BD Drug Directory: Android App For Trade Names in Bangladesh

Have you ever thought of an Android App for all drugs Trade Names in Bangladesh? Yes! All medical and non-medical personals have thought about this many times in their life. Thus, SHAMIM AHSAN, a software engineer from Bangladesh has made it possible. If you have any confusion about the Trade names of any drug, dosage, indications, contraindications, adverse effects and many more, you can simply install this tiny android app on your android phone and search for your desired information.





1. It is very easy. Suppose, you don’t know the trade name of paracetamol. You are searching for Paracetamol of SQUARE PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED. Just open the BD Drug Directory app. You will see the following screen:

BD Drug Directory: Android App For Trade Names in Bangladesh

2. Now, tap on the magnifying glass to begin searching. You will get the following picture after tapping:

BD Drug Directory: Android App For Trade Names in Bangladesh

3. Now, type the name of the drug of which you need detailed information. Start typing PARACETAMOL. You will get many suggestion every time you enter an alphabet. See screenshot:

BD Drug Directory: Android App For Trade Names in Bangladesh

4. As you can see, I have got my desired drug, PACE Tablet [Paracetamol], I will directly tap on that. Thus I will get the below information:

BD Drug Directory: Android App For Trade Names in Bangladesh

5. Now scroll down and you will get all trade names of available Pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. Not only that you will get the indications, contraindications, precautions, Side Effects, Pregnancy & Lactation effects, Dosage and administration, Drug Interactions etc in the Pharmacology tab [just on the right side of the Trade Name tab].

BD Drug Directory: Android App For Trade Names in Bangladesh

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    1. It’s featured app. But it needs update.

    2. I think DIMS is the best.

    3. Which one is best: BD Drug irectory, QIMP, ZILS or DIMS?

    4. Please, bro! Make it for iOS devices!

    5. New version ta Kobe asbe? Sob drug er name to nai.

    6. Why not this app in iOS ? Please try to cover app store.

    7. Why not this apps for ios????

      1. Yes. This version has a lot of lacking. Hope the next version will cover all the drugs in BD market.

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