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  1. I love Rangpur & Dhaka.

  2. I like Dhaka.

  3. BPL 2 has found lots of great talents and performers who are not part of Bangladesh team with notable ones like Shamsur Rahman one of the top scorers in BPL 2 and possibly a full time partner for Tamim Iqbal something Bangladesh struggled with for a number of years and Taskin Ahmed an emerging teenage fast bowler who not only bowls over 130 kph at his age but has great control and accuracy and can swing the ball and knows how to rectify his mistakes quickly and come back better good prospects these 2 Bangladeshi locals are.

  4. Amra Dhaka-basi abar National Bongobondhu stadium a khela dekhte chai.
    Amader onurodh bibechona kore dekhben.
    Eikhane prochur dorshok hobe ja bole bujhano jabe na.

  5. We are win and we are running champions by BPL 2012/2013.

  6. We are win and we are won by 43 runs, and we are running champions (Dhaka Glagiators) BPL 2012 and 2013.

  7. I love my Sylhet but Today win cup DG

  8. My favorite team sylhet lost. .i m very disappointed but next i will want DG win cup

  9. Best luck of shakib al hasan.

  10. i think dhaka gladiators will win the finals because of crish gayle,he came back
    in squad and he hitted 114 runs in 1st semifinal and dhaka is very strong team
    pollard,gayle,thomas all are in same team….

  11. rubel shoud be out and nayme should be in then chittagong can wine the game

  12. Dhaka.,,, …………………………………………………………………………………………………………Dhaka …………………win

  13. I love Sylhet……

  14. By seeing Dhaka Gladiators performance, I think they will win the tournament again

  15. I love Dhaka Gladiators.

  16. Best of luck sylhet

  17. Barisal is the best but unfortunately they are out.

  18. Bangladesh agiye jaw !

    may ALLAH help us.

    1. Duronto Rajshahi will not win this match because player selection is very poor

  19. Sylhet Royals must win BPL-2013.
    Good luck.

  20. Best of Luck Dhaka Gladiators.
    And shakib: aaah!

  21. Player of the tournament,
    damal cheleder majhe thakbe Asha korchi. INSHA ALLAH

  22. Go banglar dhamal Chelera go…

  23. Best of luck Sylhet Royals

  24. rangpur riders win today match

  25. my sylhet royals r winer i like oll players


  27. hlw hi bay bay…… Rajshahi [CTG KNGS]

  28. 0h! CK WIN! ! ! H0pe SR win the next match,then it’ll be easy for RR t0 play PLAY 0FFs. Fingers r cr0ssed. . . . . . . . ALLAH PLZzzz let SR win! ! !

  29. I’m Really Impressed.
    Thanks To this Website.:D

  30. DR Will Win Today I Guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why?
      Tall me plz.
      C.K win today match
      B.B win today match

  31. i hope sylet royel win bpl 2013

  32. I hope Sylhet Royals must be success on the mission. Go ahead…… Mushfiq with your team.

    1. i hope Sylhet royals must be success BPL 2013 musfiq with your team & tinks all plyars K rashid

  33. Sylhet is good team But so many thanks to PR Striling from Ierland.
    He is nice in the field. In batting my favorite is Musfiqur Rahim.
    he is also a good guy.
    All the best.

  34. Best wishes for Sylhet Royals….
    Specially, Mushfiqur Rahim.

  35. Nasir Hossain

  36. Whoa!!!
    RR WIN!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  37. DG wins again! ! ! 😀 h0pe RR win the next match. . . . . . .

  38. Anything can happen but between SR and DG 😛 LOL

  39. Hope that chittagong will get the trophy,
    but things are changing rapidly.
    They still have two games left.
    Je keo jitte pare.
    Kichu bola jai na.

  40. I can just say 1 thing 2 RR that BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME! ! ! Cuz this time the trophy will be DG’S . . . . . . 🙂

  41. Th0ugh RR w0nt win, i supp0rt them cuz i live in Rangpur. But DG will be champions again inshallah! ! . . . . .L0L

  42. Though RR w0nt win, i supp0rt them. Cuz i live in Rangpur. Nd DG will be champions again inshallah . . . . LoL

  43. nice

  44. very very good

  45. i hope chittagong kings win bpl 2013 inshallah

  46. we love chittagong kings ….And we can hope that’our chittagong kings win this bpl 2013 cup.

  47. Best of luck Chittagong kings

    1. best borisal
      apnara sokola doa korban

  48. BPL seasion 2 the tropy is waiting for Sylhet Royels…..

  49. Its a good things. I need report all match

  50. Ki Lav comment korle?

  51. sylhet zindabad!

  52. i think ctg team allodin cherak paice!!
    Ai bave …

  53. Dhaka will be champion but I don’t support

  54. I like Barisal Burners. I am from Barisal and Inshaallah Barisal gone final

  55. As a man of Barisal I like Barisal Burners and hope for it’s win to almighty Allah.

  56. I like Barisal and hope for it’s win to almighty Allah.

  57. Favourite star: Nasir Hossain

  58. Iam interasted of bpl

    1. Duranto Rajshahi

  59. like barisal burners

  60. I hope Barisal will be win

  61. Dhaka is the only Champion of BPL

  62. I think,Dhaka is best team in BPL tournament 2013.So, Dhaka will win the Trophy of luck Dhaka.

    1. Rajshahi win this BPL T20 turnament 2013. Baji?

      1. humm jita para

  63. Sylhet Royals is the best team.

  64. Sylhet Royals is the most consistent team in the Series.
    Sylhet Royals’ player is Mushfiqur Rahim and Shohag Gazi.
    Sylhet Royals is the best Team.

  65. Fine bpl 2013.

  66. I hope Chittagong will be win

      1. next day night match, who will win??

  67. I LOVE dhaka gladiators , I LOVE BPL

  68. welcome to BPL dhaka gladiators

  69. Inshah allah chittagong kings will be bpl 13 champinn.

  70. amar BARISHAL win ki mja

  71. Hurrah! We have gone won the match. Lets move lets move Rajshahi. Rongpur k guria dia amra jitechi. Yes…..

  72. In Sha Allah Chittagong Kings win

  73. Jara valo khele, tader ke valo bolben.

  74. I wish Dhaka Gladiator win BPL T20 2013.

  75. I like Mohammad Nabi , Shapoor Zadran and Sakib Al Hasan. Good Players

  76. Y dhaka playing Los not good I want play
    Good dhaka

  77. Rangpur Riders is the unpredictable team of BPL 2013.
    As well as they are unbelievable if u think….!

  78. Chittagong Kings abar Jitbe (In Sha Allah)

  79. Go Rangpur Go Ahead.

  80. I love Rangpur Riders.

  81. I ilke Nasir Hossain.

    1. I am also Nasir Hossain. He is my most of the most favourite player.

  82. I wish Nasir will be the Man of the Series.

  83. Thanks to all BPL teams and players.
    All the best …….

  84. I like Shahriar Nafez

  85. I wish Dhaka gladiators will win BPL T20 2013.
    Because it’s Live in Dhaka Division.

  86. ekhon antoto KRB ektu morjada purno khela khelte parbe,


    1. NAFEEJ er r ekta 50 aj amar prarthona

  88. I like Shapoor Zadran, Mohammad Nabi and Shakib Al Hasan.

  89. I like Shakib Al Hasan.

  90. I support Sylhet Royals, hope this year they will be the winner of BPL T20.

  91. I support Chittagong Kings.

  92. Je man of the match hoy and most 6s dey, ei taka gulo ke pay?
    Player naki team?
    Keo jodi janen, please janaben.

  93. I saports Rangpur Raiders

  94. I’m supporting Chittagong Kings.
    Well, they are not playing so good.
    But they can play better then this.
    GOOD LUCK Chittagong kings.

  95. Go Ahead Chittagong Kings.

  96. Go ahead Sylhet.
    I wanna see you in final and get the champion trophy.

  97. Welcome to BPL, Dhaka Gladiators.

  98. Welcome to BPL -2013 Barisal Burners.

  99. Ticket price must be lower at least 100 taka.
    Sylhet go ahead!

  100. Dear Sujon,
    Good to see your creativity and great work.
    I am a great fan and follow every bit of cricket.
    I love BPL. I am a great fan of Bangladesh cricket team.
    -Thanks and Regards,
    Devinder Sharma.

  101. I like Asraful

  102. I support dhaka.

  103. Hi, I am the supporter of THE ROYALS
    And So Far I am Really Impressed and Proud of Sylhet.
    And the main thing I wanted to say is can you update the lastest points table of BPL 2013?
    And Thanks For The Website, it’s helping a lot!!! @Sujon vi.

    1. Thank you for you comment.
      The points table is updated.
      I update it after every match.
      So you can see the latest points table above.
      I also mentioned the date and time of the update so that you can understand that it is updated.

      1. DG My favorite.

        1. Update very very good.

  104. I am proud of BB.

  105. I am fan Chittagong Kings.
    But as poor performance in the 1st match will be trouble in the upcoming matches.

  106. Nice, but no excellent!

  107. i love Dhaka Gladitors.

  108. Hi,
    Thank u for a beautiful website for information of BPL.
    It will be very helpful.
    Have u make this site with WordPress?

    1. Welcome!
      Yes, it’s WordPress.

  109. Who can win today????

    1. Dhaka and Sylhet I think.

  110. Thank you.

    1. Welcome. Visit us regularly to get latest contents.

  111. If Pakistan denied to send their player for BPL, then Khulna will suffer too much. Because they have 8 Pakistani Player.

    1. Then the unsold players will be included by the teams. Not to worry!

  112. BPL is the part of earn to the cricketers ….
    It’s great.

  113. i really love this bpl a lot because develope a country cricket is based on this type of game.

  114. Points Table Should Be at first!

    1. Thank you for comment. Yes, It is at first now!

      1. Nice site, bro. Thank you.
        But one thing, bro.
        Please update every day.

        1. Good luck for Dhaka Gladiators.

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