5 Problems Why Bangladeshi People Don’t Go To Cinema Halls

The Bangladeshi film industry is improving day by day. Good quality movies are being made by some young and renowned producers. People are spending money for making top class movies. But, there are still some lacks in the field for which Bangladeshi people don’t go to cinema halls. In this post, I will try to figure it out.

5 Problems Why Bangladeshi People Don't Go To Cinema Halls

1. False impression:

The number one problem is the false impression towards Bangla cinema. There are many young teenagers who think that Bangla cinema is not a cinema to watch. They think that there is no such hero, heroine, villain, story, makings etc. But, they keep these thoughts in their mind without watching Bangla cinemas. They have developed this thought by listening to their surroundings. They believe what they hear. So, it’s high time they go to the cinema halls and verify whether their thoughts are right or wrong.

2. High price of the tickets:

Normally, a quality cinema ticket price ranges from 50 to 60 Bangladeshi Taka. But, sometimes, the price may be 100 BDT or more, especially on some occasions like Eid. Besides, these tickets are sold mostly in black markets. So, general people who can’t afford the tickets don’t go to watch Bangla cinema.

3. Availability of Hindi & English cinema:

This is the era of internet. So, people can download movies from various download websites. Although Bangladeshi Bangla movies are not pirated to a great extend, compared to the Indian or Hollywood movies, people download whatever they get and remain satisfied with Hindi & English movies. Especially, the young generation highly depends on these movies. So, they don’t go to cinema halls to watch Bangladeshi movies.

4. Hall problems:

Bangladeshi cinema halls have tons of problems. The environment of most of the halls is not up to the mark. The chairs are broken or absent; the lights, fans do not work; the toilets are full of foul smell, lack of security of the women, presence of gamblers and lack of cinema halls are important among these. These problems must be solved in quick time. Otherwise, there is no benefit making top class movies in Bangladesh.

5. Lack of movies:

In Hollywood and Bollywood, one or more cinemas are released every week. So, people have developed a trend to go to cinema halls to watch and compare those. But, in Bangladesh, the rate of making cinemas is slow. Only a few top class actor and actress work in this field, lowering the level of competition. One cinema is played weeks after weeks in a cinema hall. So, people get bored and don’t go to the cinema halls.


The above mentioned problems can be solved easily. And it’s our own duty. If we make people believe that Bangladeshi movies are good enough to watch in cinema halls, today or tomorrow they will change their attitude. We have to change the impression of the people towards Bangla Cinema.

The authority should be strict in case of selling tickets. The price should be lowered by at least 20 BDT. So, more people will come, resulting more benefit for them.

Hindi & English movie channels should be banned in Bangladesh. It’s for our own sake. Now, near about 30 Bangladeshi channels are present, which telecast quality programs. So, it will be a revolutionary change for Bangla Cinema.

The hall owners should fix the hall problems for their own sake. A good quality hall can draw more people than a dirty one. So, it should be done on priority basis.

New and talented people should come in this field. New producers, directors, actors, actress and other people related to making cinema is needed. Students should study in film making and help this poor country in this field at least.

If all these are done, it will be a matter of time, when Bangladeshi movies will earn more money than the nearby countries.

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  1. Very good article. I think Bangladeshi Movie’s story is another major problem.

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