Class 7 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download

Bangladesh is progressing rapidly day by day. Information Technology is developing in an electrifying manner. Many students have multimedia mobile phones and personal computers. So, they can easily download and read PDF formats of their Textbooks. Those are called eBooks.

In the class 7 in Bangladesh, National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) have selected some books that a student has to read during the whole year. In this post, I will provide the Ebooks of Class 7 in PDF formats, that can be read with any PDF reader in multimedia mobile phones and computers.

Class 7 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones





















class 7 all ebooks pdf free download


1. Download and Install Avro software, restart your computer.

2. Download these fonts, unzip the zip file using 7zip or winrar, install the fonts in your computer.

I hope, this will help my younger brothers and sisters as well as older ones also as these books are very important for BCS examination also.

Thank you for reading this post regarding Class VII PDF Ebooks of Bangladesh.


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      1. Download all the fonts given in the post. Then install those.

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      1. You have to download some fonts and then install those in your computer or phone to read these books. The procedure is written in the post. Please read it carefully and do accordingly.

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      1. Those are deleted from the official NCTB website.

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      1. This book’s PDF version is not available. You have to buy it from market.

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      1. Please read the whole post carefully. You will get your answer there.

    76. thanks..
      amr android mobile a normal bangla font show kore, kintu ai pdf file gula pora jasse na. pdf file er font convert kora jay? (normal text file a convert korte pari, bt taile to pic r table gula thake na)

    77. Class 7 er Bangla Math porte problem.
      Fontgulo ase na.
      Ki korte hobe……..plz vaia bolben.

      1. Please Download and Install these fonts on your computer.

        1. vaia all fonts guloi ki install kora lagbe?

          1. Install all of them to prevent Bangla Font Problem in future.

            1. I install all of them but some problem still exit what i do bro?

            2. See this post. I hope there will be no problem after performing all these steps.

    78. Sujon vai, at first thank you for your great effort making your website so versatile.
      In class 7 books the Bangla Bakoron o Nirmiti book doesn’t come when clicking the link. The link then downloads the Bangla Anondo Path instead.
      Please fix it.
      And if you please could inform me that via mail, that would be very helpful.
      Thank you.

      1. Thanks for the comment. Check now. It is solved.

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        1. Yes. It is very helpful for English version students.

        2. I’m from English version.

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