Dhaka Metropolitan Police: DMP Android App To Prevent Crime

Bangladesh Police is always determined to prevent crimes of any type. They work on day and night to maintain sound environment throughout the whole country. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. So, the population density is more here. As a result, crime also occurs frequently in this city. As Android Phones are available now, Dhaka Metropolitan Police [DMP] has created an android app to prevent crime.

This tiny app of 1 MB contains important mobile and phone numbers of all Police Stations of Dhaka City. Not only that, it also contains some spectacular features which will help you to get immediate help if you fall in any trouble. These are:

1. You can search any police stations from any location.

2. You can call your nearest police station’s OC or duty officer by just one finger tap.

3. You can localize the nearby police station with the help of Google Map Service.

4. You can get the directions or roads to go to the nearby police stations.

5. You can get details about DMP services.

6. You can inform police about any crime immediately by call or SMS.

7. You can also save these numbers to your phone.

8. You can go to DMP Facebook Page to know latest news updates from DMP from this app.

9. You can contact DMP blood Bank from this app.

10. You can contact Traffic Police of different areas from this app.

11. You can get Women Support Service of DMP from this app.

12. You can contact DMP Media Center from this app.

Here are some screenshots from the app:

Dhaka Metropolitan Police: DMP Android App To Prevent Crime

Dhaka Metropolitan Police: DMP Android App To Prevent Crime

Dhaka Metropolitan Police: DMP Android App To Prevent Crime

Dhaka Metropolitan Police: DMP Android App To Prevent Crime

Dhaka Metropolitan Police: DMP Android App To Prevent Crime

How To Download This App:

You can get this app for free from Google Play Store [Official Link]. Or, you can alternatively download it from the Dropbox Link.

This app is developed under the complete supervision of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. Update the app regularly to have the latest phone numbers.

Video Tutorial:


On behalf of DMP, this app is developed by Engr. Md. Tarik Mahmud & Engr. Monsur Hossain Tonmoy.

Make this country a better one. Make a crime free Bangladesh.

Thanks for reading this post.


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