5 Ways To Collect Blood Quickly For Hospitalized Patients

Sometimes, our friends or family members may suffer from some diseases in which they require human blood for survival. Sometimes, there may be accidents in which a lot of blood is lost from the body. After hospitalizing the victim, doctors will advice 1 or more bags of blood for the patient. Many people will feel helpless at that time. Many of them do not know, how to collect blood for the patient in a quick and appropriate way. This post by SUJONHERA.COM will help them a lot.

You should have known by this time, that there are 8 types of blood groups in the ABO Blood Group System. They are A (+ve), A (-ve), B (+ve), B (-ve), AB (+ve), AB (-ve), O (+ve), O (-ve). Among these, O (+ve) is the commonest blood group and  AB (-ve) is the most rare blood group. But, all the (-ve) blood groups are uncommon. So, you may not get a person of negative blood very quickly. That’s why knowing the searching procedure will help you finding the desired blood quickly in danger.

5 Ways To Collect Blood Quickly For Hospitalized Patients



This is the easiest way in searching anything in the world. But, most people skip this way and search for blood of others. You know about your family members and friends well than any other person. So, you will get pure blood from them. Many people are present in the hospitals who are professional donors. Some of them are drunker and may have diseases, which may be transmitted with their blood to your patient. So, always search for the desired group of blood from your near ones at first. Call them and tell them to spread the message to others.


If you can’t find any person in your own family and friends circle of the desired blood group, you may search in the blood bank of the hospitals for exchange methods. If they have stored blood of your desired group, they may give that to you and keep your blood in exchange. This is the quickest way if you fail in collecting blood from your friends and family.


There are many people in the hospital who stays with their patients. They are healthy enough to donate a bag of blood. So, seek help from them. Announce your need of the person of the desired blood group to them. Some of them may come forward for the sake of mankind and help you by donating a bag of blood.


Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are handy in searching anything these days. There are a lot of websites also which are updated with phone numbers of the donors. Search for the desired blood in these medias.


If you fail in collecting blood in the above mentioned 4 ways, you must not be frustrated. Rather you should go to your nearest religious places like Mosques, Temples, Churches, Pagodas etc. and request the religious persons to help you. You must also sit for a prayer. God will surely help you if you seek help from God.

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