How To Block Incoming Calls Without Apps On Android Phone

Sometimes, some unknown numbers may disturb you by calling repeatedly. This may become a┬áheadache for you if you don’t block that number. There are many ways of blocking a number. Mobile operators offer call blocking subscription service which usually requires money. You may use apps on your phone to stop those annoying incoming calls. There is another way which does not require money and any extra apps. This way is the easiest method for anyone. So, let’s check the procedure of blocking any incoming calls without using apps on your Android phone.


How To Block Incoming Calls Without Apps In Android Phone

1. At first, save the annoying number on your phone. You may create a contact by using any name and add all the annoying contacts to it. Then, tap on that contact. Here is an example:

How To Block Incoming Calls Without Apps On Android Phone

2. Now, tap on the options menu. Usually, it is situated on the lower left portion of your phone. Then you will see this:

How To Block Incoming Calls Without Apps On Android Phone

3. Now, tap on Block incoming calls option. You will see a tick mark on the box beside it.

How To Block Incoming Calls Without Apps On Android Phone

That’s all. There will be no incoming calls from that number on your phone. All the incoming calls will be automatically cut and will no longer bother you.

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    1. How to remove from blacklist in Symphony Xplorer V49?

      1. Just do the reverse of the above-mentioned procedure.

    2. Symphony Xplorer V85 e ki possible to block a number?

    3. It’s not available for every Android. May be you are using a custom ROM?

      1. No. It is the screenshot of the stock ROM of Android 4.2. In Android 5.0 or 5.1 there is an option called blacklist. Both of them serves the same purpose.

    4. This way does not work for Symphony M1 phone.

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