Class 8 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download

This post will be very helpful for the CLASS 8 STUDENTS in Bangladesh.
Here are the PDF versions of the Textbooks of class 8.

You can download them by clicking the links below.
I hope these books will also help the BCS examinees too…

Many students now have computers in Bangladesh. So they can read their textbooks in computer or multimedia mobile set with the help of PDF viewer software. It saves time as many PDF software offers Search option in eBooks.

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    1. Zahirul Islam says:

      bangla font is missing please can you send link for bangla font

    2. Md Amanullah says:

      Thanks, thanks and thanks

    3. Very good collection.

    4. Sitangshu says:

      Bangla text books have some fonts problems. These should be solved immediately.

    5. Eight er Math solution ki pdf pawa jabe?? Jodi paren plz Link ta janaben.

    6. Thanks.

    7. Sarkar Masud says:

      ami android mobile a class 7 Ar math bangla version+9 ar bakoron pdf porte parina.font bujte pari parina.

    8. Wall its book

    9. where is Information and Communication Technology book for Class 8?

    10. A lot of thanks for uploading all academic books.

    11. It’s honour to say u bro that this is really a nice, nice and beneficial site for the student and guardians. Millions of students may get help from your site. Carry on bro! The website need such some boy as like u. Lal salam!

    12. Assistant Teacher MRA says:

      Class VIII er ICT Boi ki amra net e pete pari na?

    13. Can’t see Bangla.

    14. Really appreciable work and should be shared by all.

    15. Ahmed-Al-Kabir says:

      Bangla Byakoron er PDF file er language ta Bangla korte parsi na.

    16. Hi!

    17. Math boi ta onek easily paechi!

    18. amar tat download oi na kene.

    19. a2

    20. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, ……………….., 185 হলে, প্রমাণ করতে হবে যে, প্রদত্ত তালিকার প্রথম ‘ক’ সংখ্যক সংখার যোগফল ক square.

    21. Mix Result says:

      যারা ক্লাস এইট এ পড়াশুনা করেন তাদের জন্য এই ইবুক। এই ইবুক টি পিডিএফ ফাইল আকারে আছে। আপনি প্রথমে এটা ডাউনলোড করে পড়া শুরু করবেন। এর আকার ছোট।