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  1. We want Noakhali as a team in the BPLT20.

  2. I want information for new team total expense for BPL. We want one perform new team. Total give expense information.

  3. Please write about 2016 BPL T20.

  4. What is the best team combination for Rangpur Riders for this year BPL 2016?

  5. BPL 2016 start date 6 November – announced by BCB.

  6. I always like Bangladesh National Team. T20 & One day International format is my favorite game. Rangpur is my home district. So, win or lose I must support Rangpur Riders (BPL). And my 2nd choice is Comilla Victorians because I like Mashrafe Mortaza. Best of Luck Rangpur; Best of Luck Comilla.

  7. I like RR.

  8. Thanks for Mashrafe brother and Comilla Victorians.

  9. I like Comilla Victorians.

  10. Allah! Bless Barisal Bulls.

  11. Good luck for the Comilla.

  12. Umar Akmal is a very good batsman. Mohammad Amir is a very good bowler. Insha Allah COV will win the BPL.

  13. I love you Mashrafe (Captain of Comilla).

  14. I love RR. Because my home division is Rangpur. Really I miss you, Rangpur Riders team. Best of luck Rangpur Riders team & Shakib Al Hasan.

  15. I love Rangpur Riders and Shakib Al Hasan.

  16. Comilla, must win this match to be in 1st or 2nd position! Insha-Allah we will win!

  17. Who will win today match COV vs SS?

  18. I love RR. Best of luck Rangpur.

  19. Dhaka will win because we are Dynamites. And really miss you Duronto Rajshahi and Khulna Royal Bengals.

  20. I love Khulna. Really Miss Khulna Royal Bengal team.

  21. I Love RR. Because my home division Rangpur. Best of luck Rangpur.

  22. My selected Team of Barisal Bulls For Today: Kevon Cooper, Mehedi Maruf, Nadif Chowdhury, Rony Talukdar, Mahmudulla, Taijul Islam, Al-Amin Hossain, Chris Gayle, Mohammad Sami, Sabbir Rahman, Brendan Taylor. If this team is selected, we will win insha-Allah.

  23. I always like Bangladesh National Team. T20 & One day International format is my favorite game. Rangpur is my home district. So, win or lose I must support Rangpur Riders (BPL). And my 2nd choice is Comilla Victorians because I like Mashrafe Mortaza. Best of Luck Rangpur; Best of Luck Comilla.

  24. Mohammad Amir is the number 1 bowler in the world at this moment. Immediately include him in the Pakistan cricket team for T20 World Cup 2016. I’m Al Mamun From Bangladesh.

  25. I love Mohammad Amir. Good luck Amir & Chittagong Vikings.

  26. I LOVE BOSS Mashrafe Mortaza.

  27. I support Rangpur Riders.

  28. RR is the best. Mohammad nabi is the best in BPL.

  29. Barisal Bulls is the best team. I Love Barisal Bulls.

  30. I love Rangpur because they are very strong team.

  31. I like RR.

  32. I love Barisal Bulls. I think they are a very strong bowling line.

  33. I love Comilla and my favourite player is Mashrafe Mortaza.

  34. Barisal Bulls is the best team in BPL 2015. I love Barisal. Mogo Barisal.

  35. I love RR. I hope to win the final match and bring the trophy home. Allah help us.

  36. Comilla must win! Love you Comilla. Comilla forever. I wish you guys win BPL 2015 and all the other BPLs.

  37. I pray for Shakib Al Hasan’s team. I hope, they will win this BPL.

  38. I love Shahid Afridi and his team. Now lala has come to the team. So after this, I want lala to win the matches and qualify the team to semi-final. I love you, lala.

  39. Comilla.

  40. Comilla must win in this BPL 2015 InshALLAH.

  41. Love you Comilla and all supporters of COV.

  42. I think DD wins tournament.

  43. Good luck Comilla Victorians. I wish you win the BPL champion 2015.

  44. Love me Sylhet Superstars.

  45. My favorite team is Comilla Victorians. Most favorite Masrafee bin Mortaza. I love you all Comilla Team Players, Coach, Manager.

  46. Without Sangakkara DD can’t get 50 Runs.

  47. My best player Tamim Iqbal. So my favourite team Chittagong Vikings.

  48. I love Comilla Victorians. I love Mashrafe.

  49. I am supporting BPL team “RR”. They have the capable players and have the capability to qualify to the final. All the best “RR”.

  50. Comilla must be the winner of BPL 2015 Insha-Allah. 🙂

      1. Hridoy theke kamona koren. Jago Bahe jago. Mofiz der shomoy champion hobar.

      2. Vai, “Rangpur Riders” ki? Bujhlam na.

    1. Superb, RR. There is no alternative but to be the champion. Rangpur will not only be known within the country but beyond especially those (Brit, Aussie, Proteus, SriLankan) who love cricket. In 1971, we Mafizes marched and gheraod to attack the Rangpur cantonment to demolish Pakistani Armed forces.

  51. I Love Barisal Bulls.

  52. I am from SRI LANKA. BPL is not being broadcasted in our country. We like to see Bangladeshi talents. But, I think Indian channels are jealous about it. They blocked Neo Sports channel in Sri Lanka. Bangladesh Cricket Board, please take action for this. So disappointed about that. Thanks.

    1. India is jealous and that’s the reason they blocked the TV Channel.

  53. Ami Dhaka Dynamites support kori.

  54. Well Done! Barisal.

  55. Shuvo sokal. BPL er sathe songslishto sobar jonno shuveccha roilo. BPL er pray sob khelai dekhechi. Jokhon TV chere baire jete hoeche tokhono Radio songe niechi. Sob doler jonno shuvokamona roilo. Jodio Barisal ar Comilla onek valo obosthai ache. Ei duti dol er bowling batting fielding sob kichui onek valo ar dharabahik, tai tara motamuti nischit top 4 er jonno. Onno jekono duti dol top 4 e ashuk. Sylhet er jonno amar poramorsho holo, last match e oder 11 sothik chilo na. Oi 11 theke Razzak ar Rubel othoba Tanvir ke bad diye okhane 1 jon batsman ar 1 jon all-rounder ke nite pare. Bowling er shuru ta Shahid ar Bopara or Shahid er songe 1 jon spinner diye shuru korle valo fol pete pare. Last match a seta korle onno fol hote parto. Ebarer BPL e umpire er kichu sohoj vul hote dekhechi, jeta na hole ba aro kom hole valo hoto. Sokol kheloar, BPL er sathe songslisto sobai ar sokol dorshokder jonno onek shuveccha ar shuvokamona roilo. Sob doler kache aro valo khela asha korchi. Sobai valo thakun. Onek dhonnobad.

  56. I love is BARISAL BULLS. Because they are very strong team.

  57. I Love Shakib Al Hasan. All Muslim.

  58. I love “Mymensingh Lions”, coming soon.

  59. Ami asha kori Comilla Victorians valo korbe.

  60. I hope Rangpur Riders will be champion BPL-3.

  61. I hope Dhaka/Rangpur win BPL. Thanks.

  62. I love Barisal. Ami dowa kori Barisal jeno BPL cup pay.

  63. Barisal is the best. It was first BPL runners up team. I think Barisal will be champion in 3rd BPL 2015.

  64. Barisal Bulls Shamal Shamal,
    Barisal Bulls Kamal Kamal.

  65. I love Barisal and love all Bangladeshi players. Because I am a Bangladeshi.

  66. I love Shahid Afridi and Sylhet Superstars. Good luck for the BPL.

  67. Rangpur Riders.

    1. I love to be Mafiz and I love Mafiz. Where can you find simple and big hearted people like we the Mafiz. My pray and wish for Rangpur Riders.

  68. Miss you very much, Kumar Sangakkara bero. I love you. 08696600066.

  69. Barisal dol er jonno ashirbad roilo. Asha rakhi ajkeo amra joyi hobo.

  70. I love my Comilla Victorians & my best player is Mortaza.

  71. I love Sylhet Superstars.

  72. Mortaza is the best captain.

  73. I love Rangpur. Rangpur Rocks and all other teams Shocks!

    1. My favourite team is Rangpur Riders.

      1. Good Captain Shakib Rangpur.

  74. My nerve is controlled by Comilla. And my health is made by Dhaka. All the things are controlled by the way of Chittagong i.e Noakhali. So best of luck to all those districts.

  75. Soumya da to kebol 50 ta korlo, ebar to jombe khela. Ar Sakib to wicket er jonno achei. So, enjoy this BPL with Rangpur Riders. Best of luck RR. (-_-)

  76. I love you Comilla. Jitbe vai jitbe Comilla. Comilla amra achi tomar sathe.

  77. I love Dhaka Dynamites.

  78. Oh! I am so happy that’s why Comilla beat the DD.

    1. Oh! I am so happy that’s why Comilla beat the DD.

    2. I love BPL. But, my team is Comilla.

  79. I love Barisal Bulls. What a Team!

  80. Is Shahid Afridi and Sohail Tanvir playing today for Sylhet Superstars?

  81. My favorite team is Barisal.

  82. We are happy. Why not my team won. Just BARISAL BULLS.

  83. I love my sweet friend Mohammad Nabi from Afghanistan.

  84. I love Rangpur Riders.

  85. I love my Barisal Bulls.

  86. Thanks to all. My favourite team is Barisal.

  87. I am a supporter of Sylhet Superstars.

  88. I Love my Rangpur Riders & Best of luck Soumya Sarkar.

  89. I love Rangpur Riders. My North Bengal will be the champion. In-Sha-Allah.

  90. I Love All The Teams.

  91. I Love Barisal. We want to be this years winner.

  92. My choice all time Dhaka.

  93. I Love Rangpur Riders.

  94. I Love my Barisal & Best of Mahmudullah

    1. I Love my Barisal & Best of luck Mahmudullah.

  95. I love my Rangpur.

  96. I love Barisal Bulls.

  97. My love is Rangpur.

  98. Koiya dichi ek line to parle heiya tokka,
    Bat e bol e lagle hoiya jaibo chokka.
    Amono ke ache amagore atka,
    Joy joy joy hobe joyer-o chesta.

  99. Barisal Bulls Kamal Kamal. Barisal rocks!

  100. CV love you. Wish to see you at the top.

  101. Very fine. I Love Rangpur. 4, 6 hoi hoi cup goraye gelo koi? Rangpur, Rangpur. Cup mora anmui. Ei apnara ki keu nei Rangpur er? Tahole comments koren na keno?

    1. Oh! Dear! Very sad for you cause your favorite team can’t reach the goal. COV will win the goal. OK?

  102. I love Barisal Bulls.

    1. I love Barisal very much.

  103. Gayle jhor e ure jabe sob dol. Love you, Barisal.

  104. I am happy and I love you, Comilla.

  105. I love Comilla all time.

    1. DHAKA DYNAMITES is the best team forever. Sangakkara, Mustafizur go on fire.

    2. Ami Comilla er somorthok. Comilla valo koruk, ami mon theke chai. Tobe Comilla er management onek baje. Shudhu Mashrafe er karone joy pacche.

      1. I love is Rangpur because they are very strong team.

        1. I Love Comilla & I Love my Brother Masrafe.

          1. Congratulation Comilla Victorians. All the Players, Managements & Supporters. I hope COV will be Champion of the BPL 2015.

  106. Barisal Bulls is the super team. Best of luck Barisal Bulls.

  107. I Love Chittagong Vikings (CHV).

  108. Why not taking any Indian players in BPL?

  109. Khelbe Comilla, dekhbe Bangladesh. Sobai bolbe Comilla is the best. All the best Comilla.

  110. Very nice art of cricket in Sangakkara. Bhoodha sher. Dahaaaaaaaar.

  111. Great league. Better than IPL.

  112. Comilla is my favorite team. I Love Comilla.

  113. Allays I like Bangladesh National Team. BPL & One day International is my favorite game. Pirojpur is my home district. So, win or lose I must support Barishal Bulls. I like Mashrafe Mortaza, Sabbir Rumman, Soumya Sarkar, Mustafizur Rahman & Sakib Al Hasan. I hope may God bless them.

  114. In Sha Allah Comilla e jitbe.

  115. My favorite team is DD. All the best Dhaka.

  116. I love Dhaka I think Dhaka will win and take the cup.

  117. Comilla Victorians amar priyo dol. Ar prothombar er moto ongsho niye Comilla bajimat korbe In Sha Allah.

  118. I Like Rangpur Riders. Because they played very well and also Mr. Sarkar. Best of luck.

  119. Best of luck all of BPL 2015! Specializing Barisal Bulls!

  120. 1st Dhaka. 2nd Comilla.

  121. I love DD. Best of luck.

  122. I love Sylhet Superstars because of Mushfiqur and Afridi.

  123. I love DHAKA DYNAMITES. Best of luck DD.

  124. Good wishes to Dhaka.

  125. Comilla Victorians is great.

  126. Thanks to Mr. Lotus Kamal for spending a lot of money to make the strongest team in 1st year for BPL. I think we will win Insha Allah.

  127. I am Indian but I love Bangladesh league.

  128. I like Barisal Bulls. Best of luck Barisal.

  129. Ashraful keno nai? Bhalo holo na.

  130. I always support Chittagong Vikings because I am from Chittagong. Wishes for CTG Vikings players & management.

  131. I think our Comilla is the best team in BPL 2015. Because we have boss Mashrafe.

  132. May be Comilla Victorians is not a strong team because we have no Cris Gayle & Shahid Afridi. But, we will win “BPL T20 2015” because we have Bangladeshi icon player Mashrafee Bin Mortaza. We have to win Mashrafe.

  133. Comilla Victorians will be the Champion. I love Comilla Victorians. Best wishes for Comilla Victorians.

  134. We hope, Comilla Victorians will be the champion. Please pray for our team. Because our team captain is Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. Win Or Win. Best of luck Comilla Victorians.

  135. My favourite team is Chittagong Vikings. Because ara chatgaya nowjoan. I wish chittagong vikings. I hope that Chittagong Vikings will win the cup of BPL 2015. Best of luck Tamim.

  136. My team is Comilla Victorians. I hope we will win BPL 2015.

  137. I hope Chittagong Vikings will be champion.

  138. Barisal Bulls is my favourite team. I hope BB win BPL 2015.

  139. Comilla is the best team of BPL. Win or win. Jitbei Comilla. Etai Comilla’r lokkho.

  140. Comilla Victorians is the best team.

  141. My favorite team is Comilla Victorians.

  142. Rangpur is the best team in BPL. So, I like Rangpur team.

  143. I like Rangpur Riders team. I wish for this season Rangpur Riders won the match.

  144. I love Chittagong Vikings. Best for luck for CHV.

  145. Chittagong Vikings is my favorite team. I Love Chittagong Vikings.

  146. Wish for BB. All The Best Barisal Bulls.

  147. Sylhet is my city. So SS win or lose, I will be supporting always firstly my city.

  148. Rangpur Riders is my favourite team.

  149. Rangpur is my favourite team.

    1. Hamar Rangpur ei BPL er best team. Tai, cup ta ebar amader jita chai. Tai, Rangpur er mansigila vaye hamar dol ke somorthon dao vaye.

  150. Noakhali er BPL team chai.

  151. Barisal er shokti ache, samortho ache. Kintu run eto kom keno? Amra chai, fighting khela hok.

  152. Congratulations COMILLA VICTORIANS!

  153. Rangpur Riders is my favourite team.

  154. Rangpur Rider is my favourite team.

  155. I think it’s a very good team and experienced players are full in Comilla Victorians. Comilla Victorians 2015 BPL will be the champion, Inshallah. Allah will be with us. Inshallah.

  156. Best wishes for Rangpur.

  157. When will play Chris Gayle, Afridi, Andre Russel?

  158. Wish for RR. All The Best RANGPUR RIDERS.

  159. I sopport all teams, because I want to enjoy this league.

  160. Go! Go! Go away Barisal.

  161. Comilla team is very special team & very popular team. So I like this team & you?

  162. Barisal Bulls is the great team.

  163. Now BB proved that they are really bulls.

  164. I am supporting Chittagong and comilla both. Because Mashrafe plays in Comilla and Taskin plays in Chittagong. And my two favourite players are Mash and Taskin.

  165. Chittagong and Sylhet: I support both of them. My favourite team is Bangladesh and favourite Bangladeshi players.

  166. I am supporting Chittagong Vikings. 🙂

  167. My teams is RR.

  168. Fantastic! We won by 13 runs today 2nd match, Barisal Vs Rangpur. I support Barisal because I am from Barisal.

  169. I like Dhaka Dynamites.

  170. Chittagong will win BPL.

  171. I am a supporter of Rangpur Riders. We rock!

  172. Rangpur Riders is the best team. Good luck Rangpur Riders.

    1. I like Dhaka Dynamites & Rangpur Riders.

  173. Great And so much helpful post. #BarisalBulls.

    1. Barisal Bulls is the super team. Best of luck Barisal Bulls.

  174. Rangpur Riders is my favorite team.

  175. Nice post. SUJONHERA.COM is the best website in Bangladesh.

    1. I like Misbah ul Haq batting.

  176. Chittagong Vikings is my favourite team.

  177. Rangpur Riders is my favorite team.

    1. Rangpur Riders is my favorite team.

  178. Rangpur Riders is my favourite team.

  179. Comilla Victorians is my favourite team.

  180. Really RR played very well. I am a supporter of RR.

  181. I like Dhaka Dynamites.

  182. Sylhet Superstars my team.

  183. Hello. How are you all?

    1. I like RR. Because they played very well and also Mr. Hasan. Best of luck.

  184. Comilla Victorians team cup nibe. I love Comilla team.

  185. Win or Win. My team is Comilla Victorians. Best of luck.

  186. I Love Comilla.

  187. Nice fixture, but supply Bangla fixture now. I miss Khulna, but I will support for Rangpur and Dhaka. All the best Mustafizur Rahman. He is my friend.

  188. I stay on Chittagong Vikings.

  189. I like my two teams Chittagong and Comilla because we are all Chittagong. I like Tamim, Mashrafe and Mushfiqur. I love Bangladesh team and I pray for them. May Allah bless you.

  190. My team is DD. We will win. I also support my boss Mashrafe Bin Mortaza.

  191. I Love Sylhet Superstars. Boom Boom Shahid Afridi.

  192. We are looking for T20 world cup. BPL will help our tigers. Hey tigers, it’s a chance to do something at the upcoming T20 world cup. Wake up and show the world that we are always the best. And we can do anything for our country. Come on tigers. Go ahead and get the world. Our wishes are always with you.

  193. I love you Mohammad Nabi, Afghan Tiger. I request Rangpur Riders to give him a chance in all the matches. He is the best all rounder in Afghanistan. Love for Bangladesh. From Afghanistan.

  194. My Team is Khulna. But this is unsold. So sad.

  195. Rajshahi nai. BPL er mojao nai.

  196. Tamim Iqbal, go ahead. Best of luck Chittagong Vikings.

  197. Dogs and Indians are not allowed in BPL.

  198. Support Chittagong Vikings, all people of Chittagong. Amra vai Chatgaiya Nowjowan.

  199. I am a big supporter of Barisal Bulls. So, best of luck.

  200. I love Muhammad Nabi and Rangpur Riders.

  201. I love Muhammad Nabi, Afghan Tiger in Ranpur Riders.

  202. I love Chittagong Vikings.

  203. Every team seems balanced according to players strength. So, it will be a rocking BPL this season! But, as a Chittagongian I love CTG team & hope they will be the champion. Praying.

  204. I am Rajshahi supporter. For this reason, I support all team now.

  205. According to the players list, we advise you to please select following best 11 players:
    Bangladeshi Players: Tamim Iqbal [CAPTAIN], Nafees Iqbal, Anamul Haque Bijoy (WK), Robiul Islam, Ziaur Rahman, Md Elias Sunny, Naeem Islam, = 7 Players
    Foreign Players: Chamara Kapugedera (SL), Robin Petersen (SA), Saeed Ajmal (PAK), Kamran Akmal (PAK) = 4 Players
    Wish you best of luck with above.

  206. I love Comilla Victorians. Best of luck.

  207. Joy hobe Comilla Victorians er.

  208. I love Mustafiz. So I’ll support for Dhaka Dynamites.

  209. I miss Rajshahi. I will support for Rangpur and Dhaka. All the best Mustafijur Rahman.

  210. Sylhet Superstars will win (In Sha Allah).

  211. Dhaka’s troops are ready for battle. Dhaka jitbe.

  212. I live in dhaka but I support RANGPUR RIDERS as I believe RANGPUR RIDERS is the best team in 2015, BPL.

  213. My favorite is Rangpur Riders.

  214. Kita mato bhai,
    Amra jodi mato nami,
    Karo ufay nai.
    Go Go Go ahead.

  215. All the best Comilla cricket team.

  216. Comilla Victorians. But missed Andre Russel.

  217. I love my Barisal Bulls.

  218. My favourite player is Soumya Sarker. Although I support Sylhet Super Stars, I will also Support Rangpur Ryders with my best. 🙂

  219. Missing you Khulna Team on the BPL-2015. But, it’s true that most of the icon & national cricket players were born in Khulna Division. All the best “Imrul Kayes” in BPL-2015.

  220. I love Shakib but I support Barisal. I was born in Barisal.

  221. I think, every cricket-lover in Bangladesh is eagerly waiting for BPL as it is going to start after a long period (2 years). 🙂

  222. Best of luck Rangpur Riders.

  223. Rangpur Riders will be the champions.

  224. Barisal Bulls will be the Winner.

  225. I love Chittagong Vikings. I wish for Chittagong Vikings win.

    1. I will support for Chittagong Vikings, due to my organization (DBL group) is involved. Everybody pray for Chittagong Vikings. Go ahead Vikings.

  226. I love my Comilla Victorians.

  227. Comilla Victorians mane Bijoyi Comilla. Tai BPL-2015 er cup to Comillar hatei jabe. Best of luck for Comilla Victorians.

  228. I’m Hanif. My hometown is Comilla. I always love Comilla.

  229. Best of luck Rangpur Riders.

  230. We are Dhaka tigers. So, we love Dhaka.

    1. Yes, we are Dhaka Tigers. Good luck.

  231. I love Comilla Victorians. Victory.

  232. I live in Dhaka. So, my favorite team is Dhaka. I wish for Dhaka.

  233. Rangpur Riders is the best for BPL-2015. I wish Rangpur Riders will be champion BPL-2015.

  234. I’m from Pakistan. I love BPL & my favorite team in this edition is Comilla Victorians.

    1. I’m Hanif. My hometown is Comilla. So, I’m very glad to see you are also fan of Comilla Victorians. So, welcome to my home.

  235. Rangpur is the best for BPL-2015. Miss you Sakib Al Hasan and all.

  236. I love Comilla but I miss Sarkar.

    1. Me too, Ismail. There is no good player in our team. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, Sunil Narine, Andre Russell are the best.

    1. Bose achen keno? Ural den India.

  237. I Love Sylhet Super Star Boom Boom Shahid Afridi.

  238. I love all Pakistani players playing there. Will love to see them playing good cricket.

  239. I wish for Barisal Bulls.

  240. I support Sylhet Superstars.

  241. I loved Duronto Rajshahi. But at present I love Dhaka.

  242. I love Ashraful. But, he will miss this 2015 T20 tournament. My home district is Bhairab. I live in Dhaka. So, my favourite team is Dhaka. My favourite players are Ashraful, Mashrafi, Mustafizur, Soumya, Mushfiq etc.

  243. I love Shahid Khan Afridi. So, I support Sylhet.

  244. I Like Mushfiqur Rahim. Because he is a very good Captain.

  245. I love Masrafe Mortaza.

  246. I love Mustafizur Rahman. I live in Dhaka. But, he is my district man. My home district is in Satkhira. I support DD.

  247. I love you Sakib Al Hassan. Love you Rangpur Riders. Win 2015 BPL. Best of luck.

  248. I love Shakib. I love Rangpur.

  249. I love Nasir Hossain and I live in Dhaka. So, Dhaka Dynamites. Burn with passion.

  250. Ami kono team ke choto korbona karon proti team e ache amader national team er tiger ra. Tobe sokol manush tar hometown ke support kore. Tai amio support kori amar hometown Chittagong ke. GO AHEAD CHITTAGONG VIKINGS.

  251. Great to have Nabi in your BPL. Thanks from Afghanistan.

  252. Ami ekjon cricket premi.

  253. I love Mohammad Nabi and I will support Rangpur Riders.

  254. I love Comilla Victorians. But, I don’t like politics.

  255. I love Dhaka Dynamites. I hope Dhaka Dynamites champion 2015. Best of luck Dhaka Dynamites.

  256. Rajshahi nai, Rangpur tai.

    1. In absence of Rajshahi, I am supporting Rangpur. Go ahead Shakib. Best of luck.

  257. I love Mashrafe & Comilla Victorians. Dekhiye daw Comilla Victorians.

  258. I love Sakib. That’s why I go for Rangpur Riders. But I am from Dhaka.

  259. Trophy ebar Rangpur Riders er. :p

  260. I love Mash! So, Comilla.

  261. I love you, Barisal Bulls. I wish for Barisal Bulls.

  262. I Love Dhaka Dynamites Team.

  263. I Love Bangladesh. But, I support SYLHET SUPER STARS. Allah alone can help us.

  264. I love Chittagong. Champion.

  265. We are looking for T20 world cup. BPL will help our tigers. Hey tigers, it’s a chance to do something at the upcoming T20 world cup. Wake up and show the world that we are always best. And we can do anything for our country. Come on tigers. Go ahead and get the world. Our wishes are always with you.

  266. I love Chittagong Vikings. I wish for Chittagong Vikings win.

  267. Love you, Soumya Sarkar.

  268. Joy hobe Comilla Victorians er.

  269. Good luck for Comilla Victorians.

  270. I love you Chittagong. All the best, Tamim Iqbal. Love you.

  271. We are Sylheti vai. Kitta mato vai. Oito oitto oitto.

  272. Missing you Khulna Team on the BPL-2015. But, it’s true that most of the icon & national cricket players were born in Khulna Division. All the best “Imrul Kayes” in BPL-2015.

  273. I’m bit confused about supporting Dhaka this time because Comilla Victorians are here to come blast the trophy. Comilla is my Grand parents district, but Dhaka is my heart.

  274. In the fixture, there is a missing match of Comilla Victorians vs Chittagong Vikings.

    1. Thanks for the correction. The fixture has been updated.

  275. I love Chittagong Vikings. Chittagong will win the BPL 3.

  276. Rangpur is the best team in this BPL T20 Game 2015.

  277. I love and support Barisal. Missing Ahmed Shehjad very much. He is really a good player. One thing I can’t guess. Why its name is BULLS?

  278. Good luck for Comilla Victorians.

  279. Dhaka is the only team who have the power to take the cup again. Love you, Dhaka.

  280. Comilla is the best team of BPL 2015.

  281. My favorite team is Comilla Victorians.

    1. Not yet announced about it. But, it will be announced soon. The latest updates will be given here.

  282. I want to know is any South African player coming in BPL?

    1. Robin Petersen will play for Chittagong Vikings. So far, he is the only player from SA.

  283. K. Pollard ki Sylhet er hoye khelbe? Sylhet Supar Stars champion hok.

    1. Keiron Pollard may join Sylhet SuperStars after 5th December, 2015.

  284. Ami first Rangpur. 2nd Comilla.

  285. Rangpur is my favourite team. And hopefully we will get our expected success.

  286. Vai, keo ki janen, Khulna’r ki holo? Ami bujhlam na.

    1. Khulna’r hoye kono company team kine nai. Tai, Khulna team nai.

  287. Comilla is the best. I Like Comilla Victorians.

  288. I support Dhaka again as my home and believe will be the champion again like 1st nd 2nd edition. It is the balanced and perfect team for 3rd BPL. Go Dynamites go.

  289. BPL should be played in at least 4 stadiums. Otherwise, the foreign people may take it in a negative concentration. Authority must keep in mind that IPL is played in 7 stadiums. We have 6 international stadiums. So, why BPL will be played in 2 stadiums? And regularly playing 8 hours in one field may be harmful for the field.

  290. I love Comilla Victorians.

  291. Comilla Victorians is the best team of BPL 2015.

  292. Comilla is the best team in this BPL! Waiting for Cup. 😉

  293. I will support Rangpur & Sylhet.

  294. Rangpur is the best team of Bangladesh. I love you Rangpur. Best of luck.

  295. Best wishes for Comilla Victorians.

    1. “Tora je jai bolish vai, amar sonar horin chai.” Dhaka is the golden city of Bangladesh. We can’t do anything without living in Dhaka. So, Dhaka Dynamites is my favourite team. I love Dhaka. I like Dhaka. Dhaka is the champion of previous two times of BPL. No team can beat Dhaka to win trophy. Dhaka Dynamites. Dhaka Dynamites. Dhaka Dynamites.

  296. My favourite team is Comilla Victorians. I love Comilla Victorians. ♥

  297. Ami Rangpur Riders ke bhalobashi.

  298. My Favorite teams is Sylhet. I Miss you Mohammad Ashraful.

  299. My favourite team is Sylhet.

  300. Rangpur Riders is the Champion of BPL 2015.

  301. 2015 champion team Rangpur. 99.99% sure.


  303. My favourite team is Dhaka.

  304. Rangpur is the best team of Bangladesh.

  305. Ani asha kori, Comilla valo khelbe. Icon Bangladesh National Team er captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza ache. Amader sobar dowa thakbei. Comilla is the best team. Best of luck.

  306. All the best team Comilla.

  307. I am a supporter of Rangpur Riders, but I live in Kushtia. Very sad our Division has not played in this game. I love Shakib. As well as Soumya Sarkar. Contact me 01741713191. I play in Kushtia Bashar Academy. (Habibul Bashar)

  308. I support “RANGPUR RIDERS”.

  309. All the best team Comilla Victorians.

  310. Amar priyo team Rangour er jonno onek onek doa roilo.

  311. I love CHITTAGONG VIKINGS because my favourite player Mohammad Amir, Saeed Ajmal, Tamim. I hope that CHITTAGONG VIKINGS will be CHAMPION. IN SHA ALLAH.

  312. I like COMILLA VICTORIANS. Mashrafe Mortaza.

  313. I hope 2015 BPL cup winner will be success team COMILLA VICTORIANS.

  314. My favourite team is Sylhet Superstars.

  315. I am a supporter of Barishal Bulls.

  316. I love you my Barisal Bulls all players.

  317. I like Comilla Victorians. Comilla is the best team of Bangladesh.

  318. Our friends group Emrul Kaes, Manik, Rahim, Arman, Kamrul and also others friends like CHITTAGONG VIKINGS.

  319. I like Comilla Victorians. Comilla is the best.

  320. I like Dhaka & Rangpur. My favorite players are Mushfiq, Sakib, Saumya, Sabbir and Nasir.

  321. I am Barisal Bulls supporter.

  322. I hope 2015 BPL frist team Barisal.

  323. I love Barisal Bulls. SABBIR and GAYLE are The amazing players of This BPL season. They are the champs of this season.

  324. Barisal is the best.

  325. I’m Sylhet Superstars. So, I love Sahid Afridi & also love Mushi.

  326. Dear Dr. Sujon, why they are not taken by any team? Which of your bowlers are greater than Dowlat Zadran, Hameed Hassan, Naib and many others?

    1. I think, the team owners know better. Shapoor Zadran and Samiullah Shinwari played in the previous BPL for Khulna. As there is no Khulna team this time and they are not among the interest of the rest of the teams, they are not picked. However, the quota for the foreigners are not fulfilled yet. A team can take maximum of 12 foreign players. So, they still have a chance.

  327. Vai, Khulna to nai. E jonno Comilla and Sylhet.

  328. Afghan other 3 players are selected in which team? Gulbadin Naib, Dawlat Zadran & Sami Ullah Shinwari. Palese answer friends.

  329. I hope that Barisal wins the 3rd BPL. So, congrats Sabbir. I think you played well, Boss. Tamim is also my favourite player.

  330. I love Comilla and Sunil Narine.

  331. By the grace of Allah, I always support Sylhet.

  332. Ami cricket khela ke like kori. So six team favourite!

  333. Chittagong Vikings will return with trophy. Hope all will make a magic!

  334. I Like Chittagong Vikings. I think they will be champion in BPL-3.

  335. Barisal is my favorite team. But, deshi player motamuti valo hoiche. But, bairer player ar ektu strong howa lagto, Chris Gayle matro match khelbe. Eta sune onek mon kharap. Chris Gayle er sathe Samuels ke nite parto, Ar Brad Hodge or Afridi.

  336. I love all the teams. Because, all the teams are inside Bangladesh.

  337. I am living at Rajshahi. But, no team at this time. So I get Rongpur because I love Shakib & Sarkar.

    1. I like Barishal Bulls.

  338. I would like to see Dhaka Dynamites again the Champion of BPL-2015.

  339. Chittagong Vikings is the best team of this season. So, good luck Chittagong Vikings.:-D B| 🙂

  340. Rangpur is my favorite Team.

  341. I love my city Sylhet.

  342. Chittagong Vikings is the best.

  343. I love Dhaka Dynamites.

  344. My favorite team is barisal.

  345. Rangpur Riders also has a chance to win. But I want to give my all luck to Dhaka, cause I like Dhaka.

  346. We are Sylhet Superstars.

  347. Sylhet team is the best.

  348. This time, BPL is going to be the worst BPL for Dhaka. They didn’t have good all-rounders in their team. They also didn’t have an experienced captain on their side. Nasir will surely go 4 over’s every match by thinking about his career, not about his team. Bad luck for Rony Talukdar (group A batsman). Nobody called him to play for their team. A great team for Sylhet Superstars, Barisal Bulls and Comilla Victorians. 1 of these team will be the champion of BPL season 3.

  349. I like Dhaka Dynamites.

  350. Rangpur is better than Dhaka.

  351. I love Sunil Narine. But, no Dhaka Sunil is a Comilla. Ow Shit.

  352. Comilla is my favourite.

  353. Thank you for update! And that too in English. Got to about BPL 3. Stay connected and Update every News of BPL 3. Thank you.

  354. Barisal is my favourite team.

  355. Khulna te kichu match hole valo hoto.

  356. Barisal is my favourite team. Gayle is my favourite.

  357. Comilla is champion in BPL 3.

  358. Barishal is my favourite team. I wish Barishal can win the trophy of BPL.

  359. I Like Sylhet Super Stars.

  360. Bideshi player eto thakle, amader local player ra kono benefit pabe na. Jodi bideshi player thaktei hoy, tobe valo player thak. Ei sob D grade er player ra BPL khele local player der theke beshi benefit pabe and tader khelay improvement hobe.

  361. Dhaka, Chittagong charao Khulna and Sylhet venue dile valo hoto.

    1. Khulna er kono team ebar BPL e nai. Tai Khulna venue deya hoy nai.

  362. Amra jei team support kori na keno, at first amra Bangladeshi. Amra nijeder moddhe nijeder team niye competition korbo, kintu seta marjito bhabe.

  363. Barisal Barisal Barisal is the best.

  364. I love my best team Sylhet Superstars.

  365. Mashrafe vai je team e thakbe, sei team amar. Other hand Dhaka.

  366. Amra agami te BPL er kichu khela Kishoreganj e chai.

  367. Barisal Bulls is the best, man.

  368. Dhaka is the best team in BPL.

  369. I love Dhaka Dynamites.

  370. I love Dhaka Dynamites. Ami ashabadi hattrick champion hobei Dhaka Dynamites 2015, former Dhaka Gladiators. Shuvo kamona roilo Dhaka Dynamites er jonno. Thanks.

  371. I want BPL matches in Narayangonj.

  372. I like Dhaka.

  373. Awesome post. Thanks a lot for giving details about BPL 3.

  374. Barisal Bulls will be the wining team this year. ♥ Chris Gayle.

  375. Ami Sylheti ba vai,
    Ami Sylheti gaan gai.
    6/4 chai,
    Ami Sylheti gaan gai.
    Amar kono voy nai,
    Ami Sylheti ba vai,
    Sylhet basi amra, apnader doa chai.

    1. Oshadharon kobita likhechen, vai. Apni bortoman kal er kobi guru. But, amra Chittagong er supporter.

  376. Dhaka Dynamites is the tiger of Bangladesh. So I like Dhaka Dynamites.

  377. I’m supporting Comilla Victorians. My next supporting team is Dhaka, because of my most favourite player Shakib Al Hasan.

  378. Sylhet is the real king of 2015

  379. Ami Comilla er supporter.

  380. It is a nice and important post at this moment or at this time. We are just waiting to watch the BPL cricket.

  381. Well, best posting that I like.

  382. I like Dhaka Dynamites. This year I want that Dhaka wins. And I also like Comilla. I know that new team will win. I am sad for Rajshahi Rockers.

  383. Dhaka will win again.

  384. I like Rangpur.

  385. I like Comilla Victorians. I hope & pray to Allah for Comilla Victorians continuous success from match to match.

  386. Sylhet Will win the 3rd BPL.

  387. I think Dhaka wil win BPL 3.

  388. National team means Khulna team. But, unfortunately their home division will not play BPL. How can you believe it? BCB is responsible for this.

  389. I think Comilla will get BPL 3.

  390. I like Dhaka. Karon ei team e ekjon icon player ache.

  391. I like my Comilla district. Because Comilla is the most wonderful district. So, I believe that, ebarer BPL e final khelbe Comilla.

  392. Rangpur Riders are the real hero.

  393. Dhaka is the best always.

  394. I will miss Duronto Rajshahi.

  395. Friends, don’t be so stupid. Nobody can beat Dhaka Dynamites.

  396. This time Sylhet Super Stars will never give up. BPL #3 champ will be SYLHET SUPER STARS. My glory, my land.

  397. Sylhet stadium e ki khela hobe?

  398. I Think Comilla will get BPL 3.

  399. Ebar BPL champion hobe Sylhet.

  400. Thanks for Bangladesh Cricket Board. We again show our BPL.

  401. I like Comilla. Because, Comilla is my Motherland.

  402. Amar Rajshahi theke ebar kono team nai. BPL dekhbo na.

  403. Comilla er jonno shubho kamona roilo.

      1. I Like Comilla Victorians.

  404. Comilla Victorians are the real HERO.

  405. I like Comilla Legends.

  406. Khulna Royal Bengal er je shob daittohin lokjon ache, tader prottahar kora uchit.

  407. BPL is a very important tournament for our country. Because our national cricket team gets more talents by this famous tournament. This tournament encourages our talents. More foreign cricketers should be included in this tournament. For this reason, our host players learn more from those foreign cricketers.

  408. Khulna is a mine of cricket players. But, there is no team this time. So sad!

  409. Jodi durniti na thakto, tobe BPL valo hoto. Ar eta theke onek valo player paoa jeto.

  410. Poor BPL this time. Not having Rajshahi and Khulna, Mymensingh should be included rather.

  411. Barisal Barisal Barisal.

  412. Sudhu BPL er jonno noy, Bangladesh cricket er development er jonno proti ti district e ekti International Stadium korte hobe. Tate je kotota sufol boye anbe ta somoy e bole dibe. Koto taka opochoy hocche, hocche durniti, lutpat. Stadium korte ar koto taka lagbe? Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra te stadium royeche. Ekhon Sylhet, Barisal, Rangpur o Rajshahi te dorkar international stadium. Tahole International match, BPL, NCL ayojon kore Bangladesh er cricket egiye jabe.

  413. I like Sylhet Superstars.

    1. Barisal is my favorite team.

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