Bangladesh Government/Public/National Holiday Calendar 2013

Last Updated: November 25, 2013 at 9:19 pm
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Happy new year, 2013. 2012 was full of important events in Bangladesh. We hope, 2013 will be more eventful in our life. In the eve of 2013, all are looking for National/Public/Government Calendar with Holidays.

In 2013, there is altogether 24 Holidays plus 52 Fridays (Weekly Holiday). So, 76 Days of Holidays are present in a 365 Days year, which is a good news for all!

Bangladesh Government/Public/National Holiday Calendar 2013

Bangladesh Calendar 2013



1 1 January New Year’s Day Optional Holiday
2 9 January Akheri Chahar Somba* Optional Holiday
3 10 January Bangabandhu Homecoming Day Occasion
4 25 January Eid-e-Miladunani* Public Holiday
5 13 February Bhawasma Budhbar Optional Holiday
6 15 February Saraswati Puja* Optional Holiday
7 21 February Intl. Mother Language Day Public Holiday
8 22 February Fatiha-e-Iazdahm* Optional Holiday
9 25 February Maghi Purnima* Optional Holiday
10 10 March Shibratri Broto Optional Holiday
11 17 March Bangabandhu Birthday Public Holiday
12 26 March Independence Day Public Holiday
13 27 March Shuvo Doljatra Optional Holiday
14 28 March Punno Brihaspatibar Optional Holiday
15 29 March Punno Shukrobar Optional Holiday
16 30 March Punno Shonibar Optional Holiday
17 31 March Ester Sunday Optional Holiday
18 8 April Harichad Thakurer Abirbhab Optional Holiday
19 13 April Choitro Shonkranti Optional Holiday
20 14 April Bangla New Year Public Holiday
21 1 May May Day Public Holiday
22 23 May Buddha Purnima* Public Holiday
23 7 June Shab-e-meraz* Optional Holiday
24 25 June Lailatul Barat* Public Holiday
25 1 July Bank Holiday Bank Holiday
26 21 July Ashari Purnima* Optional Holiday
27 2 August Jumat-ul-bida* Public Holiday
28 6 August Lailatul Qadr* Public Holiday
29 8 August Eid Ul Fitr* Public Holiday
30 9 August Eid Ul Fitr* Public Holiday
31 10 August Eid Ul Fitr* Public Holiday
32 15 August National Mourning Day Public Holiday
33 28 August Jonmashtomi Public Holiday
34 18 September Modhu Purnima* Optional Holiday
35 2 October Shyama Puja Optional Holiday
36 4 October Mohaloya Optional Holiday
37 14 October Durga Puja* Public Holiday
38 15 October Eid Ul Azha* Public Holiday
39 16 October Eid Ul Azha* Public Holiday
40 17 October Eid Ul Azha* Public Holiday
41 18 October Laxmi Puja + Probarona Purnima* Optional Holiday
42 10 November Noor Hossain Day Occasion
43 14 November Muharram(Ashura)* Public Holiday
44 14 December Buddhijibi Dibash Occasion
45 16 December Victory Day Public Holiday
46 25 December Christmas Public Holiday
47 31 December Bank Holiday Bank Holiday

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