Check Total Number Of SIMs Registered Under Your NID

Biometric SIM registration has been completed on 30th April, 2016. A lot of SIM cards were registered, while some are not registered. Those which were not registered has been closed by the authority. According to the BTRC, 20 SIM cards can be registered by a single NID number. You can’t register more than 20 SIM cards with your NID. The closed SIM cards can be reopened by biometric registration. You can check your biometric sim registration information with your NID. Do you want to know how many SIMs registered with your NID? Here is the answer.

Check Total Number Of SIMs Registered Under Your NID

The Biometric registration is the process of verifying your NID information through your date of birth and fingerprint with election commission database. Before purchasing new SIM, customer needs to provide a valid copy of NID, date of birth and the fingerprint through a device at retailer’s end. If the information is verified with election commission database customer will be eligible to purchase the new SIM.


Grameenphone: Type Info in the Message option and send the message to 4949 from your Grameenphone Number.

Robi: Dial *1600*3# from your Robi Number.

Banglalink: Dial *1600*2# from your Banglalink Number.

Airtel: Dial *121*4444# from your Airtel Number.

Teletalk: Unfortunately, Teletalk has no such type of system for checking how many SIM cards are registered by your NID.

NOTE: You can not check the mobile numbers registered with your NID card. You can only check the number of SIMs of your registered SIM operator that has been registered under your NID.


Take these things to your nearest SIM Biometric Point and reactivate your SIM easily.

1. Deactivated SIM
2. One copy Passport size Photo
3. A photocopy of National ID card


Before buying a new SIM, you must show a Valid NID, a copy of passport size photo and physical presence of the owner of the valid NID. If you don’t have NID, you can buy New SIM with providing a valid passport, driving license and gun license.

If you send an SMS to 4949 with only NID number used during biometric new SIM sale, you will get a reply about the status.

In a case of valid NID reply SMS from GP: You are already registered.

In a case of invalid NID or not biometrically registered reply SMS from GP: NID not matched.

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