Check Biometric Registration Status Of Your SIM Card

So, you want to check biometric registration status of your SIM card, right? Bangladesh Government has decided to verify all mobile operator SIM cards in the biometric process. This initiative has been so far so successful. Almost 80% of the mobile phone users have re-registered their SIM cards in the biometric process. But, there are some people who are yet to register.

You can easily do this process by visiting your nearby biometric point for your operator with your National ID card photocopy and a passport sized photograph. All you need is your own fingerprint to make your SIM registered to your name.

Check Biometric Registration Status Of Your SIM Card

Many people may wonder whether their SIM cards has really been registered or not. There is a way to check biometric registration status of your SIM card. In this post from, you will know the process of knowing whether your SIM has been registered successfully in the biometric process or not. So, let’s start.



Go to your phone’s message option. Type reg and send to 4949. In the reply message, you will know your SIM biometric registration status. If your SIM has been registered successfully, then you will get this message: “You are registered.”


Dial *1600*1# from your phone. If your SIM has been registered successfully, then you will get this message: “Your connection has already been biometrically re-verified on DD-MM-YYYY. Thank you for using Banglalink.”


Dial *1600*1# from your phone. You will know your SIM Registration Status in the reply message.


Dial *121*444# from your phone. You will know your SIM Registration Status in the reply message.


Go to your phone’s message option. Type Q and send to 1600. In the reply message, you will know your SIM biometric registration status.

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    1. Amar SIM ki nibondhon hoyeche?

      1. You can know by the above way.

    2. How can I deactivate my Banglalink SIM card which was successfully registered by my NID card?

      1. Contact Banglalink Customer Care.

    3. Dear vai, amar NID hote 4 ta SIM registration korechi. But, ami kon 4 ta SIM registration korechi kivabe dekhbo?

    4. Sir, amar NID diye koyta SIM registration kora ache ar ki ki number registration kora ache kivabe janbo? Please help.

    5. Vai, kivabe SIM er malik ke sonakto korbo ei upay keo ki bolte parben?

    6. SIM card on hocche na.

    7. Vai, amar Banglalink SIM e biometric registration kora hoy nai. Kintu SIM card er number vule gechi. SIM card theke number janbo kivabe? SIM amar kache ache.

      1. To check your own BL number, type & call *511#
        GP number *2#

    8. Thanks.

    9. Kivabe amar SIM er location jante pari?

    10. Sir, how to 6.0 version update Samsung Galaxy S3?

    11. I try this code but SIM no registration and again fail. Please other suggestion.

      1. Your SIM may not be registered. Contact your operator customer care.

    12. Bro, amar Banglalink SIM ti registration kora nai. But, ami kivabe amar SIM er number jante pari? Please say information.

    13. Amar ekta number hariye giyechilo. Ekhon je ppeyeche, se baboher korche. Kintu phone dile kotha bole na. Tai ami ki jante pari ei namber kar nam e registration kora ba tar details. Janale amar onek upokar hoto.

      1. Bring the SIM buying papers to the customer care. Only they can tell you.

    14. Amar SIM nibodhon ki keu chailei dekhano hoy?

    15. Dear BRTC,
      My NID NO: 19931592037000120
      2 ta number biometric registration OK.
      Other number biometric registration ache ki na please send other number.

    16. Amake ekta Banglalink number e khub besi distrub korche. Tar identification kivabe ber korbo?

    17. Ekti number kon NID diye Re-registration kora ache ta janbo ki kore? And kono NID diye koyti number registration kora ache ta ki kore janbo? Janale khub help hoto.

      1. Unfortunately, there is no way to know both of these.

    18. Ami Dubai te thaki. Ami amar SIM amar ek bondhu ke bole esechilam registration korte. O koreche ki na seta ami ekhan theke kivabe jante parbo? Janale upokrito hotam.

      1. No way except to call your friend and ask him/her.

    19. Ekti NID number diye koto ti SIM nibondhon hoyeche ta janar upay ki?

    20. Can I find the mobile numbers registered with my NID card?

      1. There is no such way. You can only check the number of SIMs of your registered SIM operator that has been registered under your NID. Here is the way.

    21. Good post. Thanks for sharing.

    22. It is very helpful. I love it.

    23. Helpful post.

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