5 Exclusive Tips For Medical Admission Test Preparation

Medical Admission Test is one of the most important examinations in the life of any student of Science group in Bangladesh as the exam determines the future of all of them. If you want to become a doctor in Bangladesh, you have to sit for this examination and pass it with good marks. In this post, I will show you how to pass this exam easily with good marks.


You must pass the HSC exam before appearing the Medical Admission Test exam. Not only this, you must have a total of GPA 9.00 in SSC and HSC exams. Again, you must have Biology in both SSC and HSC and have a minimum of GPA 3.50 in this subject in both SSC and HSC. Otherwise, you will not get a chance to sit for this exam, let alone passing it and being a doctor.

5 Exclusive Tips For Medical Admission Test Preparation

So, your first and foremost duty is to pass SSC and HSC exam with good GPA. Then you have to apply for this exam. Generally, you will get about 3 months after the completion of the HSC exam to prepare yourself for the Medical Admission Test. So, there will be no rest for you after a long hectic HSC exam. You have to revise the main books in a systematic way so that you can finish it before the Medical Admission test.


There is literally no shortcut available for this exam. In the future, there had been some rumors about question out, but you should not look for those. If you want to live an honest life, you should work on your own merit and determine your future yourself. For this test, you must have a clear idea about everything from your textbooks. You may skip some chapters, but it will bring you poor marks for sure. So, decide whether you want good marks and remain confident before the result or you want poor marks and remain tensed before the result.


The exam will consist of 2 parts: i) SSC+HSC points and ii) 100 MCQ Questions

SSC GPA will be multiplied by 15 and HSC GPA will be multiplied by 25. So, if you have GPA 5.00 in both those exams, you will get (5×15) + (5×25)=200 marks for it. So, the main decider will be your MCQ exam. If you get approximately 70 up in this exam, you may get a chance in a government medical college to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

During the MCQ exam, you will have to fill the correct circles in your answer sheet for giving answers. There may be multiple true answers of the same questions or there may be no true answer for a question at all. You have to fill up only the true answers. 100 MCQ questions will carry 100 marks.

There is negative marking. 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. So, make sure you know the answers correctly before filling the circles.


There are some rules about the number of questions from each subject. Those are:

General Knowledge=10

So, you have to study the above subjects regularly to get a good result in the Medical Admission Test.


There are many books in the market. There are also some guide books for the exam. But, reading those as primary books will not help you. You have to read the textbooks first. Then you may look for the previous years questions and model tests in the guide books. There are some of the books that will help you most in this exam:

Zoology: Gazi Ajmal (Second choice: Nasim Banu)
Botany: Abul Hassan (Second choice: Gazi Ajmal)
Chemistry: Singha-Naag (Second choice: Haque-Kabir)
Physics: Ishak (Second choice: Tapon)
English: Apex and any English Grammar
General Knowledge: Notun Bisso, Any BCS Guide

As there is no shortcut for the medical admission test, you need to work hard to pass it. Those who will pass this exam will be really lucky. But, those who will not pass it, don’t be upset. As there is always a better future ahead of you.

Thanks for reading this post.


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