5 Regrets Of Most People At The End Of Their Life

Most of the people regrets at the end of their lives. They cannot get back the past days. All they can do is regret about the faults they had done before. Here are the top 5 regrets of most people at their deathbed.

5 Regrets Of Most People At The End Of Their Life

1. Not proposing the liked person: During the adult life, every person gets a crush on someone. Sometimes, there comes a lot of problems in the life that they cannot express their feelings to that loving person. So, the relationship is not made. It remains as a one sided love. At the end of the life, most people regret about not telling the person about the feelings of love. So, if you love someone, tell him/her right now about your feelings. Otherwise, you will regret about it surely!

2. Not studying attentively: Most people are not happy with the condition of their study. They always feel there is some lacking in the process. There could have been more improvement in the study. When they get older, most of them regret about the golden times, when they did not study well and got a low quality life for it.

3. Not choosing the right job: Most people regret for not choosing the right profession at the end of their life. They always think that other jobs have more money. They feel sorrow for choosing their job without knowing much about it during adulthood.

4. Not quitting smoking: Smoking is a bad habit. There is no health benefit of smoking. Rather, it causes lung cancer. So, people with lung cancer regret for not quitting smoking at their deathbeds.

5. Not getting married at the right time: Time and tide wait for none. So, if anyone spends much of his/her life looking for higher education or money, he/she will regret for not marrying at the right time. Marrying at the right time is necessary to plan a happy family. Otherwise, you will regret at the end of your life.

Thus, people feel sorry for them as they can’t change their past. So, everyone should keep these points on account and do their work accordingly.

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