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Hello! I am Dr. Sujon Paul. I am a doctor and recently become graduated from Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh. I am 26 years old and originally from Pabna, Bangladesh. I love blogging and helping people. I update this website regularly with fresh contents. Visit this website regularly for updated information. Thank you for visiting SUJONHERA.COM.


Name: Dr. Sujon Paul
Birthday: 19th July, 1990
Age: 26 Years
Blood Group: O [+ve]
Religion: Sanatan
Marital Status: Married
Star Sign: Cancer
Father’s Name: Late Shyam Sankar Paul
Mother’s Name: Anita Paul

Dr. Sujon Paul


Facebook: sp49rmc
Twitter: Sujon Paul
E-mail: sp49rmc@gmail.com
Website: sujonhera.com
Permanent Address: General Hospital Road, Village: Shalgaria. Post Office+District: Pabna. Country: Bangladesh.
Present Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Relationship Status: Married.
Hobby: Internet, Singing, Gossiping.
Languages: Bangla, English, Hindi.
Quote: Love is Life.
School: SSC=GPA 5.00 | Batch: 2005, Pabna Zilla School, Pabna, Bangladesh.
College: HSC= GPA 5.00 | Batch: 2007, Govt. Shahid Bulbul College, Pabna, Bangladesh.
Medical College: MBBS Session: 2007-2008, Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
Workplaces: 1. National Institute Of Ophthalmology & Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2. Bangladesh Eye Hospital, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


I was admitted in a primary school at the age of 5 years. My first school was the Shalgaria Government Primary School, Pabna. That was a few steps behind my home at Pabna. So, I was very happy at that time playing with my little friends at school and returning home so quickly after school. I can still remember the teachers and friends of that time. I completed up to class 5 there and got a scholarship in General Grade after that. The scholarship exam result was out in March, 2000.

I was admitted to class 6 at the Radhanagar Majumdar Academy [R. M. Academy], Pabna on January, 2000. I studied about 3 months at that school. That was a little experience for me. I remember those happy days till now.

As I mentioned earlier, the Scholarship result was out in March, 2000 and then I got the chance to get admitted in class 6 at the Pabna Zilla School, Pabna without any kind of admission test! I don’t know whether this facility is present now or not. But I consider myself so much lucky that I was a student of the finest school at Pabna, my hometown. I completed my SSC examination there obtaining GPA 5.00 [All credit goes to my respected teachers of PZS of that time]. I also got some good friends there who are also very meritorious and now working in various places with honor.


After completing my SSC exam, I started my college life at the Government Shahid Bulbul College, Pabna. I studied 2 years of my life there and obtained HSC certificate with GPA 5.00 again. I can’t forget the contribution of some teachers of that time. Actually, I started to think about being a doctor from that time. So, I started taking medical coaching at Primet Coaching Center, Farmgate, Dhaka after passing the HSC exam.


It was one of the greatest feelings of my life when I got the news from my brother, Sumon Paul [Website: DormantLife.com] that I have got the chance to become admitted in a Government Medical College in Bangladesh. I consider myself so much blessed by the almighty for all that I have today. I started my MBBS course at the Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi from 10th January, 2008. Since then, I have passed most of my time in Rajshahi. In 2013, I passed the MBBS Final Prof Examination and became a doctor. I have recently completed my internship at the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.


I was totally unaware of internet till 2007 i.e. HSC exams. It may look odd to you that I did not browse a single website before that time. I did not have a mobile phone either. So, I was a 100% good student at that time! When I was staying with my brother after HSC exam in Dhaka for Medical Coaching, he gave me a mobile phone so that I can contact with him and others. That was a Nokia 2700, with no internet facility at all. When I got the chance at RMCH, my brother bought me a Nokia N72. It was the first device which let me make my first click on the internet! Thereafter, my father bought me a laptop Asus K42F in January 2011. I started to browse the internet freely from that time.

I would become a lesser blogger if my RMCH friend Dr Toufiq Hassan Shawon [Website: BangladeshResult24.com] did not help me. I always became fascinated about his blogging capability and started to love blogging seeing him. He helped me whenever I asked him about any problems. I am very much grateful to him. I started blogging at Blogspot primarily. When I learned basic things, I started this website [SujonHera.com] with the help of my Blogger friend Dr. Toufiq in October, 2012. Since then, I have worked behind this website to provide you some important information.


The main purpose of this website is to help people around the world by providing some information. If the visitors find this site helpful, it will be my ultimate reward. So, please read the posts and comment there to express your feelings and ideas about these posts.


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