Bangladeshi Movie: Eid-ul-fitr 2014 Movies Preview

Eid-ul-fitr is back once again and Bangladeshi movie lovers are eagerly waiting for a few good movies. Alike other Eids, this Eid will also bring 4 Bangladeshi movies. These are:

1. Hero-The Superstar [Shakib, Apu, Bobby]
2. Most Welcome 2 [Ananta, Barsha]
3. Honeymoon [Bappi, Mahi]
4. I Don’t Care [Bappi, Bobby]

1. Hero-The Superstar:

Hero-The Superstar: Shakib Apu Bobby Bangla Movie

Shakib Khan’s only movie to be released in this Eid is Hero-The Superstar. Eamin Haque Bobby & Apu Biswas will be his co-stars. People are very hopeful for the success of this movie. This is the first movie of producer Shakib Khan. So, the success of this movie will decide his career as a producer also. Shakib Khan’s production house S K Films may give a blast this Eid as all the stars are present in this movie. Another plus point of this movie is, the shooting was done in Bangladesh, London & Bangkok. So, people will get an eye-soothing movie for sure. Shakib hopes to release the movie in 100+ halls. But, 55 halls have been booked so far.

2. Most Welcome 2:

Most Welcome 2 (2014) Ananta Jalil Barsha Bangla Movie

Ananta Jalil, the super action hero of Dhallywood is back after a long time. This time, he will do impossibles with his new movie Most Welcome 2. After the success of Most Welcome 2 years ago, he decided to make a squeal of the movie. Afiah Nusrat Barsha, his wife will play the heroine’s role here. The movie was thought to be released much earlier but for some reasons, it will be released in this Eid. Meanwhile 25 halls have been booked. Ananta also hopes to release the movie in more than 100 halls.

3. Honeymoon:

Honeymoon (2014): Bappi Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie

Honeymoon is the most romantic movie of this Eid. It will also have some thriller. Bappi Chowdhury‘s 2 movies will be released in this Eid. Honeymoon is one of them. Mahiya Mahi will be his heroine in this movie. The shooting was done in South-East districts of Bangladesh. This movie is yet to book any hall till now. The hall booking process will be started just after getting the sensor. Shafi Uddin Shafi will direct this movie.

4. I Don’t Care:

Hero-The Superstar: Shakib Apu Bobby Bangla Movie

Bappi Chowdhury & Eamin Haque Bobby’s movie I Don’t Care is the 4th movie of this Eid. In this movie, Bobby plays a role of an angry rich girl. The movie has booked 45 halls so far. It is directed by Mohammad Hossain in the banner of Grameen Kothachitro.

One thing is clear that all the above mentioned movies are capable of being in the top. It will be interesting to see which one of these will smile at the final moment.

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