Bundle SMS Packages In All Mobile Operators In Bangladesh

In any occasion, we need to send SMS to many people. Eid, Puja, Christmas, Happy New Year, Victory Day, Independence Day etc are some of those occasions when we send SMS to our friends and families. But, sending that huge amount of SMS will cost a huge amount of money. To prevent that, all mobile operators in Bangladesh offer Bundle SMS Packages. These are small or large packages of SMS which cost far less than the actual price of those SMS in normal rates. So, here are the bundle SMS packages for Grameenphone, Banglalink, Teletalk, Robi and Airtel.



Bundle SMS Packages In All Mobile Operators In Bangladesh


100 SMS pack
Number Of SMS: 100
Applicable For: Banglalink-Banglalink
Bundle Cost: BDT 2.99 [BDT 0.99 for Banglalink Play Users]
Purchase Code: *222*8#
Deactivate Code: *222*9#
Check Remaining SMS: *124*3# [Free] [To check balance, 1st need to use minimum 1 SMS]
Bundle Validity: 1 Day


  • All those pack and bundle will be charged with 15% VAT more.
  • Only Banglalink pre-paid user can use those pack.
  • Checking reaming balance is free.


On-net & Off-net SMS pack
Number Of SMS: 100 (50 on-net & 50 off-net SMS)
Applicable For: Teletalk-Any Operator
Bundle Cost: BDT 10
Purchase Code: Prepaid: SMS TS to 111 | Postpaid: SMS ST to 111
Bundle Validity: 5 Days

On-net SMS pack
Number Of SMS: 100
Applicable For: Teletalk-Teletalk
Bundle Cost: BDT 5
Purchase Code: Prepaid: SMS BS to 111 | Postpaid: SMS SB to 111
Bundle Validity: 5 Days


  • Dial *152# to know remaining SMS.
  • On-net means Teletalk to Teletalk
  • Off-net means Teletalk to Other Operators
  • Any Subscriber (Prepaid or Postpaid) can subscribe the bundle SMS package as many times as they wish.


Mega On-net SMS pack
Number Of SMS: 2000
Applicable For: Robi-Robi
Bundle Cost: BDT 130.43
Purchase Code: *8666*1500#
Bundle Validity: 4 weeks

Mega Off-net SMS pack
Number Of SMS: 1000
Applicable For: Robi-Other
Bundle Cost: BDT 173.91
Purchase Code: *8666*2000#
Bundle Validity: 4 weeks

Weekly SMS pack
Number Of SMS: 250
Applicable For: Robi-Robi
Bundle Cost: BDT 15
Purchase Code: *8666*07#
Bundle Validity: 7 days

2 Days SMS pack
Number Of SMS: 100
Applicable For: Robi-Robi
Bundle Cost: BDT 5
Purchase Code*8666*5555#
Bundle Validity: 2 days

Daily SMS pack
Number Of SMS: 40 (20 on-net & 20 off-net SMS)
Applicable For: Robi-Any
Bundle Cost: BDT 3
Purchase Code: *8666*40#
Bundle Validity: 1 day


  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.
  • On-net means Robi to Robi
  • Off-net means Robi to Other Operators
  • This campaign is applicable for Pre-Paid users only
  • For on-net SMS Balance query dial *222*10#
  • For off-net SMS Balance query dial *222*20#
  • Subscribers can purchase the pack as many times as they want.


Dial *121*15#

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    1. Vaiya, GP to onno SIM er SMS bundle ache? Thakle please janaben.

    2. Really some important post can be seen in your website. But, some days ago I got a post that the person who is talking to others by phone can be seen by other operator. But, I can’t understand the system. If you kindly inform me about this system I would be grateful to you. Please if possible help by showing the way.

      1. I think, you are talking about 3G video calling.

    3. SIM ti registration kora ki na kibave bujhbo?

      1. If you can make a call with the SIM, then it is registered. Because all unregistered SIM cards have been switched off.

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