long! So, be smart and gentle while eating.

Dinner Tips 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

14. Avoid criticizing the food: You may not like the food. But, it will be a bad idea to complain about the food during the dinner. Compromise for this time and make yourself prepare for the future.

Dinner Tips 10 Etiquettes To Follow In A Formal Dinner

15. Wait till everyone finish their dinner: Wait till everyone finish eating. Never left your chair and go to washroom too early.

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