5 Unknown Facts Regarding Salman Shah’s Death

Salman Shah, the only Bangladeshi hero who touched the heart of every Bangladeshi people, died on 6th September 1996. He lived for only three years as a hero of the Bangla cinema, but had created some immortal movies, which were thought to be impossible at that time.

5 Unknown Facts Regarding Salman Shah’s Death

Salman Shah is dead. But many of us don’t know the exact cause of his death. It was announced as a suicide, but there was enough evidence towards murder. Nobody knows, what happened on that black night. But, we can imagine, how pathetic it was to lose a hero like him.

Here you will know about the 5 facts which will force you re-think about the death of our great hero:

1. Salman’s wife Samira was also an actress. Salman was unsatisfied with his wife. There are many reasons behind it. The night before his death, he called his uncle-in-law and told him, he wants to divorce Samira. It was the first clue to make a suspicion towards Salman’s death.

2. Salman was hanged by a rope with a ceiling fan. But, the rope which was found with his throat was different from the rope found with the fan. This makes clear evidence that, someone may murder him with that rope and tied another rope with the fan to make it believable as a suicide case.

3. Salman’s body was brought down with the help of a long ladder. It was quite impossible to arrange a long ladder like that over a short period of time in that high rise apartment.

4. A particular brand of cigarette was found on the floor of Salman’s room on that day. Salman was also a smoker, but it was not his brand. It makes another strong suspicion that someone else was present on that room when he died.

5. Salman’s body was buried quickly. Later, the post-mortem was done on his body. The doctor who did the post-mortem was sure that it was a murder case. But, he was threatened by some people. So, he did not express those in court.

So, it is highly possible that what we know may not be the truth. The truth may be concealed by some evil people.

5 Unknown Facts Regarding Salman Shah’s Death

Salman Shah with Shah Rukh Khan

Salman was a genuine hero of all time. Even Shah Rukh Khan introduced him as the leader of Bangla cinema to his wife, Gauri Khan. 21 Salman female fans committed suicide on 6th September 1996, hearing the death news of their favorite actor. It makes a statement that, a Salman Shah is not born everyday. He borns once in a lifetime.


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    1. Yes. I think it is valuable evidence for Salman Shah murder case. But, we are strange. Why can’t arrest Samira for remand to justify this murder? I hope this government will take some steps for Salman Shah murder. I also hope our prime minister Sheikh Hasina will take some steps for real information explanation about Salman Shah murder. Also I believe that Salman Shah is immortal in millions of Salman’s followers.

    2. I didn’t believe it Salman was no more. From 1996 till now I don’t watch Bangla film. Salman you are a star. We don’t forget you. We want justice.

    3. If I could say anything about this. But, in reality, the real murderer is walking outside freely.

    4. I am Imran Hussain. I am an Indian boy. State: Assam, Dist: Barpeta, Vill: Chapra, PO: Jahur pam, PIN:781314. Mob: 8876142801. I like very much Salman Shah in Bangladeshi actor. He was a super actor.

    5. Mihim, are your information true? If your information are true then why it’s different from Dr. Sujon? And please tell me between you and Sujon which information are true.

    6. Samira er death chai. O Salman er Khuni. Or moto beiman meye er beche thaker kono right nei.

    7. Salman, tomar hottar bichar je din ei Bangla’r mati te hobe, sei din theke Bangali jati kolongko mukto hobe. Ar sei din thekei Bangladesh er chobi sara bisshe grohon joggota pabe.

    8. Kiser chithi? Chithi ki morar 1 bochor por ber hoy naki? Ar suicide note e keu baper porichoy, thikana diye soggane, sustho mostiske, sesh e “aj theke jekono din mara gele keu dayi thakbe na” esob likhe morte jay naki? Lash dhoanor somoy o keu chithi pocket e pelo na. Hotat kore 1 bochor por chithi ure elo? Ar Samira, tor ek mukh e koy kotha? Tui to Supon Roy ke bolesili, Badol Khondokar naki bashay gari diye namiye chole gechilo. Tar cigarette kottheke elo? Tor ek mukh er 2 kothay to tui nijeo fashli, tor customer Badol keo fashali. Ar tor moto fake ID’r kach theke real news manus ki janbe? Ar divorce ki ekbar disilo naki toke? 5 September to tor 3rd time divorce chilo, tor choto choto porokiar jonno! Kake cherechis tui? Film industry er projojok-porichalok theke suru kore daroan Khalek porjonto. Ar tui Salman-Shabnur er premkahini sunas? Tora 2 jonei to chili mafia Azizzar khas kamrar rokkhita! Ei jonnei to Shabnur toke nijer best friend bole. Ar tui atto pobitro je shami morar 1 mas porei Rony namer 1 jon ke biye korli. Seo to tor bikkhato choritrer jonno 1 bochor o rakhlo na! Lathi diee bair korlo. Porli ese arek Salman khuni Mustaq er pae. Ki korbi ar? Khuni e to pare khuni ke bachaite, tai na re? Tor vondamir din sesh re Samira. Tosbih gon fake ID na khule. Shahos thakle Samira namei ID khule samne ay. @Fake Mihim.

    9. I will love Salman Shah in my life forever, no doubt. In 1999 when I was 7 years old, I watched two films of Salman Shah, Mayer Odhikar & Asha Valobasha. Since that time I became a huge fan of him. Just imagine that particular time Salman was no more in this world. So why do I became a fan of Salman. He was dead in that time. You all people know that. it’s because he was a good person and I should say Salman was a good boy. He dedicated his whole life for everyone else. Thanks to Mr. Sujon Paul for his tremendous work.

    10. Salman Shah was the best actor and whoever murdered Salman Shah we want to know who it is. Redoyer Rajputro. Love you Salman Shah.

    11. I want more information. Somebody contact me please. Where I will get another information?

    12. Salman Shah chilo amar priyo.

    13. Hello Mihim, I am a student of Law. I have studied a lot about the case which has been reopened recently. Dirty politics has been done with this case. His mother was an MP of Awami League. And the murder case was opened in 2003, at the reign of BNP. So the truth was covered with many lies. But we hope one day the truth will come in front of everyone. And the day is not much remoter. By the way, RAB is reinvestigating the case.

    14. Where is his killer wife now? Please let me know about her present.

    15. I like you, Salman Shah and I really miss you so much. I always pray to Allah that Allah give you Jannat and I know you were a good man and I know that too your wife killed you. I’m sure of that your wife just help these evil to kill you. Anyways, I love you Shariar Chowdhury Emon (Salman Shah).

    16. It’s clear that Salman Shah was murdered by someone. Even Salman Shahs mom said he was a happy man so why he would commit suicide?

    17. Salman is a boss of Bangla film. He is always on my mind every time and every second. I never want to see that Bangla film’s hero like that Salman. Salman is only one piece.

    18. Only Allah Know the real truth. After that who was open the door first? And who hear the news first? another is who said the news first? This 3 Who know the real story of Salman Shah death find those 3 person.

    19. salman shahr tolona sodhu salman shahi

    20. Please tell me, where to download free Salman Shah movies. Thank you.

    21. It’s so weird! we never heard his legacy. I am from India. When I first read about Shah, I thought it’s some newcomer making his name using Salman or Shahrukh Khan’s name. But, he came earlier than them.

    22. Suru theke sesh ache. Take niye amar bolar sesh nei. Vabonar o sesh nei. Tumi mor jiboner vabona. Ridoyer sukher dola. Salman amar golar mala.

    23. Dear Mihim
      How are you so confirm about this? You weren’t there. So, please with all that paragraph plus Salman Shah is handsome and very smart guy. Sad that someone murdered him or even sad as our hero he had committed suicide.

    24. I just heard about Salman shah. Still wondering about his death. Too young to die. Sad.

    25. Dear Sujon,
      Thanks for your good observation regarding of Salman Shah’s suicide case. I want to share some information regarding these matters.

      point 1: Samira was not an actress. Salman-Samira loved each other married without giving notice to their parents. Salman did not want to divorce Samira. But Samira had doubt on Salman-Shabnur relationship. That period rumour suppressed in FDC about the relationship of Salman-Shabnur. Salman was trying to manage Samira all time. The day before of 6 September, Salman-Samira quarrel each other in Shabnur matter in FDC in front of Shabnur and many people. Divorce matter was not true.

      Point 2: Salman committed suicide with tied up Small Gym rope and Istirir rope.

      Point 3: Badol Khondokar went to their house so he may be used that brand.

      Point 4: Salman’s body was not brought down with long ladder. It was short ladder which was in that house for household works.

      Point 5: Salman’s body was not buried quickly. Salman’s mom took care of the body of Salman. Two times the Janana was called. Salman’s body was buried near about 2 A.M on that day after doing post mortem.

      Salman committed suicide with his own handwritten suicide note.

      If you want anything to share about this matter with me or want to know anything about this matter, then mail me at mihim007@gmail.com.
      Good Bye.

      1. How can you be so sure. Why would a 25 years old man, with so much success commit suicide? He was murdered, and his wife was involved. His wife seems to be happily married now. Somebody in a high place knows something but anyways God will punish them one day. It’s just sad that a talent was lost at such early age.

    26. Very sad. Handsome man.

    27. Nice Informative post with “Salman Shah”. Thanks for this kind of post Sujon.

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