Baby Care: Why Babies Cry & 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

All babies cry. They can’t express their feelings by speaking. So, they express those with their only media, which is crying. Some babies cry a lot, whereas some cry less frequently. A good guardian can understand the requirements of the baby. So, they can quickly solve the problem. But, sometimes it becomes too difficult for them to stop their crying baby. Here are some reasons why babies cry and 10 ways of stopping a crying baby:

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby


1. When they are hungry.

2. When they urinate.

3. When they are tired or ill.

4. When they want to be on your lap.

5. When the temperature is too hot or too cold.

6. When they become alone and frustrated.

7. When they become excited.


1. Feed Your Baby: If you can understand that your baby is hungry, feed your baby to stop the cry. In most of the times, this job does the trick.

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

2. Give Something To Suck: If you bottle feed your baby, then give a plastic bottle with nipple to him/her. Make sure it is sterilized. Sometimes, they only need something to suck in their mouth. It is not necessary that it should contain milk. Some babies suck their own fingers or clothes. Don’t let them suck those things as those may be infected with many germs.

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

3. Stay Closer: In many instances, babies cry when they become alone and can’t find anyone near him/her. So, you should stay closer to your baby. You may talk to your baby or sing a song. It will make your baby feel more secure.

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

4. Motion Therapy: Some babies don’t like to stay in a place for a long time. They always want to move. So, take them in your lap and walk a little to stop their cry.

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

5. Toy Therapy: Some babies like to play with toys. Give them soft toys like dolls to play with it. Don’t give plastic or metal toys as they may become injured.

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

6. Correct The Temperature: If you can understand that the cry is due to temperature change, you can correct the temperature to solve the problem. It can be done by air-conditioner, windows or clothes. When babies urinate and feel cold, they cry. Clean the wet clothes to make them smile!

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

7. Bath Your Baby: Take some warm water and bath your baby. Some babies will stop crying during bathing, whereas some others will cry louder. So, it is not a universal way!

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

8. Tell Them Stories: Some babies like to see facial expressions and vocal expressions. So, when they see you like this, they will stop crying and watch your activities.

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

9. Bring Another Baby: If you can’t stop your baby in the above-mentioned ways, you may bring another baby to the crying one. Sometimes, they stop crying by getting a playmate.

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

10. Seek A Pediatrician: If all the above-mentioned ways go in vain, then you must seek a pediatrician. Your baby may become ill and cry for this reason. The doctor will find it out and solve your problem.

Baby Care 10 Ways To Stop A Crying Baby

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