5 Tips To Identify Steroid Drug Induced Healthy Cows

Eid-Ul-Adha is knocking at the door. One of the main tasks before this Eid is buying cattle for Kurbani. Most people choose cows for this purpose. They buy the kurbani cows a few days before the Eid. Most people want a healthy cow for them. But, cows can be made healthy in ethical as well as unethical ways! Yes, cows can be made look healthy in a few days by giving steroid injections or tablets. Some people in Bangladesh and some other countries are seriously involved in this malpractice and endangering the health of millions of people, who eat the meat of those cows.

5 Tips To Identify Steroid Drug Induced Healthy Cows

How cows can be made healthy by medications:

Steroid group of drugs is usually used to make animal healthy in a short period of time. Those drugs retain water inside the body. It results in decreased micturition and accumulation of water under the skin. So, the animal looks fatty. People who don’t have any idea about it, buy those fatty cows with large amount of money. The traders have a good amount of profit by spending a small amount of money for buying those medicines only. But, the people who buy those cows and eat their flesh, become ill.

What are the problems if you eat those cows:

The functions of the vital organs of the animal become greatly impaired by taking those drugs. In fact, these drugs are harmful for the animals in large doses. But, the evil traders feed them 30-50 tablets at a time to make them fatty and earn more money. If someone eats the flesh of those cows, water will be accumulated in their lungs. Their kidneys may stop functioning. Their heart will also face some bad effects. In a word, all the vital organs of the human body will be greatly affected by eating the steroid induced cows.

How to identify steroid induced cows easily:

1. They do not move: Normal cows will move all the time, when they are brought into the market. But, steroid induced cows will remain calm and will not move. They will feel illness and stand still. They become weak and gradually die within a few days.

2. They do not eat: They will not eat eagerly. This is due to the fact that they will feel anorexia and weakness in the muscles of mastication.

3. Generalized Edema: As stated above, water will be stored in their body in large amount. So, if you press any part of their body, that portion will not return to the normal position quickly.

4. Less micturition: The cows with steroid drugs will not void urine like normal cows. They may void once or twice in 24 hours. So, this is one of the identifying points before buying a cow.

5. Have fleshy thighs: Their thighs will be fleshier than normal cows. As steriod injections are pushed in the muscles of those areas, they will look fleshy than other areas.

So, decide whether you will buy a normal cow and live a healthy life or buy a steroid induced healthy cow endangering the life of you and your family members.


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