Class 9-10 (SSC) All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download

This post will be very helpful for the SSC examinees in Bangladesh. Here are the PDF versions of the Textbooks of class 9-10. These books are from the latest curriculum and all are clear print. You will find no difficulty reading these books.

I am providing SSC (Class 9 and 10) Textbooks as PDF file in this post. I believe that every student will find it helpful.
You can download them by clicking the links below. I hope these books will also help the BCS examinees too.

Class 9-10 (SSC) All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download


1. Click the links below. You will see a page with the following picture at the upper right corner of your screen.

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2. Wait for 5 seconds and then you will see the yellow button called Skip Ad. Click on that button.

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3. Then you will see the following download button. Click on that button to download your desired book.

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Earlier, it was a dream for students of Bangladesh to read their textbooks in PC. But now, it is very easy for them as Computer, Mobile and the Internet is available to many of them. They can download their textbooks from the internet and read them on these devices when needed.

Ebooks have become more and more popular among the young generation. We hope that the newer generation will make study easier with newer inventions like ebooks!


How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

1. Download and Install Avro software, restart your computer.

2. Download these fonts, unzip the zip file using 7zip or WinRAR, install the fonts on your computer.

Class 9-10 SSC Textbooks Bangladesh


Visit the Education portion of this website to find other class Textbooks PDF.


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    1. Please need Bangladesh and Global Study book.

    2. As I am a student, I want to learn math.

    3. Assalamu alaikum, sir! Ami kivabe boi download korbo?

      1. Click the links shown in the above post. You will see a Skip Ad button at the upper right corner after waiting 5 seconds. Click that button to see the book. Click on the Download icon on the upper right corner.

    4. I need book a math book edited in 2012. I will be greatful to you if you give me.

    5. Class 9-10 ICT book is not available. Please upload it, sir.

    6. Orthoniti boi ta download kora jacche na keno?

    7. I need a Bangle version of Hindu Dhorma and Noitik Shikkha for class 9 and 10.

    8. I want a Bangla, General Math and Islam Test Paper of a well-known publisher. Can you please upload that? I need it badly.

    9. I need Bangla version 9-10 board book PDF.

    10. Can’t download Islam Religion book. Please help.

    11. Zoom kora jacche na keno?

    12. Thanks for uploading Bangla books.

    13. Why we could not study Bangla Ebook/PDF?

      1. Because you did not read the full post. Read it and you will find the solution.

    14. Physics 2008-2012 year er book ki ache?

    15. Hello brother,
      A lot of books are here but no book is here called “Computer” as optional for SSC level. It’s a matter of great regret and sorrow. I always visit this site to download any of books. Now I did not found my preferred book.
      So, I request you to add this book here in this site as soon as possible and kindly notify me through the email below after the task is completed. Thank You.

    16. Need the ICT English version PDF. Other than that an excellent site for help.

    17. These are of 2013! 9-10 mathematics books haven’t changed yet? Please reply.

    18. Ami 2009 er ekta Higher Math book chai. Hobe?

    19. We want vocational education books.

    20. Sir, take my salam. Sir, is Higher Math Bangla version available?

      1. Walaikum assalam. Yes, check the above post.

    21. I want ICT Book of all classes.

    22. Vai, PODARTHO BIGGAN boi ta pora jacche na. Ei boi ta onno vasai. Er kono solution ase?

    23. Vai, class nine er Bangla Sahitto boi ta pora jacche na keno? Lekha gulo Bangla na. Please janaben.

    24. 2017 Higher Math textbook paoa jabe class nine and ten er?

    25. Class 9-10 Hindu Religion Bangla version paoa jabe?

    26. Thank you Dr Sujon Paul sir. That’s a great help for us.

    27. ICT, Kormo O Jibonmukhi Shikkha boi chai.

    28. Bangladesh o Bisso Porichoy er Bangla version ta kothay?

    29. Vai, ami Sadharon Biggan book ta chai class nine ten er.

    30. Sir, I want class Nine & Ten math solution book.

    31. There is no English version book of the year 2017.

    32. Bengali and English books are not available, kindly upload a new file for download. The Bengali Mathematics book (Ganit) is not in actual Bengali font. Please check it.

    33. PDF book Bangla version accounting support korche na. Ki korbo?

      1. Install the fonts. Details is given at the end of the above post.

    34. Not available Bangla version. But, how can I get it? Please say something.

    35. I can’t reach the Bangla version. Please say something.

    36. When will we get the ICT book?

    37. Mobile e Bangla version er boi gulo support kore na keno?

      1. Because, phones lack the fonts in those books. Read this post to know how to install fonts in Android phone. Then download and install Sabrenatonnymj font from the above post to see the texts of these eBooks.

    38. Podartho Biggan boi er font right ase na. Please advise.

      1. The solution is given at the end of the above post.

    39. Please, upload ICT book.

    40. HSC er all board book PDF Download Link dile upokrito hotam.

      1. Board book to sudhu Bangla ar English. :O

    41. This is really helpful.

    42. Ekhane ki 2017 shob book paoa jabe?

    43. I need HSC Chemistry PDF book. Please upload it, if possible.

    44. Assalamu Alikum. Kivabe 2012-2013 session er book pate pari? Class 9-10 Business Studies Group.

    45. Need SSC Physics Chemistry and Biology book Bangla version.

      1. Need Physics class 9-10 in Bangla.

    46. General science for class 9-10 book ki nai?

    47. Class Nine Ten er Bangladesh and Bishaw Porichity book ta onek khojakhuji korlam, pelam na.

    48. Assalamu alaikum, vai. Ami class 9-10 er ICT book free download korte chai. Kivabe korbo?

    49. Vai, Bangla version er book nai?

    50. Thanks. I need mechanical engineering books. Please.

    51. Dada, class 10 er Tottho o joga projukti boita pacchi na apnar post e. Amar sei boi ta hariye geche. Please ektu bolben kivabe boitar PDF file pai?

    52. Need HSC Physics and Chemistry Bangla version.

      1. Inter er book kivabe thakbe? :O Osob to bikri koy. Free te net e keno charbe? :O

    53. Class 9 er Bangladesh o bisso poricoy Bangla te pacchi na.

    54. All the all books are very nice.

    55. Extremely thanks for your services. 🙂

    56. Sir, I need class Nine-Ten Totho o Jogajog Projukty (Information and communication). This book isn’t in the ebook list.

    57. I need Padma Nodir Majhi uponnash. Please, can I have this on this website?

    58. Vai, ei website e ami 2010 er books gulo pabo?

    59. Thanks for your great job.

    60. Thank you for making a good site.

    61. Class 9 er old version Mathemathics book ta paoya jabe?

    62. This is really a helpfull site. Thanks.

    63. Vai, Bangladesh o bisso porishoy Bangla likha ta nai.

    64. Class 9 lecture guide paoa jabe?

    65. 2012 year Charupath of class 9 paoa jabe?

    66. ICT and career book of English version was needed.

    67. Please upload ICT textbook.

    68. Class 9-10 ICT book was needed. But, it is absent here.

      1. In computer, right click on the font and select install. In Android phone, see this post.

    69. Hello Dr Sujon. Can I ask you to do me a favour? I am looking for the English text of class 10/SSC of 1976/77. I know it’s difficult as they sell all old books or papers to hawkers. But, I am sure someone somewhere archives these books. I shall be extremely grateful if you can find someone who can source me this book. I live in Britain, that is why it’s a bit difficult for me. Many thanks.

      1. Let’s wait and see if someone replies you with something positive or not.

    70. Hello, I am using Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016). I have downloaded the PDF file of Accounting book in Bangla version. But I can’t read and see in Bangla. Now I’ve wondered if you provided that how can I look in Bangla with that PDF file.

    71. Do you have General Math book 1997?

    72. We are very proud.

    73. Sir, I can’t read NCTB books. But, I installed all fonts. Please solve it. My device is Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

    74. Thank you very much for sharing textbooks. It will be very very helpful for everyone like me!

    75. How to read these books without font problem on JAVA mobile?

    76. This website was extremely helpful for me as my books are in bad shape now when I am in class X. Like me, many students fail to maintain the mint condition of their books for 2 years. And then we have to go and buy new copies. But now we can easily download the PDF files of our books, thanks to your website. The PDF files are all genuine and the download links are working great. So, I would like to thank you for your contribution from the bottom of my heart.

    77. Where is Class 9 Bangla version General Science book?

    78. Sir, ei boi gulo download korbo kivabe?

    79. Class 9-10 er 2008-2009 er Bangla 1st paper board boi ta dorkar.

    80. Amar 9-10 er puraton syllabus er boi gulo dorkar. Amar mone hoy, ager biggan boi gulo bortoman boi er tulonay beshi totthyobohul chio.

    81. Thanks for all posts.

    82. Very nice of your all activities.

    83. Please give the PDF soft copy of Information Communication And Technology book of SSC exam on the site. There are some problems to download the book.

        1. PDF version ber hoyni?

    84. Vai, physics Bangla support korche na.

    85. Class 9-10 General Science Bangla version koi?

    86. Accounting book is not supported.

    87. Bangladesh and Global Studies er Bangla version paoa jabe na?

    88. Why I can’t find Bangladesh o bisho porichoy or Bangladesh and global studies in Bangla version?

    89. Bro, please give the edited version of Hisabbighan book class 9-10.

    90. I have downloaded all my textbooks PDF from this website.

    91. Proti ta font install kore dekhlam. Kintu 9-10 er Vugol boi pora jacche na.

    92. Amar Physics and Chemistry Bangla version boi lagbe. Kothay pabo?

      1. I need Geography & Environment book of class 9 and 10 in English version. How can I get it?

    93. Amar Chemistry, Math, Physics book lagbe 2008 er.

    94. Bhai, amar Chemistry boi lagbe 2012 sal er.

    95. Class 9-10 er General Math solution kivabe pabo? Please janben. Thank you.

      1. Not available as PDF. You have to buy the book from market.

    96. 9-10 Podartho Biggan ar Gonit kichu font ase, kichu ase na.

    97. I need Class IX-X Hindu Dharma Bangla version Book 2016. Please post.

    98. Class 9-10 all book download.

    99. Dear sir, I need a Bangla version copy of Bangladesh & Global studies (class nine). I’m waiting for your response.

    100. Bangla book and Math book support korche na. Please help korun.

      1. The solution is also given at the end of the post.

    101. Can I get the Basic Trade book please?

    102. Amar kono somosa nai. Ami onek upokar peyechi. Thanks NCTB.

    103. Sir, amar Jib biggan boi Hindhi hoye jacche keno?

      1. Solution is already given in the post. Read it carefully.

    104. Vaiya, amar Android phone e Bangla support kore na. Ekhon ki korbo please bole den.

    105. Sir, class 10 er computer book (Bangla version) paoa jabe?

    106. 2014 shaler Chemistry boi ta pawa jabe?

    107. Can you give me the book of career sikkha?

    108. I have downloaded all the books from this site. Everything is okay but only the math and the higher math (Bangla) the Bengali font is not supporting. I can see only the numeric fonts, not Bengali fonts.

    109. Amar SSC 2009-2010 syllabus er Higher Math boi ta lagbe. Please dite parben?

    110. Vai, amar 2014-2015 books PDF e lagbe.

    111. Bangladesh is going to be a real Digital Bangladesh. It will help all students of SSC in Bangladesh.

    112. Do you have practical books of English version?

    113. Do not support (Bangla Shahitto Sonkolon) Bangla font. Other books are OK.

    114. Itihash er English version lagbe.

    115. Sir, class nine er Arts and Commerce er je Biggan boi ta ache, eita PDF copy tar link ki amake dite paren?

    116. Vai, font support korteche na. Ki ki font use kora hoiche jodi kindly janaiten (Gonit Bangla version).

      1. Computer/Android Phone? For computer font problem, see this post. for Android phone problem, see this post.

    117. I need Bangladesh & Global Studies Book in Bengali version. But I couldn’t find this. Please help me out.

    118. Ami sob boi gulo download kotechi. Kintu ektao Bangla support kore na.

      1. In which device you want to read these books? A computer or an Android phone? You should try the solution given in the lower part of this post. Please read those carefully and do accordingly to get the solution.

    119. Amar phone e Bangla 1st paper book ta read kora jay na. Support ney na.

    120. Amar class 9 higher mathematics solution ta lagbe.

    121. Janani ei boi gula ki online e order kora jabe?

    122. Chemistry 2012 book ta ki paoa jabe?

    123. Bangla 2nd paper lagbe.

    124. Respected members of this site, We some of the students are really in need of the books of old syllabus. Please for the betterment for us it will be a great pleasure. Thanks.

    125. Vai, Windows phone e Bangla support korche na. Solution den.

      1. Amar o same problem.

    126. Class-9 General Science Bangla Version PDF Book Pai Nai.

    127. Class nine Science, BG Studies Bangla Version.

    128. Wow! you are so good guy. I like this post. What an idea! I just love it.

    129. Islam o Noitik Shikkha boi ta ki publish kora hoy nai? Kono website e to Bangla version ta nai. Koi pabo? Download link ta dile valo hoto.

    130. Ami ICT subject class nine er ekta book khujchi. Pacchina keno? Amake ekta link din.

      1. Not available now. Check this website regularly for the updates.

    131. Arts er Sadharon Biggan boi kothay?

    132. Sir, the solution for the text is only for PC. But, for android, what is the solution? Please reply.

    133. Class 9-10 er Physics Bangla version download kortechi. Kintu PDF e Bangla fonts ase na. Solution ta bolben please.

      1. Solution is also given in the lower part of the post.

    134. General math 2014 English version PDF?

    135. I need the ICT book of class-IX (English Version). Can you please give me the link?

    136. Great work. Thanks a lot.

    137. Vai, 2007 er Math, English book gulo ki paoa jabe?

    138. Vaiya, class 9-10 er Gonit er solution or Guide er PDF ache? Thakle link ta please.

    139. Vai, Bangla book 2015 ta koi?

    140. Madrasha board er class IX-X er sokol bisoyer bisoy code koto?

    141. I need 2015 version of all these ebooks. Could you please give me the links?

    142. Give us “Rochona somvar” 9-10

    143. Via, multimedia class er jonno boi pabo kothay? PDF boi naki multimedia’r jonno alada kono boi ase? Thakle please link ta den.

      1. No other types are available. Use these PDF files.

    144. Amar Bangla 2nd paper book lagbe 9-10.

    145. Thanks for sharing. I tried to find all resource in one website but with no avail until today. Thank you again.

    146. It`s really great job. I am impressed. From INDIA.

    147. I need Bangladesh and Global Studies Bangla version book. Can I get it please.

      1. I have its soft copy. So how can I give it to you?

        1. I need soft copy of Bangladesh and Global Studies Bangla version book. Can I get it please. Thank you!

    148. Hi there! Your work is really good. I think it’s very helpful for us. But, the higher math book’s font doesn’t exist. Don’t mind.

    149. Amar class 9 er math Bangla Version lagbe. Please send me the address.

    150. H.S.C Science er erokom PDF ki keu dite parben. Tahole khub upokrito hotam.

    151. Amar phone e Bangla Textbook porte pari na. Please Help me. My device is STS tab.

    152. Thank you very much for this good initiative. Carry on brother.

    153. Class 9-10 er bangla shohopath boi ta r link dile upokrito hotam.

    154. Class 9-10 Bangla Byakoron Book er link ta dile valo hoto.

    155. vaia class 9 ar mat smadan boi kibabe pete pari

    156. Bhai, Boi gulo to English front e ase. Bangla porbo ki Kore.

      1. Font install korte hobe. Upore post e lekha ache details.

    157. General knowledge book ki paoa Jabe?

    158. JSC, SSC er test paper kibhabe pabo?

    159. Class 9-10 er bangla 2nd paper er “Rochona Somvar”boi ta ki hobe????

    160. Vai Apnader Khache Class Nine-Ten ar Sadharob Biggan(General Science) Book ta Habe?

    161. Sir Choudhury and Hossain er model question er boi kothay pabo? Please link ta den.

    162. Sir , I need general science book (Bangla Version) . Please upload or send me as early as possible.

    163. Apnara jara Student tara iccha korle Online e Exam diye apnar skill Develop korte parben.

    164. I’m clapping for u right now. You are doing a great job. We just say, but you are doing. Go ahead.

    165. It really helped me, thank for such a well organised work. Think you will keep it on.

    166. Many many thanks, brother.

    167. This books are useful for me.

    168. I need “Gahostho Biggan” book for class 9. That means Bengali version of Home Science book for class nine. Please give me the book link.

    169. Computer boi er ki link pawa jabe?

    170. Can you give me the Bangla font version link of all of the books of class 9-10 & intermediate, please?

    171. Thanks, Dr. Sujon Paul.

    172. How can I get General Science Book?

    173. Hello brother, book to android phone pora jai na. Bangla front ache na. Ki korbo? Help me, brother.

    174. Sir,
      Take My Salam.
      I am the Teacher Of North Kattali Alhaj Mastafa-Hakim High School.
      There was a big problem to teach a subject ( ICT for Class 9). But we did not found this Subject. Please help out of this problem.

      Md.Mahabub Alam

    175. Nice collection bro. Add Humayun Ahmed ebook.

    176. Can’t download the books.

    177. Dear,
      At first I wanna give thanks for your rich blog. I’ll be pleased if you kindly add ICT book for class ix-x and others.
      With Best Regards

    178. It is helping my career. Thanks a lot.

    179. Symphony W15 te Avro software support korena. Ki korbo?

    180. Vai, ami boi download kori, kintu hocche na.

    181. where is physical education bangla version

    182. Thanks, for crating a nice & helpful blog.

    183. vaia ami adobe reader a Podartho Biggan bangla verson book ta dekhte parse na
      ki korte hobe please janaben……

    184. Hisab Biggan book download debar poreo lekha ulta palta asbar karon ki please bolben.

      1. Please read the post carefully from top to bottom. I hope you will get your answer.

    185. Ami ebar SSC dibo. Ami Biology te weak. Please help me.

    186. Ami SSC exam dibo. Ami sokol board book chai. Amake Facebook a pathate paran “Soundless Aronno”.

    187. Vai, I can not read Bangla font in my iPad. Plz inform how to read. You made apps for android but for iPad?

    188. vi 2012 year ar chemistry book papa jabe

    189. is the nctb grammar book of 9-10 available?

    190. Vai gonit book download korsi.
      but bangla vasa dekha jassa na.
      Akhon ki korbo?

    191. Need class 9-10 math solution.

    192. Amar biggan boi nai doa kore jodi daw valo hoto.

    193. If you give me a suggestion for the annual exam of higher math, with physics, class: 9-10.

    194. Need a Higher Math sugestion.

    195. Do you publish the PDF books of xi-xii?

    196. Great Job!

      But I’m facing a little problem to see the “Bhogol o Poribesh” book in Bangla, All other books look great like Gonit, Roshayon etc.

      Would you please have any support?


    197. class 9-10 er math download koresi but er bhasha bujtesi na.ak banglay kivabe rupantor korbo?bolle upokar hoy vai.

    198. Class 9-10 er physics book download korta parsi na. Help me.

    199. I appreciate your job. I am having trouble to read Bengali. For your kind information, I have already installed AVRO KEYBOARD & BIJOY BAYANNO, but still it’s troubling.

    200. I could not download the bangla version of HINDU RELIGION & MORAL EDUCATION. How to way I can do it.

    201. General math for class 9-10 Bangla version boi ta download korsi….but Bangla lekha gula to ashe na. Etar jonno ki kono front install korte hobe?

    202. Bhai, Gonit boi er ki shamadhan paoa jabe?

    203. Looking for Bangladesh and Global Studies, Bengali version. But couldn’t get it.

    204. My younger brother is a SSC candidate. May I get the question Science group) pre test exam ques of COMILLA ZILLA SCHOOL.

      1. Vai, amar choto boner jonno Night Angel Paragraph dorkar. Please, ektu diben.

    205. Thank you so much. It was a great help. Can you please suggest any site for intermediate textbooks like this one? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    206. Thanks for the comment. Please check now. It has been fixed.

    207. Physics e to bangla font ase na. Ki kora jay? help please.

    208. Ami class 10 er student. Amar computer book pai nai. Now download korte chai. kivabe korbo?

    209. I am genuinely thankful to the holder of this site who has shared this wonderful article at here.

    210. Class 9-10 er Physics book ta dorkar

    211. Vai, ami class 9 2013 er sob boi chai.

      1. All the books are of 2013 version. You can download them from the above post. Thanks for the comment.

    212. Class 9-10 er Finance and Banking er sample question kothay pawa jabe?

    213. Vaia, ISLAM O NOITIK SHIKKHA boi ta lagbe.

    214. Vai amar madrasah er sob boy pdf file er chai.

    215. I need a good suggestion for PSC 2015.

    216. Class Nine er Bangla Grammer boi ti dile bhalo hoy.

    217. Thanks to our government.

      1. Read the whole post carefully and you will get your answer.

    218. Ekhan theke PDF book download dile amar Samsung Galaxy Duos e Bangla ashe na. E bisoy ti thik korben.

      1. Read the whole post carefully and you will get your answer.

    219. Vaiya, 2013-14 er Barisal board er syllabus paoa jaba ki?

    220. Vai amar ager syllabus er Physics boi khub dorkar. Thkle please link ta den.

    221. 9-10 er computer boita paoa jabe ki?

    222. Dada ki dichen, Bangla support koraite abar Bangla front lage.

      1. Lagbei. English font diye Bangla dekha jabe na.

        1. 9 ar physics book kon Font a? open hossa bt lekha bojha jassa na!!please help ma

    223. Is there any solution manuals of textbooks all classes? If yes, then give links.

    224. 9-10 er physics and chemistry book ta open hoy na kano?

      1. Use Adobe PDF Reader for PC & ezPDF Reader for Android Phone.

    225. Where is BGS & Phy.S (Bangla Version)?
      I can’t find it anywhere!

    226. Unmukto school er class 9-10 boi nai?

    227. Bhalo. Bhalo suggestion.

    228. I need Book of Accounting for class 9-10 of Bangladesh.

    229. Sir, English is very easy book.

    230. It is very important.

    231. bangladesh Mathematical SOLUTION GUIDE book for class 10
      vai kub dorkar pls help me

    232. Math 9-10 Bangla front porte problem. Ki korbo?

    233. Vai, Madrashar 9-10 boi nai?

    234. Porar kono boyos nei, tai abar SSC er book download dichi.

    235. Bhaiya can you add any medical primary treatment bangla book?

    236. Bro, sob toh PDF file. XI level commerce er Java file deya jabe text book er?

    237. vi, HISAB BIGGAN book download koresi but ulta palta lekha othe keno?

    238. Bhaia, Madrasa Board er Books diben, please.

    239. Sir, please add Polytechnical books. If you know any address, please send me. Only Bengali version.

    240. Via jadi paren shree mad vagbad gita full book pdf file post kore den.

      1. Vaiya, “Bangla_Shahitto-IX-X” download koresi but eta ekhon open hochchena.
        Eta kun program dhara open dibo? Please help me…

        1. Use PDF Reader software. Adobe Reader is the best choice.

    241. Via physic pdf book ta download korte parsi na any problem.

        1. via Physic book ta download koresi but kisu format English uthe. Er karon ki?

          1. Download the Bangla Fonts from the post, then install those.

    242. After download Chemistry(9-10)(Eng) give a comments.
      Adobe find a error and it’s a damage file.
      How to open it.
      Pls help.

    243. Class 9 er boi gulo kivabe online e porte parbo detail a bolla valo hoto.

    244. vai, ata koto shaler shongskoron?

      1. 2013. 2014 edition will be available in a few days.

    245. Fantastic! This is really helpful!
      Now I can read my book at anytime at anywhere I want.
      But, this is a way that any student can copy in their exam with their smartphone.
      Thank you Sujon vaia. Thank you so much. 😀

      1. Welcome. Any kind of phone or electronic device should be banned in exam halls. Otherwise, copying will go on.

    246. Very nice system, a very good step taken by the govt. of Bangladesh.

    247. Vai ami to jenaral math and higher math bangla versin pacchi na hijibiji lekha asche ami akhon ki korbo.bloben please.

      1. Download the fonts given in the above post and install them on your computer. Everyone is able to see clear Bangla in their computers. So, there is nothing wrong about these books. I hope, you will also be able to read these books after installing these fonts.

    248. Dada ami class 10 e pori. Ami ki last edition er boi gulo pete pari?

    249. General Science diben kobe……….?

    250. vai ami bangla medium er math and bangla subject er pdf file download korsi kintu adobe reader e ai pdf file gular lekha ashe na , hijibiji lekha ashe ki korbo ?????

      1. Amaro aki obostha ki korben ar.

      2. Please download & install the fonts given in the post [see above]. If still the problem persists, then inform me.

    251. Nice. Class Nine er Physics, Chemistry Bangla version Editable PDF File needed.

    252. vai finanec ai r note paua jaba na ?

    253. Vai, amake kisu 10 and s.s.c er jonnu kisu sure suggestion er boi den plz email kore.

    254. class 9-10 er board bekoron boi ta dite parben,plzzzzzzz

    255. vai ami mathematics o higher mathematics book download korci. book open kora jay but bangla pora jay na. Ekhon ami ki korte pari?

    256. Islam o Noitik Shikkha bangla version nai?
      BTW, thanks for this very helpful collection.

      1. Islam o noitik sikkha to banaia likhte parben, tar abar version lagbe naki? Gonit, English 2nd & Biggan boi chinta koren. Egulo kivabe pas kora jay.

    257. valo laglo, tobe vai physics ta koi pabo, bolle valo hoi.

      1. It’s not available. Please search in other websites or

    258. Why font size is not correct for Bangla Sahityo?
      Then it’s not solved…

    259. I like this.
      This is very helpful website.
      I became fan of this wabsite.

    260. vai math voi ta pora jacce na. font install dici but hocce na

    261. Brother I need all madrasah books. as pdf file

    262. hi brother PHYSICS Bang 2013 not found, pls do sum thing now.

      1. For all who are searching for this book:
        It’s not given by NCTB as PDF.
        All the books given here are provided by NCTB.

      1. Buy solution from market.

    263. Vai ami class 9 er puraton bekoron boi chilo oita khujtesi.
      BCS exam er preparation er jonno.
      Ekhane to kono bekoron boi pachchi na.
      Please help.

    264. For class tutorials video and notes, visit , more and more video coming to help student learn online.

    265. Vai ami higher math download korci bt font asa na. apnar font download korci, bt tobuo font asa na, solution den please

    266. Physics boi er bangla version nei?

    267. The sylabus of class 9 is standard at present level.

      1. I want class eight & nine sallabus and marks distribution

    268. Vai ,
      amar 9-10 er general science boi ta dorkar
      kono link dite paren ?

    269. vai Baboshai Uddagh english version chai.

    270. Can not find Physics Bangla version for class 9-10(SSC) 2013.
      Please send link .

      1. It’s unavailable in internet. Sorry.

    271. Bhaia, ami ix-x classer math book-e kisu kisu fornt read korte parsina. such as cÖg Aa¨vq
      ev¯—e msL¨v
      (Real Number) , ev¯—e msL¨v (Real Number) ,

      1. Post e deya font gulo Download kore install kore nin.

    272. Hello dear,
      first of all i appreciate ur hard work. but now i need one thing. i need the ebook of chemistry physics and higher mathematics including its answers or solve from a guide or other media in English and the syllabus should of 2013 (the previous syllabus).. please help me if u can, i really need them.

      1. No Guide is available here. Please, Do not ask for it.
        The books you wanted are in the post. Thank you.

    273. I need to English grammar and composition for class 9-10 of NCTB.

      1. English Grammar is not available. Sorry.

    274. I Cannot find out Physics bangla version textbook from this website.

      1. It’s not available in internet.

    275. Vai, 9 er Physics(2013) Bangla version needed.
      Please email me

    276. I need the Chemistry (ix and x) English version 2012 according to NCTB curriculum.
      Will you help giving the link or source.

      1. Sorry, no 2012 edition books are available now.
        All books are 2013.

    277. Have you any idea about the new marks distribution for English in class 9?
      Some say that 2nd paper marks will be 45/55 (grm./comp), some say no.
      Please tell if u know something about this….

      I am trying to download geography Bengali version but the font showing different.

      1. See the post again. Download the fonts and install those in your pc. Restart and check.

    279. Vai, class 9-10 er new book gulo khub dorker.

      1. I have edited the links. Check now.
        I have provided all available books of 2013 version.

    280. Vaia, 2013 er class 9-10 er boi gulo dekhci na keno?

      1. I have edited the links. Check now.
        I have provided all available books of 2013 version.

    281. Vhaya, Ager edition(2012) er Chemistry boi ta lagbe.
      Can you plz upload it for me? it’s urgent.

      1. Sorry, that’s not available.

    282. Vaia, Computer, Biology,physics,chemestry ei book gulor english version book cai…
      Please as soon as possible………

      1. See the post again. It’s updated.

    283. Why don’t give the all textbook by the government?

      1. These books are created by Govt.

    284. Vai, notun boi er chehara dekchen?
      Sob change hoi gese.
      Kindly notun syllabus er boi thakle upload den.
      Math, Higher math sob book single part a kore felse and topic o change hoye gese.
      only chapter er vitore math kichuta mil ache.

      1. Thank you for your valuable comment.
        The post is updated now with latest books of 2013.

    285. Bangla Grammer and language book nai.

      1. Sorry! It’s not available right now. It may be available at any day. Keep in touch. Thank you.

    286. Please mail me class 8 and 9-10 Math, Geometry, Algebra.
      I need badly. Plz.

      1. Download it, you can’t get these without downloading.
        If I mail you, you have to download the attached files also.
        So, no need to mail. Thanks.

    287. Is it a way to get the books?

      1. Yes, those who have Personal Computers and Multimedia Mobile Phones, can read these books easily.

    288. When shall we get the english version of Chemistry and and Physics textbook?

      1. The English version is available now. Check it.

    289. Vai, PDF file ke Word e convert korte parsi na ..
      ki korte pari akhon……
      aktu janan plz

      1. Search Google by PDF to WORD.
        You will get many Online/Offline converter.

    290. Bhai, 9-10 er Science er subject gulir Solution PDF akare ki paoa jabe?

      1. Sorry! I don’t have these.
        Search it in Google, you may get it there.

    291. Thanks a lot. Also looking for accounting and history.

      1. Thanks for comment. The post is updated now. See again and you will find what you need!

        1. Madrasha er boi pora jay na keno? Onno boi gulo khub sundor open hocche. Sudhu Madrasha er gulo open hocche na. Ki korte hobe?

            1. Sir, class 10 ICT book ta pacchi na. Please, book ta upload din.

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