Bangladeshi Movie: Eid-ul-fitr 2013 Movies Preview

Bangladeshi Bangla Movie lovers are waiting for a great fight! As, this Eid-ul-fitr, three movies with immense expectation are coming to their cinema halls. These are: My Name Is Khan, Bhalobasa Aaj Kal and Nissartho Bhalobasa. The battle will be held between 2 heroes [Shakib Khan and Ananta Jalil] and 3 heroines [Opu Biswas, Mahiya Mahi and Barsha]. Let’s discuss these three movies:


Bangladeshi Movie: Eid-ul-fitr 2013 Movies Preview

My Name Is Khan is a romantic action film starring Shakib Khan and Opu Biswas. These 2 have made some movies in recent past and this time has come up with this big budget movie. The fans of Shakib Khan and Opu Biswas think that this movie will break all the records of past by some distance. In the meantime, some promos and songs have been leaked from this movie, which made this movie much anticipating to all. There are some scenes which was shoot outside Bangladesh. But, above all these, the chemistry of Shakib and Opu will play the vital role for the success of this movie.


Bangladeshi Movie: Eid-ul-fitr 2013 Movies Preview

Bhalobasa Aaj Kal is the first movie for Mahiya Mahi with the superstar Shakib Khan. This movie was thought to be released after Eid. But recently, the shooting was completed and the management has decided to release this movie in this Eid. Now, this movie is for the young generation. Mahiya Mahi is young, beautiful and full of glamor. Shakib Khan is still the number one hero of Bangladesh, although recently struggling a little with the rise of some new faces. So, this movie is going to be a blockbuster hit for sure. The story and songs also will play a huge role at the success of this movie.


Bangladeshi Movie: Eid-ul-fitr 2013 Movies Preview

If you are waiting for some real action, sit back and enjoy this movie. As M.A. Jalil Ananta and his wife Barsha has paired up once again in the upcoming film Nissartho Bhalobasa. The title gives us the clue that it is a love story. Besides, there are some dramatic actions, melodious songs by some Bangladeshi and Indian artists, 3D animation in the title song, excellent locations and unique story in this movie. Nissartho Bhalobasa is the real life love story of Ananta Jalil, the super action hero of Dhallywood. This movie can be a success with all those attractions mentioned here.

Now lets discuss about the battle of 2 heros:

SHAKIB KHAN and ANANTA JALIL: Shakib will win the game by number. As 2 of his movies will be released this Eid compared to Ananta’s only one. But if it comes to the quality, Shakib may lag a little behind as most of his movies have quite same story and expressions. On the other hand, Ananta has made quite a few experiments this time and has come with some real exceptions. Shakib will win this race if and only if Ananta does not improve his acting and voice. If Ananta improves himself in these 2 categories, there will be a close fight for sure.

Now lets see the heroins:

OPU BISWAS, MAHIYA MAHI and BARSHA: Opu has been consistent for quite a few years. So, she will win the race in the experience category. But Mahiya Mahi and Barsha will win the heart of the young generation by their attracting looks and glamor. Mahiya Mahi is better than Barsha in Expression category. So, Barsha will have to improve her expression and acting to beat Mahi in this Eid. Opu is beautiful, but a little bulky than the other 2. Young generation likes zero-figure heroines now. They prefer appearance at first, then they judge their acting capabilities. So, this may be a big factor for the success of these 3 heroines.

Some other factors that may contribute a little:

CINEMA HALL NUMBER: Bhalobasa Aaj Kal will be released in more than 100 cinema halls throughout the country. On the other hand, Ananta’s Nissartho Bhalobasa will be released in near about 100 halls, among which 52 halls has been confirmed yet. Shakib’s other movie My Name Is Khan will also released at a number of cinema halls. In this happy occasion of Eid, 2/3rd of the cinema halls will be occupied by Shakib Khan’s movies. So, Ananta and Barsha will lag behind gradually. But, the critics will judge their performance and it also counts! If anyone makes a great comeback, he/she will be liked by all. We all are expecting for a great Eid recreation. Let’s hope for the best. Let’s go to cinema halls to watch these films and decide, which film wins the race!


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