5 Tips To Get Maximum Post Reach Of Facebook Page

Facebook pages are important medium of sharing your posts to large number of people. Sometimes, people share many posts from their Facebook pages, but they get only a small number of post reach. That means, only a small number of people can see that posts. It earns only a small number of clicks on them and gradually affects the main purpose. So, we need maximum post reach of any Facebook page posts. Here are 5 tips to get maximum post reach of any Facebook page:

5 Tips To Get Maximum Post Reach Of Facebook Page

1. Number of likes: If you have only a few likes in your Facebook page, you can’t expect a huge number of post reach. So, the first target should be the increase in the likes of your page. You can earn genuine likes by posting your Facebook page link to other pages, comment on other popular pages and so on. If you can manage a fair number of likes, you will automatically see the increase in your page’s post reach.

2. Post Regularly: Facebook is enriched now. There are millions of Facebook users right now in this world. A huge number of them have Facebook pages. So, it’s not possible to show all the posts by all the pages to a person on his/her home page. So, Facebook screens only the important and popular posts to show on the home page of the people who like that page. If you post irregularly, Facebook will not count you as an important page owner. Then you will loss some genuine interaction with your likes. So, post regularly, at least once a day.

3. Targeting: If you write a post relating to Bangladeshi people, you may not need to show it to the USA likers of your page. In this case, you should set your target as Bangladesh. It will enable more Bangladeshi people to see your post.

4. Post Attractive Images: Images speak more than words. So, post attractive images more than the links and texts. It will attract people more quickly and they will read your posts, which can be given as the caption of that image.

5. Avoid Copy Paste: Some people copy posts from other pages and post them as their own creations. Facebook easily identifies those copy-paste posts and throw them to the bottom of their importance list. So, post by yourself to get more interaction with your likes.

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