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  1. BPL 2 has found lots of great talents and performers who are not part of Bangladesh team with notable ones like Shamsur Rahman one of the top scorers in BPL 2 and possibly a full time partner for Tamim Iqbal something Bangladesh struggled with for a number of years and Taskin Ahmed an emerging teenage fast bowler who not only bowls over 130 kph at his age but has great control and accuracy and can swing the ball and knows how to rectify his mistakes quickly and come back better good prospects these 2 Bangladeshi locals are.

  2. Anisur Rahman Raju says:

    Amra Dhaka-basi abar National Bongobondhu stadium a khela dekhte chai.
    Amader onurodh bibechona kore dekhben.
    Eikhane prochur dorshok hobe ja bole bujhano jabe na.

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