5 Tips To Remove Foul Odor From Your Body

Human body is a mixture of biological substances, which needs regular cleaning. Otherwise, it will produce foul odor. Foul odor is hated by everyone. So, we need to clean our body every day. In this post, I will discuss about the ways of preventing foul odor from our body. Here are the ways:

5 Tips To Remove Foul Odor From Your Body

1. Have regular bath: Regular bathing is the first and prime work if you want to remove your body odor. Use of soap, shampoo will help you removing bad odor from your body by washing away the excreting substances through sweat gland.

2. Brush your teeth regularly: Brush your teeth regularly if you want to prevent foul odor from your mouth while talking to someone. Brushing will not only make your teeth clean, it will also remove the foul odor from your mouth. So, brush your teeth at least two times a day.

3. Use plenty of water in toilet: Many people don’t use water after micturition and defecation. It results bad odor from their genitalia. So, make a good habit of using plenty of water in toilet.

4. Prevent sweat from drying: In hot and humid days, you will sweat a lot. Use a handkerchief or tissue paper to sweep all the sweat from your body. Do it regularly to prevent the drying of the sweat. Otherwise, it will be dried on your skin, making a foul smell.

5. Use perfume: If you follow all the above tips and still suffering from bad odor from your body, use a good perfume. It will spread a nice smell from your body, hiding the bad odor easily.

5 Tips To Remove Foul Odor From Your Body

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