Class 8 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download

This post will be very helpful for the CLASS 8 STUDENTS in Bangladesh. Here are the PDF versions of the Textbooks of class 8. You can download them by clicking the links below. I hope these books will also help the BCS examinees too.

Many students now have computers in Bangladesh. So they can read their textbooks in computer or multimedia mobile set with the help of PDF viewer software. It saves time as many PDF software offers Search option in eBooks.

Class 8 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones


1. Click the links below. You will see a page with the following picture at the upper right corner of your screen.

Adfly tutorial

2. Wait for 5 seconds and then you will see the yellow button called Skip Ad. Click on that button.

Adfly tutorial

3. Then you will see the following download button. Click on that button to download your desired book.

Adfly tutorial




















1. Download and Install Avro software, restart your computer.

2. Download these fonts, unzip the zip file using 7zip or Winrar, install the fonts on your computer.

Visit the other class eBooks in the Education portion of this website. Download them to your computer and read them whenever you want.

Thank you for reading this post regarding Class 8 (VIII) eBooks of Bangladesh PDF Free download.



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    1. I have a problem. I can’t download my BANGLADESH AND GLOBAL STUDIES BOOK.

    2. Ami to class 8 class porjonto porini. Ekhon ami ekta sorkari chakri peyechi. Ekohn jate exam pass korte pari shei prosonge ektu poramorsho chai.

      1. What is your problem? I read in class 8.

    3. JSC kichu sugestion proyojon.

    4. TOTTHO O JOGAJOG PROJUKTI boi ti proyojon. Kivabe pabo?

    5. Vai, class 8 er Gonit boi er somadhan ki pawa jabe?

    6. I need English version Agriculture book of class 8. Will you manage?

    7. I need question bank of class 8 in Science. Please help me.

    8. Class 8 er math English version koi pabo?

    9. Class 8 er advance boi tar ki PDF file pawa jabe?

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    11. It is very helpful.

    12. Very helpful. Thanks, Bangladesh Education Board.

    13. Class 8 er ICT boi Bangla version er PDF file ta download korte parchi na.

    14. Class 8 er 2017 saal er Anando Path book dorkar. Ekhane jeta ache, tate Kaji Nazrul Islam er Bhab o Shikha probondho nai.

    15. I am looking for books of English medium school. Let me know how to get it, please.

    16. Class 8 er Gonit boi download korte parchi na. Click korle onno link e chole jay.

      1. Click on the SKIP AD button at the upper right corner after 5 seconds to get the book.

    17. Kivabe boi download korbo? Sahajjo korun.

      1. Click on the SKIP AD button at the upper right corner after 5 seconds to get the book.

    18. Can anybody tell me how to find all Bangla notebooks?

    19. Math, Biggan, Gonit kivabe download korbo?

    20. 2017 e published math book ki upload deya hoyeche?

    21. Is the English version books are available here for class eight?

    22. Any Grammar or guide books or solution books available here for class 8?

    23. Is the books of English medium of class 8 available?

    24. How to learn English letter? Please help me, sir!

      1. You already know. Otherwise you would not be able to make this comment in English!

    25. Thanks. Amar boi er onek gulo pata chilo na. Er maddhome ami sei pata gulo porte parchi.

    26. Amar class 8 er math book er PDF ta dorkar.

    27. Degree BSS book ache PDF ebook or APK?

    28. Many many thanks for your responsibility.

    29. Sir, thanks for sharing NCTB books. This post is very helpful. Thanks.

    30. Sir, class 8 er JSC er suggestion ache?

    31. Apnr kache JSC er suggestion ache?

    32. Apnar kache JSC suggestions ache?

    33. Sir, ami 2 din age Symphony Xplorer H300 phone kini. Phone call receive or dial korle voice imo/Viber er voice er moto sonacche. Eta ki settings er problem naki onno kono problem janale upokrito hobo.

    34. Puraton syllabus er class 8 Gonit boi er PDF download link dite parben? Khub upokar hoto.

    35. Amar Biggan boi chilo na. Ekhon nilam.

    36. I need question bank of class 8 in Science. Please help me.

    37. Class 8 er 2012 er book gulo hobe?

    38. Apnar kache English master guide ache?

    39. Can You give me class 8 English version books?

    40. I have too much need of class 1 to 9 all math solutions. Is it possible to get here? Would you like to give me these? Please sir.

    41. Hello, sir. I read in class 8. Thanks a lot. I salute your work.

    42. Very very helpful this site (

    43. I could not download Agricultural Science book of class 8. Please help me.

    44. Thanks a lot. This site is really helpful.

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    47. Need Class 8 Science English version.

    48. Thanks for sharing NCTB books. This post is very helpful. Thanks.

    49. How can I get Mathematics book of class eight in English version?

    50. Some of you face problems of not supporting fonts to read the books. May be they use “ezPDFreader”. They can try with “moon+ reader”. This is a multimedia reader. It’s not paid like ezPDF reader. It’s free. It’s suggested that download two types of fonts, subrenaTonnyMj & suTonnyMj.

    51. I am from UAE. I don’t get Bengali books easily. I would be glad if I get grade 8 books with colourful pictures. Is it possible?

    52. I am so grateful to you, sir.

    53. Math solution pawa jabe 2015?

    54. I need Charu O Karukola (Bangla) book of class 8. Please help me.

    55. I complete all the process but when press apply font, then shows “the process can’t remount” and show “dismiss”. What is the solution and have you anyway?

    56. ICT Book for Class VIII is needed. Please help.

    57. I need class 8 math book of English version.

    58. Bhai, class nine/ten er kono Bangla Bekaron (Grammar) boi ki download kora jay?

    59. This book is very good. I am proud of you.

    60. Can’t download Bangla fonts. Error (429) This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! Please give me another font download link.

      1. The links may be temporarily down due to heavy traffic, not permanently. It’s working now.

    61. I want to download the Charu O Karukola book. But, when I do so, I found that I have downloaded Bangladesh O Bishwaparichoy book. Please help me.

    62. I want to download class 8 (English version) Math solution. Could you tell me the steps of download system (from initiation)? I am not smart about this.

      1. Sorry! The solutions are not available as PDF. You have to buy those from the market.

      2. Dear bro, if you find the solution of Math class 8 English Medium, please do share with me. Thanks.

    63. Hi, this site is so good. I think it is doing good things for the students.

    64. NCTB’s website is bad to download the book. You can download all book and add into this website so the the user can get double resource.

    65. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, …….., 185 hole, proman korte hobe je, prodotto talikar prothom “ka” songkhok sonkhyar jogfol “ka” square. Eitar somadhan din.

    66. Amar ta te download hou na keno?

    67. Bangla Byakoron er PDF file er language ta Bangla korte parsi na.

    68. Really appreciable work and should be shared by all.

      1. Read the whole post and comments above. Then you will get your solution.

    69. Class VIII er ICT Boi ki amra net e pete pari na?

    70. It’s honour to say u bro that this is really a nice, nice and beneficial site for the student and guardians. Millions of students may get help from your site. Carry on bro! The website need such some boy as like u. Lal salam!

    71. A lot of thanks for uploading all academic books.

    72. Where is Information and Communication Technology book for Class 8?

    73. Ami Android mobile e class 7 er math Bangla version + 9 er Byakoron PDF porte pari na. Font bujhte pari na.

    74. Class Eight er Math solution ki PDF pawa jabe? Jodi paren please link ta janaben.

    75. Bangla text books have some fonts problems. These should be solved immediately.

      1. Check now. The updated solution is given in the post.

    76. Very good collection.

    77. Thanks, thanks and thanks.

    78. Bangla font is missing. Please can you send the links for Bangla fonts?

      1. You will get Bangla fonts in the post. Follow the instructions in the post.

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