Agnee (2014): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie

Agnee, the most updated action-based Bangla movie, directed by Iftakar Chowdhury will be released soon in this year. After some romantic films, Mahiya Mahi has acted in this action-based movie. Agnee is the name of the character of Mahi in this movie. Arefin Shuvo has come with his new hair style and looking so handsome in this film. Jaaz Multimedia has produced this big budget movie. The movie has become talk of the film society within a few months.

Bangla movies were backdated for so many years. For the last couple of years, new and young faces are coming to act in Bangla Cinema. There are also some new Producers, Directors, Music Directors and others who are so much talented to make a Bangla Cinema of world class. You will have a jaw-dropping reaction after seeing the trailer of this movie. Some action scenes are better than many of the Hollywood movies. So, we can’t wait for watching the full movie.

Trailer of Agnee (2013):

Some information regarding Agnee:

Movie Name: Agnee
Cast: Arefin Shuvo, Mahiya Mahi, Misha Showdagor, Danny Sidak, Puja
Editing: Tawhid Hossain Chowdhury
Shooting Started: 10th June, 2013
Written by: A J Babu
Producer: Jaaz Multimedia
Director: Iftakar Chowdhury
Budget: 2.5 Crore Taka

Iftakar Chowdhury previously made Dehorokkhi, which was the biggest hit of the year at that time. Lets see whether he can break his own record with this movie or not. About 90% action shooting took place in Bangkok, Thailand. Mahi took training from action director Jaika from Thailand for 6 months to be fit for this character.


Agnee/Tanisha [Mahiya Mahi] is a beautiful killer, who kills many people one after another. Dragon [Arefin Shuvo] is a three times champion boxer in Thailand. They meet each other and more suspense occurs.

Mahiya Mahi’s Get-up:

Mahi appears in this movie like an action heroin. Just like Angelina Jolie in Salt and Tomb Rider.

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Arefin Shuvo’s Get-up:

Arefin Shuvo has a rough and tough look in this movie. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2.

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview


Adit is the music director in Agnee. Niti Mohan [Jab Tak Hai Jaan movie singer] has playbacked in an item song in this movie. Mahi will dance with this item song in hot & sexy dress. Remember, Mahi has not danced in any item song before this one.

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Arefin Shuvo also playbacked in this movie for the first time. His “Sohena Jatona” song has become very popular within a few days.


Agnee is not only a good film, but it’s posters are updated also. Who will say that this is a Bangla movie poster? It can be mistaken as a Hollywood action movie poster easily. Here are some of the posters of Agnee:

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Agnee (2013): Arefin Shuvo-Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie Preview

Release Date:

It was thought that Agnee will be released in Eid-ul-adha 2013. But due to some reasons, it will be released in 7th February, 2014. So, lets wait for this great movie and hope for watching a movie of the lifetime.


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