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The BCS Examination will face some new rules by the BPSC [Bangladesh Public Service Commission], which will take place from the upcoming 35th BCS examination. According to Dr. Kamal Abdur Naser Chowdhury, the Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration, BPSC is working on a proposal to change the format of BCS exam in all three departments: Preliminary, Written and Viva Voce.

BCS Exam New Rules Active From 35TH BCS BPSC.GOV.BD

On the condition of anonymity, a ministry official said,

“We are looking forward to take the 35th Exam with the newly made system. Whenever the whole system is granted officially, the circular for the 35th BCS will be published. A total of 1,749 people will be selected in different cadres in the upcoming 35th BCS examination.”

So, it’s a new challenge for the thousands of examinee taking preparation for the upcoming BCS exams. Although the syllabus will be the same, there will be some minor changes in the time limit and length of the exams. According to the new system:

Preliminary Exam:

200 marks | 2 hours [Previously it was 100 marks | 1 hour]

BCS Exam New Rules Active From 35TH BCS BPSC.GOV

BCS Exam New Rules Active From 35TH BCS BPSC.GOV


Written Exam:

Here is the written exam pattern for 35th BCS Exam:

BCS Exam New Rules Active From 35TH BCS BPSC.GOV

BCS Exam New Rules Active From 35TH BCS BPSC.GOV

Viva Voce Exam:

Minimum 50% of total marks [Previously it was <40% of total marks]

Exam Fee:

The exam fees are also increased by some margin. Lets check the exam fees now:

General: 700/= BDT [Previously it was 500/= BDT]
Tribals: 100/= BDT [Previously it was 50/= BDT]

The new proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Public Administration by BPSC. After checking the proposal, it will be sent to the cabinet for approval. Then it will be sent to the honorable Prime Minister for approval. Lastly, it will be sent to the honorable President.

So, what can you do now?

You have to face a new system of exams in this 35th BCS. So, prepare yourself for it from now. Take model tests according to the new system so that you can improve yourself in this new system.

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