Class 1 To Class 5 All PDF Textbooks Of Bangladesh Free Download

National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has published new year’s Textbooks for class 1 to class 5. These classes comprise primary education in Bangladesh as well as the rest of the world.

These books are provided for free to all school going children in Bangladesh. Here are the PDF versions of the Textbooks for download. I hope, these books will be also helpful to others also as all had to read these in their childhood. So, download them and read to bring back your childhood life.


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Class 1 to Class 5 All PDF Textbooks of Bangladesh Free Download











These books are so easy for reading, still once it was hard for all of us to memorize these in childhood. I hope, you will download them and read them to remember many unforgettable memories.


1. Download and Install Avro software, restart your computer.

2. Download these fonts, unzip the zip file using 7zip or winrar, install the fonts in your computer.

Thank you for reading this post about Class 1 to Class 5 All Textbooks of Bangladesh (PDF version).

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    Dr. Sujon Paul

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    1. Amar Boi Class V 1995. Ei boi ta khub dorkar.

    2. Thank you, sir.

    3. I am looking computer learning related Bangla book.

    4. Why not recent books are available?

    5. Sir, Windows phone e class vi theke ix porjonto PDF book porte parchi na. Bangla font ase na. Ki korte pari?

    6. I like this page very much. Please upload English Version books for class 1-5.

      1. Sorry. Those are not available now as PDF.

    7. Sir, class 5 2016 text gulo den.

      1. Sir, Class 5 2016 text gulo den.

    8. Thanks admin bro.

    9. Need PDF file. Thanks.

    10. Mohammad Sharif Ullah Munahi

      I want a solution. PDF of Elementary Mathematics of class 5 in English version.

    11. This website information is very helpful for me. Thanks for this site.

    12. A S M Md. Tazammal Hossain

      I have known that the book of five is being changed. Please check and confirm this news is OK or not. Thanks.

    13. Many thanks for this job and this site. It may help thousands of students.

    14. Thanks a lot, vaia. You are really very helpful.

    15. Many many thanks, sir.

    16. Valo lagche boi gulo peye.

    17. I’m looking for old English book for class five like 2010, 2012 and so on.

    18. Nice work but still needs improvement at the early level. Especially class 1 and 2. Speaking skills are excellent but still missing child learning games or art.

    19. Thanks and it will be better if you upgrade the books for 2015.

    20. Bangla essay kibhabe asbe bolle valo hobe.

    21. Md. Zahirul Islam.

      Not updated.

    22. Please can you send link for NCTB Books of Class 4 English Version?

    23. Hello bhaia, can you please help me providing “amar bangla boi” from class 1 to 10 sequenced by year 2001 to 2010..i’m eagerly waiting for your reply.
      Thank you.

    24. Amar mobile e Avro install hocche na. Ki korbo? Kindly reply me.

    25. Where is English Version Textbook?

      1. Those are not available now.

    26. Dear Mr. Sujon Paul,
      You are making this website is very helpful for General education of School going students also all of guardian and Teacher. But, I saw there are 2013 edition all of text Book. Please reply me why 2013 edition Textbooks in 2015 and where is updated Textbooks?

      Have a Good Day.
      God bless you
      and thanking you
      Md. Sakyet Ullah

      1. Thanks for your comment. The books given here are provided by NCTB. They have not published the new textbooks as PDF yet. So, the new textbooks are not available anywhere on the internet as PDF.

    27. Plese give me new books.

    28. It’s really awesome.

    29. Thanks for your this type of creation. Will you give me English version books with meaning line to line or digital class for class five English version.

    30. Please upload the new version of all classes.

    31. Need 2015 version eBooks.

      1. Md. Mizanur Rahman

        Need 2015 version eBooks.

    32. I am placed abroad, and my son is in class 4. So I was curious what is being taught at grade 4 in Bangladesh. Thanks for your uploads. It helped me a lot, and saved a lot of time.

    33. Thanks.

    34. Good collection of books.

    35. Dear Mr. Sujon
      Many many thanks for your website. I’m finding from many days class 4 & 5 (only Bengli Book) of the year of 1994. I have searched many days in the Nilkhet & New Market in many stalls, but they failed to supply. How can I get the above books, please advise. I will be very glad if you help & never forget you..


      1. I also don’t have these books. But, you can get these books in NCTB office, Dhaka. Thanks for the comment.

        1. How can I go NCTB office & how can I collect? Will they give me or what is the condition?

          1. The map link of the NCTB office is given in the previous comment. You can follow it to get the address. I don’t know whether they will give you the books or not. You better try.

    36. i want to children drawing book and writing book also

    37. I get much help from your website. Thanks a lot.
      I am a English Teacher of a English Medium School. Mail me if you need any help.

    38. How can I get 2014 published class 5?

    39. Website don’t work properly. l do not get class two book by trying again and again.

    40. Mohamed Nurul Islam (France)

      I am a Bangladesh so I want a good education curriculam for our all of the children, for village & town chère will be a equ’il système ont defirent. Thanks

    41. Its was Really a nice website for teachers. I am from Pakistan.

    42. Please give me class 4 note/guide/solution.

    43. At first thanks to you. It’s a good plan. Now we can easily download primary books. I need English book for class five.

    44. How can I get Primary 3 to 5 Class Guide?

    45. How can I get 2014 textbooks?

    46. Somadhan Dorkar.

    47. Very helpful site. How can I get class 4 math solution. Plz help me with the link.

      1. Sorry. No solution guide is available on internet.

    48. Do you have 6 to 10 any books?

    49. Dr Sujon,
      Do you have any Play, Nursery, KG Books or Suggestions?

      1. Sorry, those are not available.

    50. In the middle of every page there is a straight blank line in Hindu Dharma Book3, which should not be. If possible please make it OK. Other wise every things are so good and the download process is also very easy. Thanks for your hard work. Your hard work make it easy to us. It is really appreciable. Again thank you..

    51. Dear Sujon,
      You are soo helpful for the people. I pray for you. You are really talent. God bless you.
      Take care,
      Tamim Mohammad
      Dubai, UAE

      1. Thank you so much for your nice comment. :)

    52. Is there any way I could have class I english version books to download?. I believe “English for Today” and “Amar Bangla Boi” are the same in both versions. But I need the Mathematics book in English.

      1. Thanks for your comment. Check now! It’s available!

    53. Ami English version 4th grade ar books gulo kothao pacchi na keno?

      1. Egulo nai. Sudhu Bangla paben.

    54. sir amr bagina class 5 pore tar somaponi exam 21/11 //2013 so tar master bolece examer syllabus internete deoa ace but onek khuje paini zodi apne doya kore syllabuser linkta diten tahole onek opokar hoto ar amr bagina saudi arab intarnatinol scoole pore please please!

    55. I am very happy to get this. I live in Singapore. I read these books and remember my student life.

    56. It’s really a nice step, no doubt.

    57. You r really a good person. It’s very necessary for all students.
      Thank you very much.

    58. Failed to find out english version textbook of class III for Hindu Religion. Any help from anyone??

    59. Very helpful site. Need to add Class I-V English Version Books…

    60. Pl. send me class 5 note for all subject .

    61. This site is very important for students & Teachers. Thanks NCTB. It is easy to all books are viewed at a glance & seen .

    62. It shows that the pdf of BANGLADESH AND GLOBAL STUDIES and ISLAM AND MORAL EDUCATION ( Class 5/ English Version) is corrupt.

    63. Thanks for all.

    64. Sir, Pls help me .
      Class five English version Bangla book answer for Somapony exam.

      1. Sorry, I don’t have that PDF. Thanks for comment.

    65. please tell me how to download Text book for class 4. kindly let me know.

      1. Yes, you are in the right place. Just look above in the post and click on the download links to download.

      2. Yes, there in the top of the page there is class 4 PDF file. Download book and enjoy your colorful life.

    66. Amar address er songe add kore amake majhe majhe new new tathoo die amake help korben and amer sathe Facebooke add korte paren

      1. Thank you!

        1. Dear Sir, I heard books of Class 5 are being revised. When can we get it online, sir?

    67. I want English Hindu religion and moral education book of class V.

      1. Check out now! It’s available in this post. Thank you.

      1. Thank You. Visit Regularly to get latest updates.

        1. Dear Sir, please tell me how can I download/get the English for Today of 11-12 (session:2015-2016)? I would be greatly benefited and grateful to you. Thanks.

          1. Sorry! Class 11-12 books are not available as PDF.

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