Class 6 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download

Class 6 (for both Bangla and English medium) in PDF Format, so that students can download these on their Computers and Mobile Phones and read them when needed.

Moreover, these books are equally important for various public examinations in Bangladesh like BCS. As a lot of questions are included from these books, anyone will find these books helpful for them.

Class 6 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download

How To Install and See Bangla Fonts on Rooted Android Phones

















These books are uploaded to the official server of NCTB and are free for download. Download them according to your need and read them to enrich your brain.



1. Download and Install Avro software, restart your computer.

2. Download these fonts, unzip the zip file using 7zip or winrar, install the fonts on your computer.

Thank you for reading this post regarding Class 6 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh.

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    1. Where is the English version Science book? Not Home Science.

    2. Amar class 6, 2017 saler Bangla Bouddho Dhormo boi e-book lagbe. Janale khushi hobo.

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    18. Thank you for this. You are really amazing.
      I am a student of class 6.
      Bir Shreshtho Noor Mohammad Public College,
      Peelkhana, Dhaka-1205.

    19. Please add jomi mapar sutro. Jomi kivabe mapte hoy?

    20. Dear Sir, can you please give me English version Mathematics books for class 6-9?

    21. Eita onek valo website. Amar Bangla boi haraiye giyechilo. Ekhon ami ei website theke download korechi. Thanks.

    22. Class 6 er Bangladesh o Bissho Porichoy boi ti dorkar.

    23. How can I download class 9-10 guide book? Tell me, please.

    24. Thanks for class Six Bangla books.

    25. Class six er Gonit boi er solution ta pete pari?

      1. Class Six er Gonit solution ta deya jabe ki, sir?

    26. I need class six Mathematics text book year of 2012.

    27. How can I download class six English version books?

    28. Ami ki mathematics book English version er ta pete pari?

        1. Is there Class VI Mathematics Book available?

        2. Kono boi theke ki copy kora jabe? Ami je boi gulo namaichi, ta theke copy kora jay na.

    29. I downloaded General Science of Class 8 Bangla version. But, all the fonts are not clear. What to do?

      1. The solution is also given at the end of the post.

    30. 2012 er Bangla Charupath pawa jabe? Please help. Thanks.

    31. Class two mathematics English version dorkar. Please help.

    32. How can I get class six admission model question?

    33. Bangla Charupath boi kothay?

    34. Please send Charu O Karu Kola book for class six.

    35. Degree er boi Rashtro Biggan paoa jabe ki?

    36. Thanks and regards! Wanna know, is 2013 version (English) applied for 2015 education year?

    37. Many many thanks. But, jodi recent year er version pawa jaito to aro valo hoto. 🙂

    38. Class six textbook of “Bangladesh & Global studies” – Both Bangla & English is not available to download. How can I get it? Please reply.
      Thanks & regards

    39. How can I get all books of class six at English version? English version books are urgent.

    40. PSC er syllabus ki ase? Ar 2015 version ki 2013 dia hobe?

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    45. it is a good way to study

    46. Class 6 mathematics guide book.

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    48. Lot of thanks to Almighty God. Go Ahead. Thanks.

    49. Class 7 ar boi kothay pabo? Sara ta din Facebook are Twitter use na kore answer din.

    50. Hey There. I found your blog using MSN. This is a really well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely come back.

    51. JSC question Bangla first paper.

    52. Where is class 6 ICT Bangla version book?

      1. Atto time lage keno? Atto slow! Ar 2014 er English medium er Bangla boi koi?

    53. Can not download class Six text book Mathematics.

    54. Need Charupath class 6.

    55. Vai, class 6 er math boi er English version lagbe.

        1. I badly need the English version book of Mathematics class six. The link you have provided to others is not working. Now how can I get this book? Please inform me, sir.

    56. I read in class six, Please send me charupath book.

    57. Thanks. Via, jodi guide gulo pawa jeto tobe valo hoto.

      1. How it is not possible to download class Six books in English version?

    58. I like too much Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It is very very important for Hindu religion. Namoskar.

    59. Vab Somprosharon “Orthoi Onorther Mul” Bangla version send korun.

    60. Class 6 er Bangla & Somaj boi koi?

    61. Vai, ami ki class 11/12 er boi gulor PDF file pete pari? (Chemistry, Physics, Math)

    62. Bhai, English Medium er books gulo ki download kora jabe PDF file?

    63. Vai, Bangla font dekha jai na. Akhon ami ki korbo?

      1. Please follow the instructions above [lower portion of the post].

    64. Class Six er English For Today (Bangla Version) Sent konen Please..

    65. Many Many thank to you. How can I download all classes books?

    66. Different class er boi er headline lekhar janno kon Bangla font use kora hoyechhe?

    67. All fonts are not supported on my computer. How can do I fix this? Please give solution or link.

    68. I need those books very much.

    69. Vai, parle 2012 er class 8 er math boi ta post koren.

    70. Boi download korte parcina. 404 not found dekhacche. Please solve the problem.

      1. Thank you for informing this problem.
        Check now!

    71. Thank you, brother. But Class 6 er IT boi er Bangla version ta nai keno?

    72. Vai, class 7 er 2011 year er Bangla 1st paper boi ki paoa jabe?

    73. I can’t download Islam and moral education English version of class six.

    74. Thank you so much for your good effort.
      Could you upload Class 6 Social Science (Bangla Version) 2013 Please.

    75. I download class Eight math book but not clear. Please do something.

      1. Try downloading and installing the fonts provided in the post.

    76. Can’t see the texts in books.

      1. See the post again. I have given the solution.
        Just download the fonts by clicking the above image and install them in your computer.
        Hope that your problem will no longer exist!

    77. Fine. Thanks to all about this.

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