5 Exclusive Tips For Medical Admission Test Preparation

Medical Admission Test is one of the most important examinations in the life of any student of Science group in Bangladesh as the exam determines the future of all of them. If you want to become a doctor in Bangladesh, you have to sit for this examination and pass it with good marks. In this post, I will show you how to pass this exam easily with good marks.


You must pass the HSC exam before appearing the Medical Admission Test exam. Not only this, you must have a total of GPA 9.00 in SSC and HSC exams. Again, you must have Biology in both SSC and HSC and have a minimum of GPA 3.50 in this subject in both SSC and HSC. Otherwise, you will not get a chance to sit for this exam, let alone passing it and being a doctor.

5 Exclusive Tips For Medical Admission Test Preparation

So, your first and foremost duty isΒ to pass SSC and HSC exam with good GPA. Then you have to apply for this exam. Generally, you will get about 3 months after the completion of the HSC exam to prepare yourself for the Medical Admission Test. So, there will be no rest for you after a long hectic HSC exam. You have to revise the main books in a systematic way so that you can finish it before the Medical Admission test.


There is literally no shortcut available for this exam. In the future, there had been some rumors about question out, but you should not look for those. If you want to live an honest life, you should work on your own merit and determine your future yourself. For this test, you must have a clear idea about everything from your textbooks. You may skip some chapters, but it will bring you poor marks for sure. So, decide whether you want good marks and remain confident before the result or you want poor marks and remain tensed before the result.


The exam will consist of 2 parts: i) SSC+HSC points and ii) 100 MCQ Questions

SSC GPA will be multiplied by 15 and HSC GPA will be multiplied by 25. So, if you have GPA 5.00 in both those exams, you will get (5×15) + (5×25)=200 marks for it. So, the main decider will be your MCQ exam. If you get approximately 70 up in this exam, you may get a chance in a government medical college to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

During the MCQ exam, you will have to fill the correct circles in your answer sheet for giving answers. There may be multiple true answers of the same questions or there may be no true answer for a question at all. You have to fill up only the true answers. 100 MCQ questions will carry 100 marks.

There is negative marking. 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. So, make sure you know the answers correctly before filling the circles.


There are some rules about the number of questions from each subject. Those are:

General Knowledge=10

So, you have to study the above subjects regularly to get a good result in the Medical Admission Test.


There are many books in the market. There are also some guide books for the exam. But, reading those as primary books will not help you. You have to read the textbooks first. Then you may look for the previous years questions and model tests in the guide books. There are some of the books that will help you most in this exam:

Zoology: Gazi Ajmal (Second choice: Nasim Banu)
Botany: Abul Hassan (Second choice: Gazi Ajmal)
Chemistry: Singha-Naag (Second choice: Haque-Kabir)
Physics: Ishak (Second choice: Tapon)
English: Apex and any English Grammar
General Knowledge: Notun Bisso, Any BCS Guide

As there is no shortcut for the medical admission test, you need to work hard to pass it. Those who will pass this exam will be really lucky. But, those who will not pass it, don’t be upset. As there is always a better future ahead of you.

Thanks for reading this post.


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    1. Sir, ami daily koto hours porasuna korle medical e chance pabo? Amar GPA 4.69 ar 5.00.

      1. It depends on your merit. Some students read 3-4 hours to remember the same lesson that takes 9-10 hours to other students. So, when you feel it is OK for today, you can stop then.

    2. Sir, ami kivabe ar 1 month er majhe medical admission er preparation nibo bujhchi na. Please sir, help me. Ami 1st timer student.

      1. Don’t study any new topic. Revise the old ones especially Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

    3. Sir, ami textbook + Joykoli book medical er jonno porle ki enough amar preparation er jonno?

    4. Sir, ami jodi only Biology 1st: Abul Hasan, 2nd: Ajmol, Chemistry 1st & 2nd: Hazari, Physics 1st & 2nd: Ishaq sir er boi pori, tahole koto percent er moto common pete pari?

    5. Jodi ami Biology 4th subject nei tahole ki medical admission e kono problem hobe?

    6. Sir, please kindly let me know je amar ki shob subject gulo te alada pass marks ante hobe?

    7. Sir, ami kokhono doctor hote chai abar kokhono air force officer hote chai. kintu ami bujhtechi na konta select korbo? Apni ki amake kichu tips diben ami kontake select korbo?

      1. It’s totally up to you. Listen to your mind and go for it.

    8. Sir, ami HSC 2016 te GPA kom paoa te 2017 te improvement diyechi. Am I 1st or 2nd timer for MAT 2017?

      1. Second Timer. Because your SSC was 1 year before the first timers.

    9. Sir, amar HSC te GPA 5.00 chilo & SSC te 4.75. So, sob miliye amar 9 marks moto kata jacche. I feel really scared & frustrated je amar ki possible medical e chance paoa? Amar already 9 marks nai. So, how will I cover this? Sir, amake at least koto pete hobe jeno public medical e chance hoy?

      1. There is only one way and that is getting as many marks as you can in your MCQ exam. Forget about those 9 marks and concentrate. Frustration never solves the problem rather increases it. About 70.

    10. Is it confirmed that 5 numbers will be cut from the total number of a second-time student this year? Or there is any chance of changing the decision? And if 5 numbers are reduced how much should I carry in the admission test to get a chance in DMC?

      1. There is very little chance of changing the decision. You should get about 85-90 marks.

    11. Sir, ami PRIMET e vorti hoyechi. But, merit 90 er niche ashche na, jekhane total student 255 jon. Ami ki korbo? Asha ache?

      1. Don’t bother about those. Try your best and think positive.

    12. Sir, DMC er exam e je 200 marks SSC and HSC er jonno thakbe, seta ki with the optional subject GPA naki without the optional subject? Thanks in advance.

    13. Please write against mark cut of 2nd timer medical admission seeker. Because it is an injustice to the 2nd-time candidate. It should be declared before one year so that student can make a decision earlier.

      1. This is a totally right decision. If it was declared earlier, then the second timers would have been more serious and the first timers would have no chance at all. You have already got 12 months more than your juniors. If you still can’t get 5 more marks than them, then you should not sit for this exam. The authority has to look at the first timers also. So, they have made a good decision.

    14. Sir, I am second timer. I have less marks in GPA, 4.25. Recently Health Minister has announced that 5 number will be cut from total number who are second timer. According to this I will loss 9.25 marks in total marks. What should I do? Please suggest.

      1. As you sow, so you reap. You must study more to cover the 4.5 marks that you failed to get in your GPA. And as you have got more time to study, you will be able to carry more marks than the first timers. And it will be deducted to make you capable of competing with them.

    15. Sir, amar O level e GPA 4.40 ar A level e GPA 5.00. Amar koto pete hobe jodi DMC te chance pete chai.

    16. Sir, ami SSC te 4.55 peyechi. HSC te 5.00. Tahole medical exam e amake koto mark pete hobe?

    17. Sir, ami SSC te 4.77 peyechi ekhon HSC te jodi 5.00 peye jai, tahole medical koto mark pete hobe?

    18. Sir, medical coaching e je shob exam ar class neya hoy, shegulo kotota goruttopurno ba ami kivabe kaje lagabo? Ami ebar medical vorti porikkhay ongshogrohon korbo 1st time.

      1. The exams are very much important for your preparation. The classes will also help you to get an idea about the questions type.

    19. Sir, ami SSC te 4.06 peyechi. But, Biology te A-, Chemistry te A- ar Physics e A+ asche. Ami ekhon HSC te koto point ar kon subject e koto mark pele medical e exam dite parbo?

      1. You must get 4.94 or above in HSC with minimum 3.50 in Biology.

    20. SSC ebong HSC exam er total marks ki medical exam e kono provab felbe?

    21. Which book should I read for medical admission to enrich my general knowledge and vocabulary skill?

    22. Vaia, ami shudhu text book pore prepared hote chai. Is it enough? And amar General Knowledge mone thake na ar porleo onno subject e problem create howar possibilities ache. Kono kichu suggest korte parben?

      1. You must read the textbooks for learning. But at the same time, you must see the previous years questions and model tests from any medical admission guide book. And do not bother about the General Knowledge if you can carry good marks in other subjects. There is no guarantee that you will face common questions in General Knowledge in the examination.

    23. Sir, ami SSC te 4.50 peyechi. Ekhon ki HSC te o 4.50 petei hobe? 4.20 ba er kachakachi holeo hobe na? Biology te 79 peyechi. Ekhon ki HSC te Biology mark kom pele, mane 60 er moto na hole ki chance pawa jabe na? MCQ te 100 tar moddhe thik kotota hole DMC te chance pawa jabe? Sir, SSC pointx15 and HSC pointx25 ei number ta diye ki hobe bujhi nai.

      1. You must get GPA 4.50 or more in HSC with minimum 3.50 in Biology to sit for the exam. Only then you can think about getting a chance.

    24. Aamr SSC and HSC both GPA-5. Total 10. But, amar HSC te Biology te A+ nai. Ami 2017-18 e second time e preparation nicchi. Ami ki Biology te A+ na thakle ebar exam dite parbo?

    25. Which one is better – to try to be admitted into a bangladeshi government medical college or to try to go abroad and get admitted in medical colleges there?

    26. Sir, I will sit for medical admission test this year. I am a student of the 2015-16 session. So all of my books are from either 2015 or 2016 edition. But books of 2017 edition will come out next month or so. Should I buy the books of the new edition or should I depend on my old version book?

    27. Sir, medical coaching charao ki extra kono medical er bhai er kache pora dorkar kingba basay kono medical student ene pora dorkar? Kindly ektu janaben.

      1. Not necessary at all. The time you will get at home should be totally spent on studying for the next exam of your coaching.

    28. Sir, mone korun ami Biology te 50% pari bujhi, baki gulo pari na. Kintu ami medical e chance pawar jonno anek srom dite raji. E bepare jodi kichu bolen? Kono guide book?

      1. If you don’t understand Biology, then don’t try for medical. As you will be frustrated after some time. Guide books will not help. Read the textbooks to understand.

    29. Vaiya, medical e address ki amar HSC jekhan theke diyechi oi address dite hobe? Ami ki amar permanent address mane amar main district theke exam dite parbo na? Kindly janaben.

      1. The present address may be any. The permanent address is the one which you used in HSC. And you can’t sit for the exam anywhere you want. You must choose a medical college where the exam will occur.

        1. Ami now Dhaka te thaki hostel e. But, amar main home Comilla. Comilla te govt medical college ache. So, ami ki Dhaka te na diye Comilla theke dite parbo exam?

    30. Sir, amar SSC te 4.00 chilo ar ebar HSC te jodi 4.72 pai tahole ami ki medical e admission dite parbo? Ar jodi na pari tahole kothay admission dile valo hobe? Kindly apnar experience thake bolben.

    31. Sir, will Royal Guide be helpful?

        1. Sir, koydin por coaching start hobe. Start holei daily sheet deya hobe. Jekhane proti subject er jonno 6-7 jon kore writer er boi er information deya thakbe. Eto kichu porte porte to pagol hoye jabo. Ekhon apnar help chacchi. Etogula writer er boi er shob info ki porbo? Naki recommended writer der gulai porbo?

          1. Textbooks of renowned writers are the ones from which the admission test questions are made. So, you must not be hypnotized by the sheets from coaching centers. This is a way of their business. Those sheets contain some wrong and confusing information which can ruin your dream.

    32. Golden A+/marks will be counted if many students score same in medical test.

    33. Sir, jodi amar total point 8.5 hoy, tahole ami kothay admission dite parbo?

    34. Sir, ami 2nd time medical admission er jonno preparation nicchi. Kono coaching e admit hoi ni. Only text book + Koykoly er books porchi. Is it OK? Online e ki kono system ache jekhane medical admission preparation er exam neoa hoy? Mane ghore boshe nijeke jachai korar jonno. Please help me.

    35. Sir, onekei to Dhaka Medical College e chance pabar por onno varsity te chance pele shekhane chole jay. Tahole shei faka seat gulo te ki medha talika onushare student neya hoy?

      1. There are 3 migrations in medical which occur during the first 2-3 months of the starting of the classes. These migrations fill the vacant seats from lower medical colleges according to the applications and their capabilities. If needed, the waiting list is taken into account.

    36. Kon kon oddhay theke besi MCQ ase medical admission exam e? Physics and Biology er kon oddhay gulo important MCQ er jonno?

      1. You will get the answers by following the previous years questions in any Medical Admission Test Guide.

    37. Sir, 2018 saal e ki 2nd bar improvement deya jabe & 2nd bar medical exam deya jabe?

    38. Sir, SSC+HSC=4.61+4.61 hole DMC te chance pawa somvob? Tahole koto mark pete hobe?

    39. Sir, is there any possibility of counting marks/number of HSC instead of GPA in medical admission test?

    40. Sir, ami SSC te GPA 4.17 peyechi and ami ebar jodi HSC te GPA 5 pai, tahole ami ki medical e admission exam dite parbo?

      1. Yes. Minimum 4.83 will be enough. But, Biology GPA must be 3.50 in both SSC and HSC.

    41. Biology te A+ na pele ki medical e chance paoa jay?

    42. Sir, SSC and HSC te Biology er GPA jodi 3.5 hoy, kintu jodi medical a chance pawa jay, tahole ki Biology te kom point howar karone medical e vorti howa jabe na?

      1. No, if you get a chance, you can be admitted 100%.

    43. Hello Sir! Is there any advantage of getting scholarship or Golden in SSC and HSC exam in case of medical admission?

    44. Sir, can you tell me that how much time a JSC (Junior school certificate) student should study?

      1. It depends on your merit. Some students read 3-4 hours to remember the same lesson that takes 9-10 hours to other students. So, when you feel it is OK for today, you can stop then.

    45. Sir, ami ebar HSC dibo. May be 4.75 pabo. Tahole ami ki Dhaka Medical College e chance pabo? Amake koto ghonta porte hobe potidin? Kivabe porbo? Kindly bolben sir ektu.

      1. No. You are dreaming too much. Concentrate on your HSC exam first.

    46. Sir, ami SSC te GPA 5 peyechi. Ami ebar HSC dibo. Ami medical porikkha dite chai. 2018-2019 e second time thakbe ki?

    47. Ami 2016 sale medical exam diyechi kintu pass hoyni. 2017 sale ki ami abar exam dite parbo medical ba dental e?

    48. Hello sir. I’ve achieved in SSC 4.75 and in HSC 5.00. So, I want to know how much marks I have to obtain in medical admission to get chance in the public medical?

    49. 11 class e jodi optional Biology hoy, tahole ki medical e pora jabe?

    50. You should only sit for the 2nd time with a good preparation if you feel that you can do much better than the first time in the admission test. Otherwise, you should not sit for the second time with a weak preparation when DMC will be a dream only.

    51. I have got GPA 4.50 in SSC and I want to apply for medical admission test. If I don’t get GPA 5 in HSC, which problem I may face?

      1. Your SSC+HSC marks will be less than those who will get GPA 5 in both SSC and HSC. You have to gather more marks in the admission test to beat them.

    52. Sir, amar ekta question ache. Seta holo SSC te jodi keu 4th subject hisebe Biology ney tahole ki medical e admission test dite parbe? Abar keu jodi higher math ke 4th subject hisebe ney tahole ki BUET e admission test deoa jabe?

      1. Not sure about BUET. But, there is no such limitations in medical admission test.

        1. Thank you for telling me. That means I can take Biology as 4th subject and I will get chance to give admission test in medical college.

            1. Kon subject ke 4th subject hishebe neoa thik hobe?

            2. If you want to study in medical, you must get minimum GPA 4.00 in Biology, whether it’s main subject or 4th subject. And you should take the easier subject (for you) as your main subject. For an example, if you think, Higher Math is more easy to you than Biology, you should take Higher Math as your main subject.

    53. Hello sir. I have got GPA-5 in SSC. If I don’t get A+ in HSC, then how much marks will I have to get to get a chance in any government medical college? What is the highest number of medical colleges I can sit for the admission test? Is there any limitations about it?

      1. It will depend on your HSC GPA. So, can’t tell the exact marks now. There is no such rule. The admission test is occurred for all medical colleges in the same question paper at a time. The selection of medical college depends on your marks and choice.

        1. Sir, only medical admission kore ki ami varsity er jonno fully preparation nite parbo? Varsity er jonne amake alada vabe ar ki preparation nite hobe?

          1. No. You have to practice some maths in addition to medical admission test syllabus. You can buy any varsity guide and solve the previous years question and model tests to have a preparation. Coaching will also help you.

    54. Where can I get the questions of Dhaka Medical College admission test exam 2016?

    55. Sir, SSC+HSC=4.63+5.00 hole DMC te chance pawa somvob? Tahole koto mark pete hobe?

    56. Yes. If you can get around 85-90, then it’s very much possible.

    57. Hello sir. Ami SSC+HSC=4.44+4.67 peyechi. Koto mark pele jekono public medical e chance hobe?

    58. Sir, ami SSC te GPA 5 HSC te GPA 4.58 peyechi. Ami 2nd time medical e porikkha dite chai. Koto pele jekono sorkari medical e vorti hote parbo? Ebar jara 2nd time exam dibe tader naki 7 marks kore kete neya hobe?

      1. In your case, about 65 out of 100. Not fixed yet.

    59. Hello Sir. What’s the cut marks to get a chance in Dhaka Medical College?

      1. It is not fixed and varies from year to year. Approximately 80-85 minimum.

    60. Hello, sir. πŸ™‚ Medical er jonno help hisebe kon Guide ta valo hote pare? Please inform me.

      1. Guide books are not recommended. They sometimes contain wrong information, which will be enough to ruin your exam. Always read the textbooks for preparation. However, you can buy a Medical Admission Test Guide of any popular publications and solve the previous years’ questions to get an idea of the upcoming exam questions.

    61. Sir, ami SSC te GPA 4.56 peyechi. HSC te koto pele ami sorkari medical college e porikka dite parbo? Please sir, bolun.

    62. Sir, ami vorti porikkhay koto pele sorkari medical college e chance nite parbo? Ar koto pele besorkari medical collee e chance nite parbo?

      1. The govt medical college cut mark varies from year to year and it’s about 50. And for the private medical colleges, it is minimum 40 out of 100 for MBBS and 30 out of 100 for BDS.

    63. Hello, sir. Can you please tell me if there is any problem if I have Biology as my 4th subject? I am intermediate 2nd year student and a bit tensed with chemistry. Can you please suggest any way to do better in this regard? Thank you!

      1. No problem. For chemistry, it’s all about understanding the basics. So, try to understand the equations. I hope you will find it easy after that.

    64. Hello sir, which Botany & Zoology book should I read for medical admission? Please inform.

    65. Helli sir, I wanted to know if we can do internship from government college if currently we are studying in private medical college. How can we do internship in government colleges?

      1. You have to take permission from that govt medical college.

    66. It depends on your admission test number. About 60. No.

    67. Sir, ami ebar Syhlet Medical College e chance peyechi o vorti hoyechi. Ami DMC te porte chai. Ami ki next time try korbo? 5 marks kete nibe. DMC te chance pete koto marks dorkar? Ami jodi Sylhet Medical er cheye nicher medical college e chance pai, tobe ki Sylhet Medical continue korte parbo?

      1. If you really want to by a DMC student, then there is no other options left other than sitting for the exam next year. About 85. Yes.

    68. Sir, amar medical e fail asche, but dental e 51 peyechi. Amar iccha doctor hoar and amar family er o iccha. Amar ki dental e vorti hoye jawa thik hobe naki next year MBBS e abar try kora thik hobe?

      1. If you are confident enough that you will pass next year, only then you can wait for a year. Otherwise, it is better to get admitted in BDS.

    69. Hello sir. Koto mark pele Sylhet Medical College e chance hobe?

      1. It is not fixed and varies from year to year. Approximately 70 minimum.

    70. Sir, kono student jodi DMC er mark pay kintu form fill up e DMC 2nd dey, tahole ki DMC chance hobe? Ar ete ki migration korte hoy?
      Ar ami jodi DMC first choice dei, ar 2nd choice er mark pai, tahole ki amar DMC first deyer karone 2nd ta te chance hobe na?

      1. No. Your choice will be preferred than your marks. You can migrate to DMC later if you want.
        If you don’t get the number for DMC, then you will not be selected for DMC. You will be posted in any other medical college which is suited to your marks and your choices of medical colleges will be considered first.

    71. Sir, I have GPA 5.00 in SSC and GPA 4.67 in HSC. I want to appear for the 2nd time. Is it mandatory for appearing for improvement if I want to get the chance in CMC?

      1. No. But, you have to get about 80 out of 100 in the MCQ exam.

    72. Hello sir. Ami shudhu DMC tei porte chai. So, amake koto marks uthate hobe exam e and amake ei marks er jonno koto hours study kora uchit?

      1. It is not fixed and varies from year to year. Approximately 80-85 minimum.

    73. Hello sir. Ami SSC te GPA 5 peyechi ar HSC te GPA 4.67. Ami eibar medical admission exam e pass korte pari ni. Ami next time dite icchuk. Amar MCQ score koto hole kono shorkari medical e vorti hote parbo?

    74. Sir, koto marks pele Salimullah Medical College e chance hobe?

    75. Hello, sir πŸ™‚ Ami intermediate 2nd year e pori. Koyek month er majhei medical er coaching a vorti hobo. But, bujhchi na je kon coaching ta valo hobe. πŸ™ Keu bole eita toh keu bole oita. πŸ™ That’s why I’m confused. πŸ™ Tai apnar help chai. Kon coaching e babar koshter taka gula dile profit hobe amar jonno. Kindly best answer ta jante chai. πŸ™‚

      1. All medical coaching are the same. They just make you regular in studies and help you by providing some techniques and tips. The main part is studying the textbooks and the previous years’ questions and it is up to you.

    76. Sir, ami ebar second time er jonno preparation nite chacchi. Kintu oneke bolche 2nd time uthiye deyar chance naki 80%. Emon kono somvabona ache je next time circular dile 2nd timer der jonno kono chance thakbe na?

      1. This is a common rumour which has been spreading every year. Rumours are rumours. Don’t put an ear to them and prepare yourself.

    77. Sir, amar chotobon SSC ebong HSC te GPA 5.00. But ebochor medical exam e payeche 42 ar dental exam e 62. Kothao chance pachche na. She abar porikkha dite determined. Kintu family chanchche private medical e vorti kore dite. Sir, apnar experience theke bolben please, abar porikkha daya ta ki valo shiddhanto hobe? Mane emon student ra ki porer bochor chance pay?

      1. Yes, it is a good decision, if your sister is confident enough. But, she must keep this determination for the next 1 year so that she can do a better result, which is very difficult for most of the students. Private medical will cost money. If you don’t want to spoil 1 year and have enough money, then she should admit in any good private medical college.

    78. Sir, ami eibar 68 peyechilam, kintu HSC 4.67 paoar jonno chance holo na. Ami ekhon ki 3 ta subject improvement exam dite pari? Please janaben.

    79. Improvement exam diye medical e exam dile kono mark kete neya hobe?

    80. Sir, ami HSC te 4.63 and SSC te 3.67. Amar dream je ami doctor hobo. Tai ami HSC improvement exam dite chai. Sir, please bolben, amar ekhon ki kora thik hobe. Ami ki medical e porte parbo na? Please reply.

      1. Yes, you can only get one chance now. Sit for the improvement exam and try your best to qualify for the medical admission test. Then make a good result in that exam to see yourself in a medical college.

    81. Ami SSC and HSC duita tei GPA 5 peyechi. By any chance jodi next year 2nd time student der 7.5 number kete neya hoy, tahole koto mark pele ami Dhaka er kono medical e chance pabo?

    82. Greetings, Sir.
      I have a question. Should I buy new books of 2016 year for preparing myself for the second time in medical? Or is it enough to study our previous batch prescribed books? BTW I am studying under Joykoli publication books from the previous year. Is that enough? You don’t know how much help you’re doing to us by giving us such advice. I admire your work. Thank you so much sir, for helping us out. May the Almighty bless you.

      1. The new edition always contains some more and updated information. And teachers set questions from the latest books. So, it is better to read the newer ones. Although it is not mandatory. The immediate previous edition is also enough if you can memorize it well.

    83. Hello sir. πŸ™‚
      Medical er jonno ki golden er kono alada marks thhake? Naki only GPA 5 pelei enough?

    84. Sir, amr SSC & HSC total 182.65. Ami hard work korleo ki amar chance paoa impossible? Ami 2nd time exam dite chai.

    85. Dental er goto year er question gulo koi paoa jabe? Ami to net a pacchi na. MBBS er guide eo nai.

      1. Last year, MBBS and BDS exam was taken in the same question. So, last years MBBS questions are also last years BDS questions.

    86. Next year e ki 10.00 mark chabe?

    87. Next year a ki 9.00 er basi chabe?

    88. Sir, amar score 30. SSC 4.78, HSC 5.00. Apni ki emon kono private medical suggest korte paren jekhane 40 er kom nibe? Kindly please help me. Amar family any amount dite ready.

      1. You are not eligible for medical study right now. You can study more and sit for next years medical admission test. No such medical colleges in Bangladesh now. Money can’t do everything.

    89. Sir, shunlam MBBS pass mark 40 theke komiye 20 korbe. Is it true or false?

    90. Sir, can you please explain what merit score 120 means? How they count it?

      1. Merit Score is the sum total of MCQ exam marks and SSC+HSC exam GPA marks. The later has been described in the above post. Read the above post carefully.

    91. Sir, e bochorer circular e bola ache jara dental e already admit, tara jodi exam dey tahole 5 marks cross hobe. So, ami next time medical e apply korte chacchi. Tai dental e exam deoa ki thik hobe? Abar 2nd time off kore deoar possibility naki onek. What should I do?

      1. If you are confident and determined enough to sit for the second time, only then proceed for it. 5 marks will be covered up if you have a good preparation. No such decisions have been made yet. So, all these are rumours.

    92. Sir, oneke medical e chance peyeo pore na. Or, valo medical e chance pay na bole pore na. Sei khetre ranking er moddhe jei medical gulo sobar seshe, okhane ki kono khali seat ache? Sir, ami je kono medical e porte chai, but amar test score 49.5. Sir, can you help me?

      1. Suppose, 200 students got chance in DMC this year. Among those, 195 become admitted and 5 of them refused to become admitted even after getting a chance in DMC. Those 5 seats will be filled up by migration process. There will be 3 terms of migration. Those will occur at a selected interval within the first few months of the beginning of the classes. Almost all the vacant seats are filled up by the students of the immediate below medicals and the waiting list. But, if someone leaves medical after those 3 migrations, that seat will remain vacant for the rest of the years. There is no chance for you after the 3rd migration. You can become admitted in any private medical college with this mark though.

    93. Sir, ami SSC te 4.67 peyechi. Ami DMC te porar khub iccha. Amar freedom fighter quota ache. Ami HSC te GPA 5 pele koto pete hobe admission test e?

      1. It depends on the number and quality of all the freedom fighter quota holder of your batch and the previous batch. Remember, your battle is not with all students. Your battle is only with the freedom fighter quota holder students to grab those few seats.

    94. Sir, proti bochor FF quota te anumanik kotojon abedon kore? Ar minumum koto pete hoy?

      1. It varies. Both the number of students and the marks.

    95. Sir, I will try again next year admission test. If you tell some tips or advice how to take preparation for next year. It will be very helpful for us.

      1. It is same as this year’s preparation. The only difference is you have got more time and can have the best of a preparation.

    96. Medical admission test e freedom fighter quota er result kivabe pabo?

      1. There is no such way. You can get individual result by roll number.

    97. Dear sir, I am Emon. I obtained 258.75 in the admission test and my merit serial is 6067. May I know the last score who obtained for qualifying government medical college?

    98. Sir, ebar amader dental er jonno ki alada vabe apply korte hobe? Ar dental er circular o ki alada dibe? Debtal er question pattern and type ki medical er motoi naki alada kichu porte hobe?

      1. Separate circular and separate application. But, same syllabus.

    99. Sir, exam er pore solution korar por amra joto number expect kori, result e tar theke 10-15 number kom ase. If you told something about it.

      1. Some questions always remain confusing enough. So, the answer you think as correct may not be thought as such by the authority. That’s why the difference remains.

    100. Hello, Sir. I want to know that what is the minimum mark out off total 300 to admit in a govt medical? And also wanted to know that Is there any new rules like if any student obtains under A- like B in any subject but he has a total of GPA 4.00 up he will not participate in the govt medical admission exam. Is there any rules passed?

      1. No such marks limitation, but you must obtain minimum 40 out of 100 marks MCQ exam. No. But, there is only one requirement that is Biology GPA minimum 3.50 in both SSC and HSC.

    101. My name is Samanta. My test score – 31 and merit score – 229. Can I admit for MBBS?

    102. Medical admission test e freedom fighter quota er list kivabe pabo?

      1. There is no such way. You can get individual result by roll number.

    103. Amra jara 1st timer tara ki second time dite parbo? Ar 2nd time e ki mark kata hobe?

      1. Yes. Yes, only if you remain admitted in any medical college at that time.

    104. Sir, private medical e MBBS porte merit score koto and test score koto lagbe? Janale khushi hobo. Thanks.

      1. Test score minimum 40 out of 100. There is no limitation in merit score.

    105. Is there second time exam in medical admission?

    106. Sir, jara ebar first time, tara ki second time e medical admission test dite parbe?

    107. Sir, I have GPA 5 in SSC & HSC. How much will I have to get for admitting in DMC?

    108. Sir, amar GPA SSC+HSC=5.00+4.67. Koto pele ami jekono public medical e chance pabo?

    109. I’m a first timer. My preparations are sort of good. Very few days left now and there’s just one thing that’s been bothering me. If by chance I can’t get into any govt medical college, will I be able to sit for the exam next year? Because it’s been rumoured lately that from our batch, provision for 2nd time will be cancelled. Can you please confirm me?

      1. These types of rumours spread every year. So, there is no need to put an ear on those. As there is no such official notice, it will be same as the previous years.

    110. Sir, koto pele private medical e admit hote parbo? 40 er kom pele ki private e amake nibe na?

    111. Sir, next year ki 2nd timer der 7.5 marks cross hobe?

      1. I can’t see future. So, ask this to an astrologer.

    112. Sir, amar koyeta prosno ache. Sob golor answer dile upokrito hobo. Ami SSC te 4.83 & HSC te 4.50 payechi.
      1. Amar total score koto hobe?
      2. Chance pete hole ar koto dorkar?
      3. Jara SSC HSC 2 ta te e GPA 5.00 payeche, tara ki extra kono marks pabe?
      4. Jara kono qouta er ontorvukto, tara ki extra kono marks pabe?

      1. 1. 184.95.
        2. About 80 out of 100.
        3. No.
        4. No.

    113. Hello Sir πŸ™‚ Sir, I want to know that, which guide should I read to do well in MAT? Finished Textbooks. Now want to do a good preparation by reading a good guide. Can you please tell me which guide will help me?

      1. Any medical admission guide with the previous years questions and model tests.

    114. Amar SSC 4.81 & HSC 4.42. Koto pele ami govt medical e chance pabo?

    115. Has the circular for dental admission test come out yet?

    116. Sir, next year 2nd time ki exam dite parbe medical e? I mean jara ebar chance pabe na?

    117. Ebar ki dental e alada vabe apply korte hobe? Ami shudhu MBBS er jonno apply korechi. Ami ki dental admission test dite parbo?

    118. Sir, ami jodi 1 year gap dei HSC te, tarpor ki ami medical exam dite parbo?

    119. Sir, DMC te koto jon ke vorti newa hobe?

    120. Sir, amar SSC te golden. HSC te 4.92. Onek hard work korchi. Amar best ta diye try korchi. Kintu ebar naki 70% chance pabe 2nd time er ar bakira double A+. Ekhon ami at least koto pele Dhaka er moddhe ekta medical e seat pete pari? Ami ki adou medical e chance pabo ei point niye? Please sir, ektu janaben.

      1. Who told you that 70% will be 2nd timer and the rest will be double A+? It is totally wrong and rumour. There is an exam of 100 marks which ultimately decides the merit list. If you can manage Around 85 marks, then you can surely get a chance in the 3 govt medical colleges in Dhaka.

    121. Hello sir, Amar SSC and HSC GPA total 9.67. Is it possible for me to get into a government medical college? Approximately how much do I have to score?

      1. Calculate the SSC GPA and HSC GPA by the above-mentioned method first. Then you will be able to answer this question yourself. Approximately 260/300 mark is required to get into a Govt medical college.

    122. Sir, I have heard in newspaper that reading Joykoly publications book of medical is good. All questions are common from there. Is it really true?

    123. How can I take my best preparation within 15 days? I haven’t completed any subject yet.

      1. Not possible in 15 days. Forget about it and start preparing for Universities.

    124. Sir, if I have time to study either Botany or Zoology, which one should I go for? As in, which one is more important amongst the two?

        1. I am weak in both Botany and Zoology more or less. Konta theke questions beshi ashe?

    125. Model test e minimum koto kore pele medical e chance pabar asha kora jabe?

        1. Ar jodi ups and downs hoy. Like kokhono 70, kokhono 55, kokhono 60. Ei situation e amar ki kora uchit?

          1. It is normal. You can’t score 70 each time. Make sure the average remains around 70.

    126. Sir, exam er ar kichu din baki. Kintu amar GK and English er obostha khub kharap. Minimum preparation o nai. Ki porbo, kon topic ke age importance dibo, ta bujhte parchi na. Kindly help korben, please.

      1. It is too difficult to get a good preparation in these two subjects along with others in the remaining 20 days. So, forget about GK and concentrate on English now. Solve model tests and previous years questions as much as you can.

    127. Sir, I am from Pakistan. I want to know that from where I study general knowledge? As our books are different from yours.

      1. If you want to sit for medical admission test in Bangladesh, you have to read about Bangladesh’s general knowledge. You will get many information in Wikipedia.

    128. Sir, one eyed or protibondi der kono ogradhikar ache ki admit er khetre?

        1. Sir, tahole shudhu freedom fighters rai subidha pay? Amar mote protibondi der subidha deya dorkar. Kenona, one eyed ra ek chokh e study kore + others problem (eye pain, headache etc) but normal ra mon moto porte pare. Medical e ar ki ki quota ache?

          1. Not freedom fighters. Their sons, daughters, and grandchildren. I also agree with you. 3 types of quota exists in medical admission test:
            1. Freedom Fighters Quota
            2. District Quota
            3. Tribal Quota

    129. What is the chance of leak out this year?

    130. Assalamu alaikum, sir. Ami SSC+HSC=5.00+4.08=9.08. Medical admission e koto pele chance hobe? Ar ami ki 2017 medical exam dite parbo? Please reply.

    131. My HSC result is 4.83 and SSC 5. How much marks I have to get to ensure a seat in DMC? I am 2nd time and student of DU.

    132. Adding 200 according to SSC+HSC is good or bad?

      1. Same. It does not matter as all are being measured in the same scale.

    133. Sir, amar S.S.C te G.P.A-5.00 and H.S.C te 4.50. Koto marks pele amar medical e chance ashbe? Amar seat Dhaka er baire ashleo hobe.

    134. Sir, only 1 month is left before the exam and due to extreme sickness I could not start studying yet and was hospitalized even. I am from English Medium. What should I do now? How should I proceed in studying? Literally amar kichu pora hoy nai, not even a single chapter. And sickness er jonno ekhon o thik kore pora hocche na. Please boost up my confidence and help me out.

      1. It’s wrong that you have not studied a single chapter. You have studied those for 2 years in your A level. You have a good idea about the chapters. It was inevitable that you had some problems. But, the time is not over yet. If you can give your 100%, there is still a good possibility of getting a good result. Think positive and work as hard as you can.

    135. Sir, those candidates who got golden A+ in HSC exam, will get any extra marks in medical admission?

    136. Sir, is there still chance for applying second time in medical college?

    137. Sir, amar total GPA SSC+HSC (4.83+5.00) = 9.83. Ami ki govt medical e chance pabo or not? Ami ki DMC te chance pabo? Jodi DMC te chance pete chai tahole amake koto mark beshi pete hobe? Ar koto mark pele ami govt medical e chance pabo? Please tell.

      1. It depends on your admission test performance. It also depends on the test. 2.55 more than a double A+ student. Around 60.

    138. Sir, I got 5.00 in SSC and 4.00 in HSC. So, on the basis of 200 marks exam, do I still have any chance to get admitted in top 10 medical colleges (including the fear of question out)?

      1. Yes, you have. But, you have to get around 95 out of 100 to be in the top 10 medical colleges, as you lack 25 marks in your HSC result. Question does not become out every year. So, let’s not talk about this.

    139. Sir, ami SSC te 4.83 peyechi ar HSC te 5.00. Amar total point 9.83. Tahole amar medical er total mark koto hobe. Ar Ami koto mark MCQ e pele jekono govt medical e chance pabo? Please tell me, sir.

    140. Sir, amar SSC and HSC te with 4th subject A+ eseche. Without 4th subject A+ ashe nai. Tahole ekhon 200 marks kivabe count hobe? With 4th subject naki without 4th subject? I am very tensed for it. Please amake ektu kosto kore answer ta din.

    141. My results in SSC & HSC are not well. I got GPA 4.44 in SSC 4.67 in HSC and in Biology my points are 4 in SSC & 3.50 in HSC. Do I have the right for medical admission test? Please vaiya, confirm me clearly.

    142. Assalamu alaikum, sir. Ami SSC and HSC duita tei 5 peyechi. Sir, Ami DMC te chance pete chai. Exam er to ar 1 month ache. Syllabus complete hoyeche. But, tension hocche ekhono DMC te chance hobe ki na. Sir, please ektu kindly bolun, ei 1 month ki strategy follow korle DMC te chance pabo?

      1. Take model tests as many as possible and solve the questions of the previous years along with revising those topics.

    143. Sir, amar SSC ar HSC te A+ ache. But, HSC te 3 ta subject e A+ miss including Biology. Eta niye ki kono problem hobe naki mark 200 number e count korbe. Form fill up er shomoy o likhse without 4th subject GPA 4.67. Eta niye tension e achi.

    144. Is there any advantage of district quota?

    145. Assalamu alaikum, sir. Ami ebar 1st time medical exam dibo. Sir, amar proshno, bigoto 28 bochor er medical question porle koto percent question common paoa jabe?

      1. No guarantee. You may get 50% or you may get 5%. Teachers don’t check the previous 28 years questions before making the questions. So, there may be some common questions. But, there will be tricky questions made by them only for this time within the syllabus. So, you must read the textbooks well as well as solve as many previous questions as possible. But, my opinion is to solve the last 5 years questions as they have the maximum chance to be repeated.

    146. Will 7.5 marks be deducted for the second timers?

      1. No. It’s 5 marks. That too if you are currently admitted in any medical or dental college. Details.

    147. If someone has 10.00 GPA (SSC+HSC), how many marks is required to be achieved in the MCQ test to get into DMC?

      1. It is not fixed and varies from year to year. Approximately 80.

    148. Sir, I have 4.88 in SSC and 3.67 in HSC. Can I sit for medical admission test?

    149. Sir, amar HSC GPA unfortunately 3.67 and SSC 4.63. Ami jodi 2017 te improvement exam dei, tahole ki ami medical e exam dite parbo? Please reply.

    150. 7.5 marks will be deducted from 2nd timers. Is that true?

    151. Assalamu alaikum. I have got 5.00 in SSC and 4.90 in HSC. It was an accident because I did not expect this result and I have challenged. Hope for the best. Please, can you tell me how much I lag behind those who got 5.00? Is there any possibility to get a chance in DMC or another govt medical college? And how much I need extra from who got 5.00?

      1. You are lacking only 2.50 marks. You can easily cover it up in your MCQ exam. So, don’t be tensed. Prepare for the exam and you have every possibility to get a chance in DMC.

      2. Sir, my friend has got 5.00 and 4.83. She is very tensed. How much she lag behind? And is there any possibility for her to get a chance in DMC or any govt medical college?

    152. Sir, assalamu alaikum. I hope you’re well by the grace of Allah. Sir, I talked with you 1 year before. That time, I was a 2nd year student. Now, I have passed HSC exam with GPA 5.00. Sir, I told you that I have a dream from my childhood to become a doctor. Seeing your comments, my hope is increasing day by day. I have a problem that I’m well at Biology & English, but I’m weak at Physics & Chemistry and I have just touched now. So, how can I complete these subjects in 1 month? Sir, please help me to get out of the problem.

      1. Give more time to the subjects you are weak at. Also keep an eye on the marks distribution. It will help you to understand which is more important. Solve the questions of the previous 5 years. Then study those topics with the greatest importance. Make a routine and study by following it strictly. I hope, you can easily pass if you follow these.

    153. Sir, second timer der koto marks katbe?

    154. Hello. Is the authentic medical 2016 circular out yet? Will they count the marks of the fourth optional subject in HSC? Will they cut 7.5 marks for people who are writing the test for the second time? Is it finalised that the minimum point for SSC+HSC should be 9? Thanks in advance.

      1. Yes. Here it is. Yes. No, only 5 marks, that too if you are currently admitted in any medical or dental college. Yes.

    155. Is this time 4th subject included? What change will it bring to my GPA if it is?

      1. Yes. Your GPA will be counted along with the 4th subject.

    156. Biology te nunnotomo GPA koto and 2nd timer der jonno ki kono marks kata jabe? Please sir, ektu janaben.

      1. 3.50. 5 marks, that too if you are currently admitted in any medical or dental college.

    157. Amar result er 200 marks er moddhe 13 marks kom. Ota MCQ te kivabe tulbo ba hisab ta kemon bujhiye diben, please.

      1. You have got 187 and your friend who have got A+ in both SSC and HSC has got 200. Now, if you want to beat your friend, you need to get 13 marks more than your friend. Simple!

    158. Sir, amar SSC GPA 5.00 but HSC GPA 4.25. Total number 181.25. Amar abbu ammu and amar khub shopno ami medical e pori. Sir, ami hard work korte raji achi. Amar question, ami ki medical e porte parbo? Seta Rangamati Medical holeo cholbe.

      1. Of course, you can. But, you have to make up those 18.75 marks which you are lacking than those who got GPA 5.00 in both SSC and HSC. This requires a good score in the admission test, more than 70. Study more and there is nothing called impossible.

    159. Sir, general knowledge er jonno important topic gulo ektu janaben.

      1. There is nothing called important in General Knowledge. All are same. You can get an idea by following the previous 5 years admission test question.

    160. Sir, I got 3.50 in Biology in HSC and in SSC I got Biology 5.00. Can I participate in medical exam?

      1. Yes, if your SSC and HSC GPA combinedly becomes 9.00 or more.

    161. Sir, medical new rules ki change hote pare?

    162. If GPA is 200 marks, then how much mark is in written exam? Still 100? Tell me about the mark distribution please. Can I sit for both medical and dental exam?

    163. Sir, je sob student SSC + HSC = GPA 10 peyeche, tader written exam e minimum koto marks pele govt medical e chance pabe?

      1. It varies from year to year and depends upon the hardness of the question and the quality of the students of a batch. Approximately 50.

    164. Sir, ami etodin Engineering coaching korechi. But, English e 159 mark asay ami BUET e exam dite parbo na. Now, my life is at stake. Ami Physics, Chemistry te enough valo. Biology te ektu weak. But, bar bar porle mone thake. But, medical er jonne ami now kivabe preparation nibo? Ektu advice dile valo hoy. Because, now I am so mentally disturbed! Sorkari kothao chance na pele amar study ei porjonto e.

      1. If not BUET, then you can try for RUET, KUET, CUET etc. Don’t be that much upset. If you want to switch your path now, it will be suicidal. So, don’t think for medical. It will be very much tough for you. Go for Engineering in the above-mentioned institutions and also try for govt universities. Be optimistic. It will help you. Best of luck.

    165. SSC+HSC eibar ki 200 marks? Eita ki final, sir? Please, janaben sir.

    166. Sir, GPA te 200 number system ta ki final hoye geche?

    167. Sir, amar SSC te A+ and HSC te 4.50. Sir, tahole amar GPA number e koto pabo?

    168. Amar SSC point 4.13 & HSC 4.56. Ami ki medical admission exam dite parbo?

    169. This is Pritam. Sir, I scored 3.67 GPA. May I apply for medical?

      1. No. A total of 9 from SSC and HSC is required from this year. You don’t have that much.

    170. Sir, ami SSC+HSC= 97. Ar koto pele govt madical e chance pawa somvob?

    171. Sir, eibar naki HSC ar SSC te 5 na pele medical exam deya jabe na?

    172. Sir, take my salam. This year exam dite naki SSC+HSC=9.00 point lagbe. Is it right or wrong?

    173. Sir, sunlam ebar naki medical e GPA number 200 kora hoyeche. Jodi eta hoy tahole to jara GPA 5 pay ni tader jonno onek kharap hobe.

    174. SSC te GPA 5 ar HSC te GPA 4.67. Amar total mark koto hobe ete? Ar medical exam date kobe? Please, janaben, sir.

      1. 191.75 out of 200. MBBS = 7th October, 2016. BDS = 4th November, 2016.

    175. Hi sir, I passed O & A levels from English Medium. So, after converting my grades to National Curriculum it is 92/100. What are my chances to get into Dhaka Medical College? What should be my target in admission test for that? I have decided that I will not go for medical If I don’t get a chance in Dhaka Medical college. So, can you please suggest how should I be preparing myself for that?

      1. It is very tough if you target those first 200 seats. You have to be among those first 200 students of your batch as well as some of those of the previous batch. The chance of success is less here. So, you have to make a choice, whether to take that chance or go for any other options like Engineering or Universities. Again, you have 8 marks lack in SSC and HSC GPA. It will be even harder for you to make it up in the admission test. As you want only DMC, I suggest you not to run for it. You can do much better in other options.

        1. Isn’t there any way to overcome those 8 marks? Obviously, no one is going to get 100/100 in the admission test. So, what even if I get about 80% won’t it work? Can you please tell me an estimate of the marks I need to attain in order to get a chance in DMC?

          1. Yes. You can surely make up the lackings of 8 marks. You need around 90 to be in DMC in this situation.

    176. I have a goal. Either I’m gonna study in DMC, ShSMC, SSMC medical/dental or I’m gonna try in other universities. Now, if I give only these medicals and dentals in the choice list and remove others from the list, will the authority accept my application? I mean, is it required to give all colleges in the choice list? I wanna give only 6 of them.

      1. You can surely do this. There is no restriction like this. It is written in the rules. Read this post to know more.

    177. Hello sir, I have got GPA 5 in both SSC and HSC. But, my main problem is I can’t remember everything. Like I forgot what I read after 1/2 hours. I need a routine, a perfect routine. As you are a doctor, I guess you can make a perfect one for me. I really need your help.

      1. Nobody can remember everything. Everybody forgets sooner or later. But, they still remember the minimum information required for the exam. You have done 2 good results. So, you should not worry about your memory. Rather you should think positively and work even harder. You know yourself more than any other person in this world. So, make your own routine which you can follow. Don’t make any strict routine which is difficult to follow. Also give emphasis on the hard subjects. At least 10-12 hours study will be enough for you. Best of luck.

    178. Sir, ami board challenge korechi. jodi amar result change hoy tobe seta ki medical e count korbe?

    179. Assalamu alaikum. Ami SSC te 4.94, but Physics te A- peyechhilam. Ar HSC te 4.08 peyechhi, kintu English ar Biology te A- peyechhi. AAmi ki medical admission test dite parbo?

    180. My total GPA in SSC and HSC 88. Minimum koto marks pele at least jekono ekta medical e chance pabo? Seta Rangamati Medical holeo cholbe. Just minimum koto marks lagbe? Please answer diben.

    181. Sir, do I must need A+ in English in the H.S.C exam if I want to attend medical exam?

    182. Hello, sir. My GP is 82. I’m from English medium. How much I must get to get into public medical colleges? Thank you.

    183. Medical e SSC+ HSC er GPA = 100. Ami SSC te 5.00 and HSC te 4.58 peyechi. Tahole ei 2 ta niye amar score koto hobe?

    184. Sir, take my salam. SSC+HSC=86.52. Ar koto pele Govt. Medical e chance somvob? Biology te 3.5 hole exam er sujog ache ki? Admission er date?

      1. Walaikum assalam. About 75 in 100. Yes. Not announced yet.

    185. Sir, ami Biology te A peyechi. SSC te A+ chilo. Ami ki medical exam dite parbo? Please bolben.

    186. Assalamu Alaikum, vaiya. Medical Admission Test er history te emon kono example ache je SSC & HSC konotatei A+ payni, kintu Govt medical college e porche? Ar 2017 te ki second time hobe?

      1. Walaikum Assalam. Yes, many examples are there. I am not an astrologer, so I don’t know it.

    187. Hello sir. I am a HSC candidate. I got GPA-5.00 in SSC exam. What amount of marks I need to be admitted into Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal and Sylhet medical college?

      1. At first, you have to ensure a good GPA in HSC. Then your target should be around 70 in 100 marks admission test.

    188. Sir, take my salam. Medical admission e previous year er question ki copy hoy? Hole koto mark ashte pare?

    189. Approximately what numbers should I get to study in DMC, ShSMC, SSMC – for both dental and medical? We have to set choice list in the application process. Does that list make any difference? Or the authority choose where should I study?

      1. Approximately 80 in 100. Yes, the choice list is considered. If any student gets 90 and gives Pabna Medical College in the first place, then he/she will be selected for the PMC. If anyone gets 89 and gives DMC in the first place, then he/she will be placed in DMC, if there are available seats there.

    190. As an English medium student, how shall I study both curriculums simultaneously?

      1. Not needed. In fact it is too difficult to study 2 curriculums at the same time.

        1. Then how will I get chance? Because the examination will be based on national curriculum.

          1. There will be separate English question papers for you. So, you don’t have to study the Bangla version books.

            1. But, sir, does our books cover the syllabus needed to be studied for the exam or I have to look for more books? Sir, I have heard that the national curriculum is quite different than our syllabus. Is it true? If so, how should we prepare? Please help.

            2. As I was not an English medium student, I don’t have proper knowledge about it. You will get the exact information from your teachers and seniors.

    191. Can an O level/A level student sit for medical test exam? This is really important for me to know. So, please help me.

      1. No. You must pass O level and A level to sit for the exam.

    192. Is it mandatory to stay in the hostel if I get a chance in a medical or dental?

    193. Sir, I am a second timer. I got golden A+ in SSC and GPA 4.25 in HSC. But, ami government medical e chance pawar moto valo preparation nite pari ni. Even now amar voy hochhe, amar ki ei year e minimum pass marks ashbe naki ashbe na. At least ami jeno ekta private medical e porte pari tar jonno amake ekhon kivabe porte hobe? Eta ki khub tough? Amar ager year marks eshechilo 48. But, ei year ekdom e monobol pachhi na.

      1. Confidence makes a huge difference. If you continue to think in this negative manner, you will not pass surely. Be confident and study more. 40 is not too much to gain. Always target for the best, but remain prepared for the worst. Don’t think all these things and concentrate on your studies.

    194. Sir, every year how many students get seats in DMC?

    195. How much score need to get chance in DMC?

      1. It varies from year to year and depends upon the questions. About 80 in 100.

    196. SSC-4.06, HSC-4.25. Sir, ami medical e chance pabo? Koto mark pate hobe?

    197. Ami next year HSC dibo. SSC te amar main subject chilo Biology ar optional higher math. But, ekhon higher math main Ar Biology optional. Er jonno ki medical e chance pete kono problem hobe? Biology main hole ki kono advantage pawa jay?

    198. Sir, I’m an admission candidate. I got Golden 5 in SSC and also hope to get the same point in HSC exam. I’m an NDCian. My first choice is to be admitted in BUET. But, if I don’t get Golden 5, I should not be seated in BUET admission exam. Then my second choice is to be a DMCian. But, our HSC exam result has not been published yet. So, what should I do now? When I will know my result, in that time there I’m not getting so much time to prepare myself for medical exam. So, those things make me disappointed too much. So, please suggest what should I do now.

      1. First of all, you should not prepare for both Medical and Engineering. Only a few can bear this huge amount of pressure (double pressure). Make up your mind for either engineering or medical. Then try your best for it. If you want to sit for both the exams, you will more likely fail in both. But. if you give your 100% in one exam, you will get a good result for sure. If not BUET or DMC, you will be in good institutions for sure.

      2. Why you can’t seat in the BUET exam if the result is not golden? It’s not important to get golden, but A+ in the subjects that they required.

    199. Sir, kindly bolben private medical a admit howar jonno at least koto mark pete hobe admission test e? 20 marks or 40 marks?

    200. Sir, amar IGCSE (SSC) te Biology nai. But, amar A levels (HSC) te ache. Amar IGCSE te 5 A+ ache. To calculation korle GPA 5 ashar kotha. Ami ki SSC te Biology charai medical admission porikkha dite parbo?

    201. Sir, medical exam September er koto tarikh e hobe? Please reply.

    202. This is really useful.

    203. Sir, assalamu alaikum. 200 marks er moddhe at least koto marks pele Dhaka Medical College e porar 1 ta chance thakte pare? Please kindly ektu bolben.

      1. Walaikum assalam. It varies from year to year and depends on the question paper. If it is hard, 170 is enough. If it is easy, 190 may be required.

        1. Thank you, sir. And pray for me!

    204. Sir, ami bortomane Govt. Science College 1st year e achi. Ami jodi DMC te chance pete chai, tahole amake kivabe prostuti nite hobe?

      1. You have to study regularly and more than any other students around you. The more you study, the more you gather knowledge. There is no other shortcut. Follow my previous comments here and you will get many tips.

    205. Thanks a lot for your good advice.

    206. Sir, ami etodin Udvash e coaching korechi. But, ami ekhon medical e chance pete chai. Ami jodi ekhon theke medical er puropuri prostuuti nei, ami ki chance pete parbo?

      1. It totally depends on you. Coaching centers have a little role here. If you can study regularly in the upcoming days, then you can get a chance even not joining any coaching.

    207. Hello, sir. Medical e chance pawar jonno ki kono medical coaching korar dorkar ache?

      1. If you can study regularly at home, you don’t need any coaching center. The coaching centers just make you regular in studies and helps you by providing some techniques and tips. The main part is studying the textbooks and the previous years questions and it is up to you.

    208. Hey, I’m a second timer. I wanted to inquire if it’s true that 5 marks will be deducted from my MCQ just because I’m writing the exam again?

        1. But, last year I was told that marks will be cut if I was admitted to a college. So I didn’t take admission.

          1. Yes. If you are currently not admitted in any medical college, then no marks will be deducted.

          2. Please reply was that a mistake? I got 100 from SSC+HSC and 58 from the MCQ last year. I thought I’ll study harder this year, so I could grab a govt seat. But, if 5 marks are lost then it’s a huge moral discouragement.

            1. It was a mistake. Because there is no guarantee that your exam will be as good as the previous one. If you get the similar mark this time, you may find yourself in the same position in the merit list as the previous year. All you gain is nothing and all you lose is one year. But, if you can manage a good score this time, then despite of deducting of 5 marks, you can still manage a better position than the previous year. So, don’t regret about the past, which you can’t change. Prepare for the future which is yet to come and is totally on your hand.

    209. Dear Sir, I am a second timer. I can’t give proper attention to my study. I am being so disappointed now but admission test is knocking at my door. So in that situation what should I do? And how many times should I study within 24 hours? Please suggest me. Thank You.

      1. Have faith on your memory and work harder than any other times in your life. There is no hard and fast rule to study a number of hours a day. Keep studying till you feel it’s enough for the day.

    210. Ami ekjon Madrasha er student and SSC te amar Biology chilo na. But, HSC te Biology ache. Ami ki medical exam dite parbo?

    211. I am a 2016 HSC candidate. I am preparing myself for the medical admission test. But, in case I do not succeed, can I try again next year? Or would there be no provision for send tries?

      1. You can try for one more time in the next year’s admission test.

    212. Sir, how many number I will get if I correct one MCQ in medical admission exam?

    213. Hello, sir. I got GPA-5 in SSC exam, but I don’t have Biology. Now in HSC I have Biology. So, can I apply for medical?

    214. Hello, sir. I got 5.00 at S.S.C & I am optimistic that I will get at leat 4.50 at H.S.C. How much should I get in the MCQ out of 100 to get myself admitted? Can you please tell me? Thanks.

    215. Sir, royal guide kotota helpful?

    216. How to count SSC and HSC GPA? My SSC GPA was 4.38 with the fourth subject and I hope my HSC result will be GPA 4 Plus. Can I get a chance medical admission test? Please inform me.

      1. The procedure is written in details in this post. Yes, you have a chance.

    217. SSC β†’ 4.63 and HSC β†’ 4.50 hole medical e ki chance pawa somvob?

    218. Sir, salam. Ami eibare 2nd time try korbo. Admission test er tarikh kobe and GK er jonno notun bisso er kon topics important?

      1. Walaikum assalam. It will be in September, but the exact date is not fixed yet. GK has literally no syllabus. You should read the topics from where questions came in the previous 5 years.

    219. Sir, Salam. I am expecting 4.25 in my H.S.C. Exam. My S.S.C. result was A+. Do I really have the possibility to get admission in a public medical or dental college? Should I even try for it?

      1. Walaikum assalam. Yes. You have a good chance. Don’t lose it.

        1. Sir, according to my previous comment, if my GPA converted to mark is 91, then what should be my target in 100 marks MCQ? Thanks in advance!

          1. It varies from year to year. But, approximately 70 marks out of 100 will ensure you a seat in a govt medical college. Welcome.

    220. Sir, I am very interested to get admitted into a medical college. How can I be able to reach my destination?

      1. Through hard working and complete devotion to study.

    221. Sir, I passed the SSC Exam in 2016 getting GPA 5. I desire to be a student of DMC. But, I’m in confusion which writer’s book I should follow to fulfil my desire. Can you please help me.

      1. I have already done that in this post and my previous comments here.

    222. Assalamualikum, sir. I’m a second timer. Last year, I was admitted to a coaching center. This year, haven’t any. Because, personally I think that it kills a lot of time to go there and maintain regularity. So, I have decided to study at home. Am I doing wrong? Please, suggest me.

      1. Walaikum Assalam. No, if you can study regularly at home, you don’t need any coaching center. You are right.

    223. Sir, I want to get myself admitted in medical college. My dream is to admit in DMC. How can I fulfill my dream? I am 2016 HSC candidate from NDC. Many said that in 2nd timer students get the maximum chance! Is it true? As I am a 1st timer candidate, I became very frustrated hearing this. What can I do now?Which medical coaching is the best?

      1. By studying more and in a systematic way. Yes. But, first timers also get a chance in DMC. So, don’t listen to the rumours and concentrate on your study. All medical coaching are the same. They just make you regular in studies and helps you by providing some techniques and tips. The main part is studying the textbooks and the previous years’ questions and it is up to you.

    224. Sir, which textbooks should be followed by English Version students for medical admission tests?

      1. Sorry. I have no idea about it. Ask your teachers for the appropriate answer.

    225. Sir, GPA obtaining mark will be counted without optional subject or not?

    226. Sir, 2016 er jonno koto point lagbe?

      1. Not sure. But, maximum possibility of being the same as 2015.

    227. What is the pass mark for medical test out of 200 so that I can admit in any medical like within top 10 private colleges. Please sir, inform me.

    228. Hi, how can I get last 10 years MBBS question with answer?

      1. You can buy any popular Admission Test Guide book. They contain at least 5 years questions. Some of them contains more than that.

    229. Will these mentioned books help to get chance in Medical? Is there any guide which we can read?

      1. Yes. Besides these books, you can solve Model Tests and previous years questions from any good and popular guide.

    230. Assalamu alaikum, sir. Ami SSC 2016 exam e GPA 4.78 peyechi. Jodi ami HSC te GPA 5 pai, tahole ki ami medical admission dite parbo? Please answer!

    231. Sir, I’m from English medium. And my GPA converted to marks is 86. Is there any chance of me getting into govt medical this year? And which is more important? The test itself as in the marks obtained in the test itself or the total GPA while selecting students for govt medicals? Even if the score is high but the GPA is low what happens in that case? Thank you.

      1. Yes. You have a chance. But, for that, you have to gather at least 14 marks more in the admission test than those who got GPA 5 in both SSC and HSC. The merit list as well as the waiting list is based on the total marks obtained (GPA obtained marks + Admission test marks). If you have 86 in GPA, then you will have to cover it up in the admission test. Both are important equally.

    232. Sir, kon subject er kon boi porle 2017 saler MBBS test e valo hobe?

      1. Main books of all subjects. Details are written in the post.

    233. Sir, I want to be a medical student. That’s why I sat 2015-2016 medical admission test. But, I couldn’t. Now I am a student of CSE at BRU. Before my starting classes, I was very interested to read for medical admission. But, day by day I am losing interest to study for admission. In this situation, what can I do for getting back that interest. Please give me an advice. Thank you.

      1. If you make your mind towards medical, then keep away all the other studies and give your 100% in it. There are many examples in the country who tried to keep both the ends and after 1 year found themselves in neither way. So, don’t put your legs in two boats. Stick to your dream and avoid your CSE studies. Otherwise, you will have minimum chance to be selected as a medical student next year.

    234. Sir, ami 1st time e kono university te chance pai nai. That’s why I am upset. Ami kivabe ei theke mukti pabo? Amar iccha, ami medical e porbo. Please help me.

      1. You have gathered much information in the last few months. So, you have more chance this time. So, don’t be tensed about the past, as you can’t change it. Try harder now to change the future.

    235. Sir, ami Inter er 2nd year er student. Amar SSC er result onek kharap. 4.39. Ar tar por o ami medical e porte chai. Jodi optional subject bade ami SSC + HSC te GPA 8 point pai, tobe ami ki medical e vorti porikkha dite parbo? Ar amake ei point niye koto marks pete hobe admission exam e?

      1. Yes. If you can manage 160-165 in total, then you have a chance.

    236. I wish to get admission test exam in medical 2nd time. This is my mother’s dream. And I want to fulfill her dream. But, I am very weak in English. So, what is your suggestion? Can I do it or not? I am weak in math also. Suggest that what should I do for my dream? I do anything for this.

      1. I just edited your comment to make others understand. Your real comment was full of grammatical errors. So, you must give emphasis on English Grammar at first. Here are some more tips. If you have an ambition, then work hard for it. There is no shortcut way in education. Study more, you will be succeeded.

    237. Sir, I am a HSC examinee. Ami HSC exam dichi ebong eto bochor dhore medical e porte cheyechilam. Kintu keno jani na ekhon ar seta iccha hocche na. Ami ekhon university er jonne coaching korte chai. E bepare apnar ki suggestion? Ar ami ki coaching na koreo medical exam dite parbo?

      1. You must listen to your mind first. If it says university, then go for it. Never want any others suggestion. Yes. Coaching is not a compulsory requirement for any admission test.

    238. Assalamu Alaikum sir. ami jodi SSC te GPA 5 na pai, kintu HSC te 5 pai, tahole ami medical admission test dite parbo? Please answer.

    239. I am a candidate in the ongoing HSC exam. My Biology exams have already been taken. I don’t think I will have A+ in Biology. May be A. Do you think, is there a chance for me to be selected in the medical admission test if I score good marks in the 100 marks admission test? And what is that good mark? Like between 70-85? I have A+ in SSC. It may seem silly to you because I am asking this kind of question when I still have Physics, Chemistry and Math exams ahead and also all the practical exams. But I am very much worried. So, it will be great if you kindly give me an answer. If I have 0 or less possibility to be selected in the entrance exam because I don’t have A+ in Biology then I will take preparation for BUET or universities after HSC is over.

      1. You have full chance of being a medical student. You can apply for medical admission test if you get at least GPA 3 in HSC with GPA 3.5 in Biology. Concentrate on your upcoming exams to make sure you result better than this. Then you have to take a good preparation for the admission test to get a chance in a good govt medical college. Never lose hope.

    240. Sir, I’m a second year student and want to read in a Govt. Medical College which is near my home. Is there any option of giving the choice of the medical college I want to read in?

      1. Yes. You have to rearrange all the govt medical colleges during filling up the form. You can keep your nearer medical colleges at the first spots. If your marks are good enough for those, you will be posted there. If not, you can still apply for a migration for 3 times.

    241. Please inform me, sir. Medical 2nd time ki 2017 e allow hobe?

      1. Still the answer is: Yes. But, who knows. It may be changed in future.

    242. Dear sir, ami intermediate 1st year er student. So, medical e chance pete hole amake ekhon theke kivabe preparation nite hobe? Please suggest me.

      1. Read the previous comments here. You will know many tips.

    243. Sir, amar total 8.44 ar Biology te 3.5. Ami ki 2nd time medical e dite parbo 2016 te? Ar amar mark kom howay ami private e porbo ar private er moddhe konta valo?

      1. Yes. You can. There are many good Private Medical Colleges. It’s not possible to mark one as the best. So, discuss with your seniors to make your decision.

    244. Sir, ami ebar HSC exam dibo. Amar SSC result GPA 5. Amar shopno ami DMC te study korbo. But, ami nije keno jani confidence hariye felechi. Now what should I do, sir?

      1. The more you study, the more confidence you will get. So, study more without thinking about the external world.

    245. Assalamu Alaikum sir, can you please inform me that for Dhaka Medical College what grades are needed for an English medium student (in both “O” and “A” level)?

    246. Sir, in Bangladesh, is there any facility of getting the medical admission test question 100% in English language in the exam hall? Waiting for your answer, sir.

      1. Yes, you can apply for English question during filling up the form for the admission test. They will provide you question in English language.

    247. Sir, how much money will needed to get an MBBS course from a government college.

      1. Read the previous comments. I have given many information regarding this matter in details there.

    248. Did mark distribution system have changed? Can you plesae tell me the mark distribution system?

    249. How many marks are deducted for 2nd time medical admission test?

      1. 5 marks, only if you are admitted in any medical college in your first time. If you are not admitted in any medical college in your first time, then no marks will be deducted in your second time.

    250. Sir, can I get a chance at public medical college with 9 marks lack?

      1. If you get around 70 in the MCQ exam, you will get a sit for sure.

    251. Assalamu alaikum, sir. Apnar mote konta better, medical er jonno preparation neya, na university er jonno preparation neya?

      1. Walaikum assalam. You should do both. In fact, preparing for the medical will cover 80% of your university preparation. The rest consists of maths. Practise those simple math questions. Then it will be very easy for you to get a chance in both medicals and universities.

    252. Assalamu alaikum, sir. This post of yours about medical and dental admission test has indeed been very helpful. Thank you so much for your kind help. But I have one further question about it. I hope you will be kind enough to answer.
      I study in English version of national curriculum education. I am going to sit for HSC exam-2016. I am interested in taking part in medical admission test of 2016. I want to know if in the exam hall, we will be given both Bangla and English versions of the question to answer or not. Because I heard in most cases that when English translation of the Bangla question has many mistakes. So is there any chance we can get both and compare the two questions at that time and answer as per our wish? Which one do you prefer, sir?

      1. There may be mistakes in the question papers, but those are not much. You only can get one question paper (either Bangla or English). There is no alternative.

    253. Are second time examinees allowed in the medical examination 2017?

      1. Still not declared. But, the possibility is like this.

    254. Okay. Thanks, sir. πŸ™‚ And what about Southern Medical College of Chittagong? Is it good in patient flow and curriculum? Please reply quick, sir. I am yet to be admitted and classes have started already.

      1. I have no practical idea about it also. But, heard that it is a decent one.

    255. Sir, and how is International Medical College of Tongi? Please reply fast, sir. Especially patient flow and total curriculum?

      1. Sorry. I have no practical idea about it. But, analyzing the information provided in their website, I think, it is not good enough compared to some other medical colleges. You can visit their website. Then you can have an idea about it by comparing with other medical college websites.

    256. Hello sir, I have found that almost all the books of MBBS can be found in PDF format. Then do we need to buy books despite having it in PDFs?

      1. If you can read PDF books on your PC, tab or phone, you don’t need to buy those books. But, it will be very harmful for your eyes to read for a long time in that case.

    257. Hello sir, from which year are we allowed to deal with patients in medical colleges?

    258. Assalamu alaikum, sir. What’s the % that’s required enough to top medical universities? And how hard should we study to achieve that?

      1. Walaikum assalam. There is no exact percentage. It depends on the merit of the students of your batch. If 1000 students get 80 and above, then 80% is required. If they get 60% and avove, then it is 60%. You just have to make sure you are in those students with the top marks. You know better than me that how hard you should read to be in that short list of best students.

    259. Whose books are mostly preferred in Bangladesh for MBBS 1st year? Is it of Indian or Bangladeshi authors?

      1. We follow books of different countries. Some of the books are followed worldwide for MBBS course for that particular subject. Indian books are also followed. There are some good Bangladeshi writers also and their books are also very popular in Bangladesh and abroad.

    260. Sir, if we top in the medical college (private ones) that we study, then do we get scholarships like we used to be given in schools?

      1. If you come in the first 10 students with the highest marks in MBBS course for your University, then you might get a chance for a scholarship.

    261. Thank you, sir for genuine answer. πŸ™‚ I admitted myself in Dhaka Central International Medical College and regretted for doing so. If patient flow there isn’t good, then there is not any chance of being a good doctor. Sir, I am very much confused. I can’t change college any more. So, please sir give me some information about that college. Especially about practical and patient flow.

      1. When you can’t change an incident, then you should compromise with it. You should try your best and forget about the patient flow whether it is good or bad. There are many good doctors who have shined in their clinical life after passing MBBS from similar private medical colleges. And there are thousands of unsuccessful doctors in the govt medicals also. So, the future is in your own hand. You will get less chances than others, but you can overcome that by your own hard work. Best of luck.

    262. Should we buy all the books for MBBS or library books alone would work?

      1. You must buy some books for every subject as you can’t read in the library all the time. There are some books which are mandatory to buy because of their necessity 24×7. Other books are available in the library and you can use them to make notes and collect important information.

    263. How is the practicals in Dhaka Central International Medical college? Is patient flow good there?

      1. Patient flow is good, but far less than any govt medical college. As the treatment cost is far more than the govt medical colleges.

    264. Hello sir, I am from Nepal and I got to study MBBS there under SAARC quota in govt medical college. We are told to go there on only 7th February while classes have already started from 9th January onwards. It’s about 1 month gap. Then will we not miss important lectures? Will it not hamper our study?

      1. Of course it will. But, you will get the lecture notes from your Bangladeshi mates and the teachers will help you to understand those too. So, don’t worry at all.

    265. Sir, Assalamu Alaikum. Sir, ami HSC 16 te exam dibo. Sir, test paper solve kora joruri, na textbook re opor concept rakha joruri?

      1. Both are important. But, studying textbooks are more important. You also need to solve the text papers to have a good idea about the upcoming questions of your HSC exam.

    266. Hello sir, I am a Nepali. I’ll be studying in govt medical college affiliated to Dhaka university within a week. I am very much worried as I don’t know even a little bit of Bangla. Did I do wrong by not learning Bangla before coming there?

      1. Not at all. You will learn Bangla in a few months. It’s very easy and some of the words are quite similar to Hindi. You just follow your seniors from Nepal and they will help you the most.

    267. Can I get admitted to any private non-medical university in 2016 and transfer to a medical college the next year after giving the MBBS admission test in 2017?

      1. It will cost you much amount of money which is not refundable. To get admitted in a private medical college, you need some millions of money. Some private medical colleges may not give you the opportunity of leaving after 1 year of study. So, make sure these matters by talking to any related person of that medical college before being admitted.

    268. Assalamu Alaikum, sir. Amar question holo, amder jemon 1ta wrong answer er jonno 1 mark kate, medical e ki 1ta wrong answer er jonno 1 er jaigai 0.25 mark katbe? Ektu details bujhale valo hoto. Thank you.

      1. Walaikum Assalam. 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. There are 100 MCQ questions, each having only one correct answer and the other three options are false. If you answer all the 100 questions and make 70 of them correct, then you will get (0.25×30)=7.5 marks less than 70, that is 62.5 marks. I hope you have understood now.

    269. Then do all govt medical colleges have same problems? Then why do people prefer Dhaka Medical College?

      1. Because, Dhaka is the capital and DMC is the largest Medical College in the country in terms of doctors and patients capacity. All types of patients come here from all the other districts, which is not applicable for any other medical colleges. So, the learning chances are highest than any other medical colleges.

    270. Sir, is it true that in govt medical colleges there is lack of necessary things like proper medicines, equipments etc? And the only govt medical college to have all the facilities is only Dhaka Medical College?

      1. No. Not all govt medical colleges lack these. However, Dhaka Medical College also does not have all the medicines in the required amount. In face, you don’t need to worry about these for MBBS course.

        1. Hello sir, I have some doubt on double answer and blank answer. Can the OMR scanner scan more than one answer? Is double / multiple answers and blank answers accepted on medical admission test? As we have negative marking plus my HSC score is low, I am very tensed about it. Please let me know. Thank you.

          1. Yes. OMR Machine can read multiple answers and blank answers. And there may be a maximum of 5 such answers in the whole question paper.

    271. Thank you very much, sir. I will try my best.

    272. Sir, first take my genuflect. I want to get myself admitted in Medical college. I want it in Dhaka Medical College. I have taken SSC exam in 2015 and secured golden A+. My HSC exam will take place in 2017. So, I have one and a half year (when I am writing). I have been studying 8-9 hours daily. I know it’s not enough. But the main problem is the things I study, after 1 month I can’t remember it 100%. May be 60-70%. Am I lacking concentration? I am really worried. Please help me sir. Thank You.

      1. You have done a brilliant result in SSC. I hope, you will repeat it in HSC as well. But, remember that admission test is a whole different thing than SSC and HSC. The exam type is MCQ based. So, you need to know how to choose the right answer among the 4 options available. So, the preparation has to be like that as well. Taking more and more model test prior to the exam will help you gain confidence and prepare yourself for the battle. But, for now, you just keep calm and confirm your HSC result. As the question of the admission tests will come from the HSC syllabus, you should study as much as you can to be among the top 200 students of your batch across the country. Almost nobody can remember 100% after a month. 60-70% is good. Don’t be tensed at all. You are in a right way. Just make sure you do your job regularly. Then you will gain confidence gradually and it will be very easy for you in the admission test. Best of luck.

    273. Sir, medical er question kivabe out hoy?

    274. Sir, do you have any idea when classes start in Dhaka University affiliated medical colleges for MBBS course? I know it will start from January onwards, but it would be easier if I had known if it’s in early, mid or late January. Please answer, sir.

      1. The classes start usually within 10th January in almost all medical colleges in Bangladesh.

    275. Sir, which books are important if I want to get myself admitted in DMC?

      1. The books are same as stated above. The more you study, the better you result.

    276. Sir, MBBS pass korte koto years lagbe ar ki ki exam dewa lage? Ar total koto years por doctor hoa jay? Govt medical e chance pete 200 er modde minimum koto marks lagbe?

      1. 5 years.
        Exam types: Written, Practical, Viva
        Exam names: Item, Card, Term, Prof
        6 years.
        Not fixed. Varies from year to year. But, approximately 150-160 marks.

    277. Hello, sir. Which college would you recommend between Dhaka Medical College and Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College if we need to consider all facts like climate, facilities and study? Please, sir. Give me a genuine answer.

    278. Sir, ami 2016 te exam dibo. Medical admission e kon kon English Grammar items normally thake please bolben.

      1. You will get a good idea about it in any Medical Admission Test Guide, those contain previous years questions.

    279. Sir, sunlam Medical+Versity admission test exam naki close kore dibe after 2 or 1 year. Is it right?

      1. The thinking is going on for the last few years. But, I think it will not be possible. Because, the amount of GPA 5 students are increasing from year to year. It will be a great problem if they want to admit them according to their SSC+HSC results. If they compare the marks, only then there is a possibility. But, that would not be right. Because, then the GPA system will be valueless. Let’s see what they do.

    280. Sir, I want to get myself admitted into DMC. How much time can I read everyday? My SSC result is 4.83 (2015) and I am HSC batch 2017. Now I read in Shariatpur Govt. College.

      1. It varies from student to student. Some need more time to memorize whether some need less time. But, on average, you need to study at least 10-12 hours everyday. Not only that, you have to memorize your lessons very well so that you can take a seat among the top 200 students of your batch across the country.

    281. I have heard that in Dhaka frequent strikes occur. So, doesn’t that affect the postponement of dates there? Which university is always up to date in terms of taking exam and publishing results in time?

      1. Medical Exams are not affected by those strikes. And results are published quickly also.

    282. Does professional exams of all universities happen at the same time?

      1. No. The exam dates vary in different universities. But, there is not a big difference among those.

    283. Sir, amar SSC (2013) 4.13 and HSC (2016) 4.50 pai and amar duitate irregular ache. Tahole ki ami 2016-2017 medical exam dite parbo? Sir please bolben. Thank you.

    284. How can I do well in ICT for my HSC exam?

      1. Hello sir, ami SSC te Biology te A, baki subject e A+ kore peyechi. Ekhon medical e chance hobe?

        1. Chance depends on your MCQ exam. But, you can surely sit for that exam if you can manage similar kind of result in HSC also.

    285. Hello, sir. I am an Indian and I want to be admitted to Sir Salimullah Medical College. I wanted to know a thing. Suppose that I fall sick. Then who will take care of me there and provide me with medicines?

      1. You will not be the only human being here. There will be Indians, Nepalis and many other foreigners around you. And there will be hundreds of Bangladeshi friends with you. You can become admitted in the students ward where only the medical college students get the chance of being treated for free. So, you need no worry for it.

    286. Thanks, sir. Does it take 7 years to complete MBBS in Bangladesh? Isn’t it a 6 years course? I guess humidity is very high in Dhaka which makes it hot. Is it true?

      1. Yes. The course is 5 years and the internship is 1 year. But, there is some months delay in taking exams and publishing results. Thus, it takes around 6.5-7 years to complete. And you got it right about the temperature.

    287. Sir, as per your advice, I made a routine of 2 months. 1st month for all subject of 2nd part and 2nd month for all subject of 1st part. Is it enough or I have to add something more.

      1. It’s enough. But, you have to follow this routine strictly. Otherwise, there will be no profit.

    288. Sir, is Dhaka a very hot city? Is it intolerably hot there? What’s the temperature in summer?

      1. Not much. The temperature of Rajshahi is the highest in Bangladesh. And I spent 7 years there while studying MBBS. Dhaka is moderately hot. Temperature remains in 30’s here in summer.

    289. My H.S.C test exam was not so good. I think I can hardly get A+. I want to get golden A+ in my H.S.C exam. So what I have to do now. I am ready to maintain any hard schedule.

      1. You have to find out the areas where you are weak. Study those areas regularly by making a routine to get a good preparation. Study as much as possible. Impossible is nothing!

    290. I want to admit myself in govt medical college in Dhaka. But, I am very much afraid because I tend to become faint in high temperatures. I can’t tolerate hot. So, do you have any idea of ways for my survival in Dhaka? Are there AC in college hostels?

      1. As far as I know, there are no hostels in Dhaka Medical College with AC facility. I am not sure about the other govt and private medical colleges. But, there is very less chance of getting an AC in a hostel. If you have more problem, you can hire a flat near your medical college and stay there with AC.

    291. Sir, ami ekhon theke koto gonta kore boi gulo porle HSC te golden A+ and Medical e top 5 er moddhe thakte parbo? SSC te 4.83. HSC 2017.

      1. There is no hard and fast timing of study to do brilliant results. It’s up to you. Some students read 5 hours a day and become first whether some others read 12 hours and become 10th. So, read until you become satisfied with yourself. Study as much as possible.

    292. Sir, assalamu-alykum. Ami SSC te 4.83. HSC batch 2017. Sir, ekhon theke ki apnar suggestion deoa boi gulo porbo?

      1. Walaikum assalam. Yes. You should study well and follow these books.

    293. Thank you. πŸ™‚ Is Sylhet a cool place to live in? Is it not that hot as other places of Bangladesh?

      1. Yes. It is one of the coolest cities in Bangladesh. Annual maximum temperature is 33.2 degree C and minimum is 13.6 degree C.

    294. Do you have an idea about Sylhet M. A. G. Osmani Medical College? How is the study and patient flow there? How many govt medical colleges are there in Sylhet?

      1. There is only one (you just mentioned the name) medical college in Sylhet. So, the patient flow is huge there. The teachers are also very good.

    295. Sir, assalamu alaikum. Amar SSC te Biology chilo na. Ami ki govt. medical e e vorti exam dite parbo?

      1. Not only govt, you can’t sit for the exam in private medicals also.

    296. Sir, it’s very important for me to know when MBBS classes will start in govt medical colleges like Dhaka Medical College and other govt medical colleges of 2016 batch. I tried to see through websites, but exact date isn’t mentioned clearly in websites. Please sir, list out starting session date of top 5 govt medical colleges. I would be very thankful.

      1. Different medical colleges have different starting dates. You can ask the office stuffs in your medical college to get the answer.

    297. I am English Version student. I read the books of Biology written by Prof. Nazim Uddin and Dr. Abdul Alim. Are they equivalent to the Bengali books and enough for medical admission preparation?

    298. Purono bochor er questions kemon common ashe? Biology te Botany and Zoology er proportion ki? Kon guide ta helpful hobe?

      1. There is no guarantee that previous year’s questions will be repeated. In fact, there may be repetitions accidentally. Botany and Zoology both will have equal questions i.e 15 each. Guide books are not recommended. Read textbooks to have a good preparation.

    299. Sir, I have two questions.
      1. Which book of Biology during H.S.C. will be the most appropriate one for medical test preparation?
      2. Which book should be read as the guide of medical test preparation?
      Please tell specific names.

      1. 1. I have already stated the names in this post. If your teachers recommend some other books, you can read that also.
        2. Guide books are not recommended. They sometimes contain wrong information, which will be enough to ruin your exam. However, you can buy a Medical Admission Test Guide of any popular publications and solve the previous years questions to get an idea of the upcoming exam questions.

    300. Sir, what about the holidays? I mean, when will there be long holidays in medical colleges in Bangladesh so that we can frequently visit our families? And how many times a year?

      1. There are holidays after some of the exams and during Eid and Puja. You can easily visit your home 2 times a year, sometimes more than that.

    301. Sir, can you please list out 5 best government medical colleges of Bangladesh?

      1. 1. Dhaka Medical College
        2. Sir Salimullah Medical College
        3. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College
        4. Mymensingh Medical College
        5. Chittagong Medical College

    302. How is hostel and food facility like in govt medical college of Bangladesh?

      1. Food price is reasonable. But, the quality may not be good in some of the hostels. In fact, some newly made hostels are good enough whereas some old hostels have various problems. Always know about the hostels before being admitted in any medical college.

    303. Sir, amio chance pai nai. Tahole ki ami next year a abar exam dite parbo? Ami khub tension e achi, sir.

      1. Yes. Study more and try next year. I hope you will be succeeded.

    304. Then do you have any idea about Dhaka Central international Medical College? How is the education and patient flow there?

      1. I do have an idea about this one. As I visited it a few times. It’s teaching panel is good enough. But, patients flow is moderate.

    305. Especially, how good is the flow of patients in Northern Private Medical College? Please sir, I need a genuine answer. Form submission process will be over within a week.

      1. Any private medical college hospital gets less patients from any govt medical college hospitals. It is due to the difference in treatment cost. If you can’t admit yourself in any govt medical college, try to admit yourself in any private medical college which has a good patient flow and good teachers. I don’t have any idea about the Northern Private Medical College, Rangpur. So, you should talk to someone who knows about this medical college well.

    306. Sir, 2nd time off korle to ei year e janiye dibe. Ar niom to eitai je off korle ta 1 year age janiye dibe. Sir, tahole to 2nd time sure thakbei. Tai na?

      1. Most probably. But, anything can happen as nothing goes by rule in this country!

    307. Sir, 2nd time exam ki sotti hobe?

      1. So far, there is no news about the cancellation of 2nd time exam in medical admission. So, we hope, it will remain the same.

    308. Thank you for the reply, sir. And I have heard that in Bangladesh, in govt colleges, as there are a few nepalese, so what kind of behaviour do locals show towards them? Are they cordial or harsh towards foreigners?

      1. Bangladeshi people are very kind to the foreigners. You will be treated like our guest and will get any help you want from your batchmates. Besides, you will meet your seniors of the same institute and they will help you the most regarding the adaptation. The only problem you will face primarily is the language. But, most of the Bengali people understands Hindi. If you can speak Hindi, you will face less problem on this matter. So, don’t be tensed at all.

    309. Sir, is government college good or private in terms of teaching and practicals? And do teachers teach in Bangla or in English?

      1. Govt medical colleges will require much less money (a few thousands) compared to the Private Medical Colleges (a few millions). And the govt medical colleges get more patients of various diseases compared to the private ones. So, you will get more chance to learn by your own experience. The teaching stuffs are almost equal. Some of them prefer Bengali and some of them prefer English. But, don’t worry! You will learn Bengali very quickly. Nepali students learn Bengali very quickly.

    310. Sir, please answer me. I am from Nepal and I wanted to know if I can return to my country right after completion of the internship that is after 6 years under scholarship in any government medical college of Bangladesh or I’ll have to work in Bangladesh for few more years before returning home.

      1. I have 4 Nepali friends from my batch. So, I am sure that you don’t have to work for a single day in Bangladesh after completion of your internship. But, you have to work 1 year in the rural areas in Nepal when you return home after the internship.

    311. Vaiya, amar ebar private medical e hobe. But ami 2nd time diye public medical e porte chacchi. Kintu tension hocche ei vebe je jodi Dhaka University er moto porer bochor medical eo 2nd time off kore dey, tahole medical e ar kokhonoi vorti hote parbo na. But, vaiya amar medical e vorti hoar khub iccha. Ekhon vaiya apni ki please ektu sure korte parben je porer bochor 2nd time dite parbo kina. Ki korbo, vaiya? Please ektu suggest korun. Ami ki tahole kothao na vorti hoye ekta bochor valo vabe preparation nibo next time medical er jonno?

      1. Nobody knows what will happen next year. As it is your second time, you should admit yourself in any institution this year and simultaneously prepare yourself for the next year’s medical admission exam. Because, there is no guarantee that you will pass next year in that exam. So, if you don’t become admitted this year, you will lose a year with no gain. In Govt medical, you can cancel your admission if you want to become admitted in another medical in the next year. But, I am not sure whether it is applicable for the private medicals or not. So, be sure about this matter if you are going to become admitted in a private medical. DIscuss with the authority before taking any steps.

    312. Amar SSC point 3.94 and Biology te amar 4 ache and optional subject chilo. Tahole amar HSC te koto GPA lagbe medical e test dite?

      1. According to this year’s criteria, you need minimum GPA 4.06 with minimum Biology GPA 3.5 to sit for the exam. The criteria may or may not be changed for the next year. So, always try to get as many number as you can.

    313. Vaiya, who will participate in admission test in second time, will lose 5 marks. Is it true?

      1. Yes. It is only applicable if you are currently admitted in any govt medical or dental college and still want to sit for the exam again for the second time. If you are not admitted in any of those, your marks will not be deducted.

    314. Sir, now I am studying at 2nd year. I want to get chance in any govt medical college. So, now kindly give me some ideas.

      1. Read the post and the comments here. You will get what you need.

    315. Sir, assalamu alaikum. Ami 2011 saal e JSC porikkha diyechi. Amar ekta accident howar karone 4 years pora lekha korte parini. Ekhon ami Allah er rohomote motamoti sustho hoyechi. Sir, amar abbu ammu chay, ami class 9 e bhorti hoi and amio 2016 saal e class 9 e bhorti hote chai. Sir, JSC er pore amar 4 years gap howar karone ki future e ami MBBS admission test dite parbo?

      1. Walaikum Assalam. Yes, you can sit for the exam. Just be regular in SSC and HSC.

    316. Sir, amar total GPA SSC 4.67 and HSC 4.58 and Biology te 3.5. Tahole ami ki 2016 te exam dite parbo?

    317. Assalamu Alaikum, sir. Ami ebar exam e 166.75 peyechi. Kintu ei point e chance hoyni. Ekhon 2nd time exam dibo. Kintu amar Biology te 3.5 peyechi. Asole ami ekhon bujhte parchi na, 2nd time coaching korbo ki na. Jodi abar next year aro extra point chay? So, please sir, help me.

      1. Coaching is not mandatory. If you can study regularly for the next one year at home, you don’t need a coaching. But, if you struggle studying alone at home, you can join a coaching. It will help you to remain regular in your studies and also help you with some useful tips and tricks.

    318. Sir, ami 2014 te SSC pass korechi with 4.69. But, unfortunately one year loss kore 2015 te 1st year e admission hoichi. Sir, tahole ki amar MBBS porte kono problem ache?

      1. No. But, you will get only one chance to sit for the medical admission test. And that is of 2017.

    319. Sir, ami 2014 te SSC pass korechi. Paribarik somassa er karone 2 bochor gap hoiche. Ekhon ami abar pora lekha suru korte chai. 2016 te HSC te vorti hobo. Ekhon sir, 2 bochor gap howate MBBS admission test dite kono problem hobe kina. Please sir ektu bolben.

      1. You can’t apply for the MBBS admission test. Because, you have a gap of 2 years in between SSC and HSC.

    320. Vaiya, ami ekta kane shunte parina. Ami ki Govt. Medical College e admission nite parbo? Please confirm me.

    321. Vaiya, private medical e per month e koto khoroch hobe?

    322. Sir, 2013 e SSC and 2016 e HSC. Dui ta te irregular ache. Tara ki medical e chance pete pare? Jodi dui ta te 8.50 thake? Sir please answer. Thank you.

      1. Yes. They can. But, for only one time. They can sit for the exam in 2016. 2017 exam will be not available for them.

    323. Sir, 2nd time medical admission test e ki kono minus marking ache? Ar jodi thake, tahole koto number?

      1. If you are currently admitted into any Government Medical or Dental College, only then 5 marks will be deducted. Otherwise not.

    324. Sir, jekono govt medical e porte sorbochho koto taka khoroch hoy 4 years e?

      1. Well, the MBBS course is not of 4 years. Rather, it is 5 years course. Now, the living cost has increased a lot. In 2008, I only needed 3-4 thousands taka per month. I think, It may be 5-6 thousands taka nowadays. But, the living standard of all students are not equal. Some may need 10-50 thousands taka per month also. I just said the minimum amount. In that case, you will need about 3,00,000/= to 4,00,000/= taka in 5 years.

    325. Sir, amar right hand vanga. Pura tan hoy na and pura vaj o hoy na. But, sob kaj korte pari. Kono somossa hoy na. Tahole ami ki medical a porte parbo?

      1. If you can perform all the works, then you surely can.

    326. Private medical e porle naki future life e onek problems hoy. Ektu describe korben.

    327. Problem to oitai. Konta je textbook tai ekhono surely bujhte parsi na. Sei jonno ekhono boi kinte hosse. Amader boi short krete I mean new edition er ek ek boi e ek ek information. Konta porbo? Particularly jodi bolten.

      1. I have already mentioned the book names in the post. If there is any confusion about those, discuss with your teachers of that subject. They will help you in that case.

    328. Assalamu Alaikum, sir. Ami 2nd year e porchi. Medical e chance pete hole ekhon theke kivabe porte hobe? Sir, jodi kindly ektu bolten.

      1. Give emphasis on the textbooks. It is the key to success in any admission test.

    329. Sir, amar SSC er registration & admit card college a joma nise. Ekhon ante gesi. Kintu tara dite parche na. Asole tara ei kagoz hariye felse. Ekhon ami ki korbo kiccu bujhte parchi na. Please sir, onek tension e achi. Amake ektu help koren.

      1. They must provide it to you. If it is lost, then they will be guilty. Consult with your teachers to find a solution.

    330. Sir, 2nd time exam ki thakbe?

      1. There is still no declaration about withdrawal of second time exam. So, it will remain as usual.

    331. Amar onek upokar holo ei post ta pore.

    332. I want to know, in 2017 medical admission test ki sudhu HSC r SSC result er upor nirvor korbe, na admission test hobe?

      1. So far, there is no decision of changing the admission process. But, 2017 is still 2 years away. Can’t be predicted.

    333. Vaiya, ami ebar 75.25 peye waiting list e 87 e achi. Vaiya, amar ki dental a kono seat paoar chance ache? Ar ami kivabe janbo je waiting list theke kauke nicche ki na?

      1. Yes, you have a chance. There will be a notice if anyone is taken from the waiting list. Contact your nearby Medical College for details.

    334. Sir, take my salam. Ami SSC te 5.00 & HSC te 4.08 paichi. Ekhon Armed Forces Medical admission a minimum koto marks lagbe kindly bolte parban please?

      1. Armed forces medical admission is a special admission for just a few hundred seats. A lot of examinees sit for the examination each year. So, it is very tough. I don’t have any idea about the pass mark there. Even though you pass the MCQ exam, you have to go through some tests like health test, IQ test etc to get the ultimate chance.

    335. Sir, thanks for your advice. I will sit for the exam next year. I have got great help from this post. Thank you once again.

    336. Sir, kichu kichu medical college & Khulna 3 Doctors association er owner Dr. Tarim bolchen je, out of 100 40 paile private medical admission deoa jabe. But, I am totally confused. Amar test score asche 49.6.

      1. In fact, minimum 140 marks in total (SSC+HSC+MCQ Exam) will be enough for private medical. If you have A+ in both SSC and HSC, you are well inside the mark.

    337. Sir, amar SSC te 5 points. Ami ekhon HSC 2nd year. Amar ekta eye high miopia. Emni glass porle clear dekhte pai. Ei ta kono problem hobe kina medical e chance pete? Ar textbook er sathe kono guidebook porbo? Naki only text book?

      1. No problem. Many students like you are getting chance in medical every year. And no guide book is needed. Studying only textbook will not only give you good marks in HSC but also help you in the medical admission test.

    338. Sir, amar choto bhai er total merit score 138.46. O ki private medical e admission nite parbe?

      1. No. Minimum marks required is 140 for private medical. But, in private dental, it is 130. So, your brother can be admitted in any private dental college.

    339. Vaiya, private medical e vorti hote koto marks lagbe?

    340. It seems I have gained about 160 marks. Result is not published yet but what do you think? Will I be able to secure place in any of public medical this year?

      1. It may be touch and go. Chance is 50-50. As the question was very easy and some of the students got it in the night before the exam, the cut mark may be 60-70. Let’s wait a few hours and hope for the best.

    341. Sir, I want to admit myself at medical. My SSC GPA is 4.50 & HSC GPA is 5.00. But, my knowledge about Physics was so poor. Pleace suggest me. how can I admit myself in a govt. medical?

    342. Vaiya, shunlam ebar jara medical test a tikbe, tader naki ekta health check neya hobe? Adou ki eta neya hobe? Ar jodi ney, tahole prokria ta kemon hobe? Health er requirements ki ki? Ar jodi test e kono fault dhora pore tobe ki chance paoar por o bad diye deya hobe? Please vaiya, answer me. πŸ™

      1. It is a common scenario. It is done every year. If you don’t have any major problem, you should not be tensed at all. They only examine the gross problems like eye-sight, hearing, blood pressure etc.

    343. Ami 2017 HSC dibo. So, ekhon theke amar Biology (Botany/Zoology) kon boi pora uchit, jate ami DMC and onno govt. medical e chance pai. Besides, ami SSC te GPA 5 peyechi.

      1. Read the above post carefully. Your answer is right there.

    344. Sir, DMC te chance paile ki kono extra subidha ache bad baki medical college er cheye?

      1. Yes. DMC has the best teachers and the most number and types of patients. So, you will be able to learn more than others.

    345. Sir, ami amar HSC registration card hariye felechi. New registration card er jonno board e abedon korechi. Amar medical admission test e kono problem hobe naki?

      1. I don’t have the answer of this question. You should ask it to the authority where you have applied for the new card.

    346. Sir, porer bochor theke naki medical second time admission dite parbe na. Eta ki thik?

    347. Sir, ami 2017 te HSC dibo. Medical admission er jonno ki ekhon thekei Genaral Knowledge porbo?

      1. Yes, if you want to get good marks, you can study that subject from now. But, remember that don’t hamper your main studies by giving too much time on GK.

    348. Sir, can you please explain to me about the district quotas and what kind of advantage do they give?

      1. District Quota is all about equal distribution of the doctors in the country. Suppose, Meherpur (the smallest district) has got only 500 students who will sit for the admission test. And Gazipur has got 5000 students for the same exam on the same year. If there were no district quota, then about 20% of the students from Gazipur may get the chance and 1% of the students from Meherpur may get the chance. When they will pass the BCS exam, they will be posted to their home districts for 2 years. Then, the discrimination will be present in the number of doctors. So, district quota is present in our country. It ensures that a minimum amount of students must get a chance in the public exams. It is also necessary for the equal development of the districts. Otherwise, some districts may be developed and some may not.

    349. Bhaiya, amar GPA SSC te 5 and HSC the 4.42. CMC te chance paite hoile MCQ te minimum koto paite hobe?

    350. Sir, amar total score 88.96. Ami minimum koto paile Govt. medical e chance Pete parbo? Please sir, suggest me.

    351. Assalamu alaikum, sir. Amar question holo, ekhon ki medical e admission er somoy SSC & HSC er result dekha hoy?

      1. Walaikum Assalam. Yes. You will get a clear idea by reading the above post and the below comments.

    352. Nomoskar sir. Amar SSC er point 5.00 HSC 4.08, Khulna Medical e chance paite amar koto paoa lagbe? Please sir, help me.

      1. Around 70. And don’t forget to keep Khulna Medical College in the first place in the choice list if you desperately want to become admitted there.

        1. Sir, take my salam. I’m a student of HSC batch-2017. Amar question holo, medical e admission er jonno ki ekhon theke kono Medical Admission Guide pora suru korbo? Ekhon ki kora uchit kindly suggest korben.

          1. It is beneficial if you buy a guide for the Admission Test and have a birds eye view at the questions whenever you get some leisure. But, the main target should be the textbooks. If you have a good idea about the textbooks, then the exam will be very easy for you. The guide will only give you the idea of the question types.

    353. Sir, take my salam. Sir, ajke HSC rechecking result published hoiche ki na please apni kindly bolte parben?

      1. Walaikum Assalam. Yes. The result has been published. Check here.

    354. Sir, ebar ki MBBS and BDS 2 ta tei pass mark 40? BDS e to previous year e 30 koresilo. Oita ki only 2014 er jonno?

    355. Sir, take my Salam. Your advices are very helpful for every medical student. Do you have any latest suggestions for those students? I mean very important and how they avoid negative marking can you give me the answer please, sir.

      1. Walaikum Assalam. Thanks for your comment. Well, there are different styles for different types of students. But, the common pattern is to revise the old lessons. I used to read at least 12 hours a day during the last 7 days before the exam. I used to solve the question bank of previous years and also read the topics related to those questions. Thus, I prepared myself at the last moment. It is beneficial. You can try it.

    356. Sir, medical question e ki kono set hoi? And medical exam er ager 7 days ami kivabe preparation nibo?

      1. Yes. There will be at least 4 sets of questions. You can revise the old lessons during the last 7 days before the exam. You can also solve the previous years questions and read the related topics from the textbooks. That will be beneficial.

    357. As an English medium student, what are my chances of getting accepted to any govt medical? I’ll complete my A’levels June 2016, then I wont have much time to prepare myself for the MBBS admission test. In that case, should I take a gap year and sit for the exam in 2017? Any suggestions? As I’m very weak in Bangla.

      1. You will get 3 months time for the preparation. All others will get the same time period. So, there is no need to avoid the exam. Every exam is a chance. If you don’t appear in the exam of 2016, you will get only one chance in 2017. But, if you appear in 2016, you will get 2 chances i.e. 2016 and 2017. If you study attentively, you will surely get a chance. There will be no Bangla question for the English medium students. So, don’t worry about it.

        1. Thank you. And another thing is that will they deduct marks from my MBBS exam if I take a gap year? I heard they deduct 4 marks if you get a lower grade (e.g. B grade instead of A) in a subject and 5 marks if u take a gap year. Do you know if this is true?

          1. There is no such official declaration about any of this two situations. So, take these as rumours and don’t listen to them who spread these. If you become admitted in a medical or dental college in your first attempt and sit for the medical & dental admission test for the second time, only then you will be fined 5 marks.

    358. Sir, ami amar choice list e aage Dental gula diye pore Medical gula disi. Ekhon ami jodi chance pai, ami ki Dental e pabo? Jodi pai, pore ki migrate kore kono medical e jete parbo?

      1. Download it and read the 5.22 paragraph carefully. It is clearly written there. According to your marks, it will be decided in which institution you will be posted. Your choice will have an impact on this decision. And you can change your institution through migrations.

    359. Ami 2nd time er student. Amar SSC-4.69, HSC-4.40. Govt medical e chance pete amake koto pete hobe? Ar amar mark hisebe ki eta possible?

      1. SSC=4.69×8=37.52
        So, you need around 70 marks in the exam for any govt medical college.

        1. Sir, ami SSC te 5.00 & HSC te 4.25. So, koto marks hoy?

    360. Sir, I need your help. I already filled up medical form for 2015-2016 exam. My mom was from Rangamati. She was Marma in religion. But after marrying my father, she took Islam as her religion. We have our own land there. I ask one of my teachers that can I take Tribal Quota as my mother was a tribal. He told me to take this. So I choose Tribal to fill up medical form. But, my mom now admonish that we have just District Quota as we have our land on Rangamati. What can I do now? Can I apply again? Sir, I hope you would be kind enough to give any better solution as soon as you can.

      1. The application time has expired. You don’t have time to apply again. I think, you should sit for the exam in the Tribal Quota. If you carry good marks, it will be more beneficial for you.

    361. Sir, ami SSC o HSC dutate golden peyechi. Any govt. medical e chance er jonno amake koto pete hobe?

    362. vaiya SSC er grade point ke 8 & HSC er grade point ke to 12 diye multiply kora hoy. Ei khetre ki purno GPA ke multiply kora hoy na 4th subject bade?

    363. Nomoshkar vaiya. Amar SSC te 5.00 and HSC te 4.83. Amar top 5 ta govt. medical a chance pete koto lgbe? Ar amar HSC te Biology te 4 ashche. Eta kono prob hobe ki? Ar kindly vaiya please ekta suggestion diben? Zoology and Botany er kon kon topic gulo gurutter shathe porte hobe? Ar kono chapter bad dea jabe ki na? Please vaiya, help me!

      1. Nomoshkar. You need around 75-80 marks to be in the top 5 medical colleges. Biology grade is OK. Don’t worry about that. In Biology, almost every chapter contains lots of important information. So, you can’t just make a suggestion and follow it. You have to go through the whole book and revise as many times as you can to get a clear idea about the topics. But, you can give emphasis on the Human Body chapter. This chapter contains the maximum number of questions for the Medical Admission Test. You have to read every chapter. No chapter to skip. Skipping a chapter will cost you 1-2 valuable marks.

    364. Sir, if a question’s more than one options are correct, then do I have to select all correct option of that question?

    365. Vaiya, previous year er koto bochor er question solve korte hobe?

      1. As many years as you can. But, minimum 5 years will be enough.

    366. Accha vaiya, general knowledge to onek. Ki porbo, kichui bujhte pari na. BCS er question solve korle ki kichu common paowa jabe?

      1. Not BCS. You can solve the previous years questions of GK. You will get a good idea about the topics from which these questions usually come.

    367. Amar SSC and HSC 2 ta tei 5 ache. DMC te chance pete hole koto pete hobe amake?

      1. There is no such exact marks. It varies from year to year with a large difference. But, most probably you might need 80-85 to get chance in DMC.

    368. Vaiya, previous year er question ki kichu repeat hoy?

      1. Yes. But, not intentionally. Teachers try their best to create new questions. But, some questions may be similar or same.

    369. Ami SSC te 5.00 (with 4 subject) HSC te 4.08 paichi. So, amake admission test a koto pete hobe? HSC rechecking result kobe ashbe apni kindly bolte parban?

      1. Around 70 in 100 marks MCQ to get chance in any govt medical college. HSC Rescrutiny Result may be published on 8th September, 2015.

    370. Sir, ami medical admission form e kono medical choice dei nai. Ekhon ki hobe? Ami onek confused.

      1. In that case, you may be posted in any medical colleges according to your marks.

    371. Take my salam. Ebar new syllabus e exam hobe. Tahole previous year er question gula ki solve korbo?

      1. Walaikum Assalam. Yes. As this is the first time, some questions will be repeated this time too, like the previous years. Moreover, everything is not changed. So, there will be similar or same questions for sure.

    372. Sir, Physics ar Chemistry theke koto % math asbe? Ar sir, General Knowledge amar kichui pora hoy ni. Ei somoy ami akhon kon boi porbo?

      1. There is no hard and fast rule about the percentage of math in these two subjects. It totally depends on the question setter’s wish. As there is only 20 days left, you should not give emphasis on GK. Rather you should revise the other subjects more and more. GK has no syllabus. You may complete reading a popular GK book. Yet you may get only 1 or 2 common questions in the exam. So, don’t take is seriously. Study the other subjects well.

    373. Vaiya, take my salam. Vaiya, Physics math er jonno ki korbo? Calculator to use korte dey na. Count korte to problem hoy and time o jay. Vaiya, Physics math er jonno kichu tips din. Please, vaiya, help me.

      1. Walaikum Assalam. You should practice solving those maths without calculator more and more. The more you practice, the easier it gets. Most of the students need no calculator to solve those problems. So, the rule has been set like this. Again, remember that the values in the math questions will be easier than you are thinking. Those can be easily calculated if you have a sharp brain.

    374. Sir, amar SSC te 5.00 (without 4th subject) and HSC te 4.50 (with 4th subject). Amar first ranking 5 ta Govt Medical e chance pete at least koto pete hobe?And je kono govt medical e chance pete koto lagbe?

      1. You have 6 marks short. So, you need at least 80 in the MCQ exam to get to the top 5 govt medical colleges and at least 65 for any govt medical colleges.

    375. SSC te 4.56
      HSC te 5.00
      Tahole medical a porte koto lagbe?

    376. Sir, ami to already fill up kore felesi and return ekta form o peye gesi. Ami to 4 number Sir Salimullah Dental College and 5 number e Mymensingh Medical College diesi. Ar majhkane sob serial tik ase and last e sobgulo dental college o same serial e ase. Sudhu Salimullah Dental College 4 number e dea. Ekhon tahole ki hobe? I am very much confused.

      1. Don’t be tensed. Let’s see what is the result. You can migrate to any college if you have good marks. So, forget it and study hard.

    377. Sir, MBBS admission test e jodi 5-6 jon student eki number pay (suppose 160.25 e pelo 10 jon), tahole merit kivabe kora hoy? Please Sir, kindly ektu janaben?

      1. Then, they will be arranged according to their roll numbers.

    378. Sir, ami SSC te 4.50 peyechi. HSC te inshallah GPA 5.00 pabo. Amar jekono government e chance pete chai such as Jessore Medical College. Tahole amake ki korte hobe?

      1. Nothing else but studying more and more will do it for you.

    379. Ami HSC 15 er student. Amra ki next year e abar medical e (2nd time) apply korte parbo?

      1. Yes. You can. There is no such limitations till now.

    380. Sir, amar 4th choice e dea Sir Salimullah Dental College and 5th choice dea Mymansingh Medical College. Amar jodi 5th choice e medical college er marks o ase, tobuo ki dental college e transfer kore dea hobe? Ami ki chaileo Mymansingh medical college e porte parbona?

      1. I think, you should download it and read the 5.22 option carefully to get the answer. You have to put the dental colleges in a row in the list of choice. You can’t put only one dental college between 2 medical colleges. You should have read these instructions before filling the form. It is present above the online form fill up page.

    381. Sir, Joykoli chara ar onno kono valo guide book/books ache?

      1. I don’t have a good idea about this. You can go to the nearby book stalls and ask them this question. They will give you a better idea. Remember, your preparation will be good enough if you read only textbooks. And I think, this is the best time to go through the textbooks as there is hardly any time left for the exam.

    382. Sir, exam hall e calculator use korte parbo?

      1. I don’t think so. It will be noted in the admit card. You can’t use calculator or any electronic devices during the exam.

    383. Sir, ami jodi Sir Solimullah Dental College 4 no choice e rakhi, taile amar marks jodi besi o ase tobuo ki amake oi Dental ei porte hobe? Jodi amar marks 1st 3ta choice er modde na thake.

      1. If your mark is good enough for your first choice, then you will be posted there. You did not mention the first 3 choices. Suppose, you get the highest mark and set Sir Salimullah Dental College as the number one choice. Then you will be posted there. But, if you set Dhaka Dental College as the first choice, then you will be posted in DDC. So, it depends on your marks and the choice you make.

    384. Vaiya, amar SSC te 5.00 and HSC te 4.90. Amake govt medical e chance pete hole MCQ te koto pete hobe? Janaben please.

    385. Sir, 100 te naki ekhon 40 e pass?

    386. Thank you, sir, for your information. Sir, ami govt madical college ei porte chai. Er jonno ami sob somoy Allah er kache prarthona kori. Ar daily valo vabe porchi. Sir, doa korben jate kore Allah er rohomot e chance ta pai. Valo thaken, sir.

      1. Welcome. I pray for you and all others who will appear in this exam.

    387. Sir, amar SSC GPA=4.31 & HSC GPA=3.75. Amake chance pete sorboninmo koto pete hobe? 18 tarikh e exam. Ekhon kivabe porle ta paoa shomvob? Please tell me, sir.

      1. SSC=4.31×8=34.48
        So, you need minimum 140-79.48=60.52 to get the chance in any private medical college and around 80 for a government medical college. Revise subjectwise everyday. Make a routine and follow it strictly. Attend as many model tests as you can. Solve the previous years questions.

    388. Sir, I got GPA 4.81 in SSC and 4.58 in HSC. There are around 25 days for the admission test. How can I take the best preparation in these days? Please help!

      1. Revise subjectwise everyday. Make a routine and follow it strictly. Attend as many model tests as you can. Solve the previous years questions.

    389. All choice ar 4-5 ta choice deuar moddhe parthokko ase k? Ar all choice er kharap dik ase ki? Please bolben viya.

      1. You don’t have option to choose 4-5 medical colleges. You have to select all the medical colleges and make a serial of them according to your choice.

    390. Sir, medical admission e koyta choice dite parbo?

      1. You can choice all Govt Medical Colleges according to your preference.

    391. Sir, amar SSC the 5.00 but HSC te 4.00. Govt medical e chance pete amake koto pete hobe please amake janaben.

      1. SSC=5×8=40
        S0, you need at least 75 marks to confirm your chance.

    392. Sir, amar English e 3 asche. Ami ki exam dite parbo?

      1. Yes. You can if you have GPA 3.5 in SSC and HSC and total GPA 8.00 in SSC+HSC.

    393. Sir, ami versity coaching kortesi. Amar main boi pora hoise. Ami medical eo admission test dibo. Tai ami medical er prostutir jonno ki 1 set Joykoly er boi kinbo?

      1. You can buy any medical admission guide which contains previous years questions with answers and some model tests. Joykoly is one of them. You can buy it if you find it better than the others.

    394. Sir, ami SSC and HSC dutotei 5 paisi. 4th subject bad diye ki score count kora hobe? Ar amake ektu bolben, amar chance pawar ability/probability kototuku?

      1. No, GPA with 4th subject will be counted. You know your ability/probability better than me. You have no extra privileges from the other students. You must carry a good mark in the MCQ exam to get the chance of studying in medical college. GPA will help it, but not fully. There are thousands of examples of golden A+ students who didn’t passed the Medical Admission Test in recent past.

    395. Sir, ami SSC te 5.00 and HSC te 3.67. Ami ki medical e admission dite parbo?

    396. Sir, amar SSC GPA 4.69 ar HSC GPA 4.17. Amar HSC te Biology & Physics e 3.00 asche. Ami ki medical e admission test dite parbo?

      1. No. Because, minimum 3.50 is needed in Biology in both SSC and HSC.

    397. Sir, Ami 2nd timer examinee. Ami 1st time e 50 paichilam, but chance hoy ni. Ami medical ei porbo bole 1st time a kothao vorti hoini and only medical er jonno primet e coaching kortesi. Coaching e ekhon 5-6 ta writer er boi er information aksathe kore print kore sheet hisebe dicche and only oitai poracche. Joto exam hoy, sob qustion sheet theke hoy. Kintu ami only boi porle marks 65-70 ase. But, jara sheet potese tader 95-98 marks astese. Amar eto kom marks asay amar confidence level onek kome gese. Ami bujtesi na ami ki korbo. Exam er ar matro koydin ase. Please sir help me. Ami ekhon ki porbo? Konta porbo? Kemne porbo? Please. Ebar jekono vabei hok medical e je chance amake paitei hobe. Please sir, help me.

      1. You have a good preparation. Believe it or not. You are studying for this exam for the last 14 months. Now, after 1 more month, you will have to sit for the very exam. So, you know, how to prepare yourself in this month. Don’t be tensed. Primet always teaches in this way. I think, most of the coaching centers do the same. It is good to memorize information of 5 books if you can. But, this is a very difficult job and most of the students can’t do it. So, you should stick with your way. This is the last 30 days. So, you have no time for reading new topics. Just revise the topics you have read in the last 14 months. Those will be good enough to carry more than 80 marks, I believe. Many students are carrying 95 in coaching right now. But, mind it, the admission question setters will not set the question from their sheets. They will do it from the main book. And more specifically, the books well-known and read most in the country for each subject. So, don’t bother if anyone gets good marks around you. Judge yourself. Focus on your preparation in these final days. And pray to Allah for your success. I hope, you will be succeeded on the result day.

    398. Dear sir, I am a student of English medium school. If I don’t get chance in Govt Medical colleges, can I study in private medical college without exam?

      1. If you get minimum 140 marks in the SSC+HSC+Admission Test, then you can study in any private medical college. There is no way of studying there without exam.

    399. Dear sir, the exam date of medical admission test has already been announced. We are in concussion as what type of questions we have to follow. The books available in the market varies from each other. So, it will be helpful if you kindly help us with some questions along with its answers to prepare for the exam. Thanks.

      1. The question pattern will be same as 2014. So, you should follow the question of 2014 for a good preparation.

    400. Assalamu Alaikum, sir. Sir, for English medium student, ki ki grade dorkar? And medical er jonno Physics, Chemistry and Biology must na?

    401. Assalamu Alaikum, sir. Amar and amar parents er onek boro dream je ami gov. Medical e porbo. Ar amar ekhon ektai dream je ami DMC te first hote chai. But, amar SSC te GPA 4.89 eshechilo. But In Sha Allah HSC te 5.00 ashbe. So, ami ki first hote parbo? Naki amar shopno evabei venge jabe? Ar kivabe porte hobe amar? DMC te first hote hole koto marks pete hobe? Please sir, kindly reply ta dile valo hoto.

      1. Then you need to get the highest mark in your batch. That’s a very hard task. For this, you have to exclude all other extra-curricular activities and study more than anyone else with full concentration. If you can ensure this, you will be able to reach nearer to your goal. The mark of the 1st student varies. It may be 95-100 also. Some years earlier, a girl named Anika Tahsin (now has passed MBBS) got 96.5 in that exam. So, it is really tough to say. You should try your best and target 100 out of 100. If you have a higher goal, your chances of being succeed are also high.
        You may find this article helpful too. It is the interview of that first girl.

    402. Assalmu alaikum bhaiya. Bhaiya, amar SSC te GPA 5 ache. But, HSC te beshi baje hoise. GPA 4.25. Unexpected result. Suppose bhaiya Chittagong Medical College e jodi dhukte chai, then koto marks tulte hobe MCQ te? And bhaiya, ami English curriculum er. Preferred books kon kon gula eitao ektu bolle bhalo hobe bhaiya. And bhaiya, beshi trouble dicche GK ta. Bangla howate bujhte pari na bhalo moto. Kono English GK guide thakle eitao bolben. Thank you in advance bhaiya. πŸ™‚

      1. Walaikum Assalam. You have 91 marks out of 100 in your SSC and HSC exam section. So, you will need to cover it with your MCQ exam. Generally, students with 170-175 marks get the chance in CMC. So, you will need around 80 marks out of 100 to get the chance in CMC. Also note that this range is not fixed. It often changes from year to year as the question paper becomes harder or easier in different years. It also depends on the merit of the students of your batch. As I am from Bangla medium, I don’t have the answers of the book related questions. I suggest you discussing this matter with your teachers. You may find the English version GK book from renowned book stalls in Nilkhet, Dhaka.

    403. Sir, take my salam. I hope you are well by the grace of Allah. I’m an H.S.C 2nd year student. From my childhood, I’m dreaming to be a doctor. Sir, apnar comments theke amar hope day by day increase hochse. Sir, ami daily koto hour porle and kon coaching centre theke coaching korle valo result korte parbo, can you tell me, please? Sir, coaching ki Retina best naki Primet? Keu keu 3 doctors er katha bolse.

      1. Walaikum Assalam. It is good to know that you are dreaming of a noble profession. To get the chance in a medical college requires a complete understanding of the topics of your textbooks. Some people can memorize anything by reading once, while some others require reading it 10 or more times to memorize. You must memorize your lessons, otherwise, all your hard works will go in vain. So, the time limit is nothing. You have to satisfy yourself. When you will become satisfied that you have read a lot today, then you will face success. Don’t be a robot. Just, keep calm and study more to go past your batchmates. Coaching is not mandatory to get the chance in medical colleges. There are many examples of students who never attended in coaching and still got the chance. Comparing the coaching centers is not possible for me as I have not seen them all. I just attended Primet and they are good. That does not make is the best. Retina may or may not be better than it. Same case for the 3 doctors. Coaching affects mainly in the regularity of study and helps to get a good preparation through the model test. So, any popular coaching will be helpful for you. Remember, coaching is not your strenght. Your strenght is the knowledge you gather in your brain by reading yourself.

    404. Dear sir, BDS and MBBS admission ki akoi prosne akoi sathe hoy?

    405. Vaiya, Dental ar MBBS e chance pete ki equal score korte hobe?

      1. No. Dental pass mark is 130 out of 200. MBBS pass mark is 140 out of 200.

    406. Sir, HSC te amra ICT (only 1st paper) exam diyechi eibar first and 13 ta subject. Ekhono ki bigoto year er moto SSCx8 and HSCx12 kore count korte hobe? Or new kono system follow kora hobe?

      1. It will be clear only after the publication of the exam notice. Please wait for it.

    407. Thanks, sir. I want to know that in how many ways did you take preparation for medical admission?

      1. I became admitted in the Primet Coaching Centre, Farmgate, Dhaka, for a regular study routine and model tests. And I used to read the textbooks more than the guide books. That’s the key behind my success in the medical admission test.

    408. Sir, previous year er kichu topics ei year er syllabus e include nai. Tahole se gulor moddhe theke ki addmission e kono question hote pare?

      1. Yes. There is a possibility of that. As you have read those topics in your HSC course.

    409. Sir, last year er public medical e chance pawa students der moddhe lowest score koto chilo?

    410. Sir, ami SSC te GPA 5.00 paichi. I hope I will get the same in HSC. Tahole amar admission er jonno koto mark kata jabe? Ar MCQ te kompokkhe koto pele ami govt Medical College a chance pabo?

      1. At least 60 marks will take you to any Govt Medical College. Fot that, study hard during your HSC course.

    411. Sir, take my salam. Your comments are very helpful for us. Sir, Chemistry Sinha-Naag book market e nei. To bikolpo hishebe kon book follow korte pari?

      1. Walaikum Assalam. The Sinha-Naag book is a masterpiece in Chemistry. I still don’t believe that the book is not available in the market. You should search more. If you still can’t find it, read the Haque-Kabir book. Discuss with your chemistry teachers and they will give you more effective answers.

    412. Amar optional e 3.50 peyechi. Tahole ekhan theke koto mark bad dibe?

      1. Your question is not clear. Please write details about it.

    413. Sir, ami SSC te Golden A+ and HSC te A+ with Fourth Subject. So, amar medical e total point koto? Ami top five medical e chance pete chai. Amake admission e koto pete hobe? Please tell me.

      1. A+ means GPA 5.00 (With or without 4th subject). So, your SSC+HSC mark is 100 out of 100. You need at least 65 out of 100 to be in the merit list of the top 5 medical colleges. But, remember, this is not an actual number. It may be as high as 75 or at low as 55. It depends on the merit of the students of your batch.

    414. Very helpful post for us. Thank you, sir, for giving this important information.

    415. Sir, Nasim Banu’r book ekhon market e nei. To kon book bikolpo hishebe porte pari? Please sir, help me.

    416. Eto olpo time e 100 MCQ dagano kivabe possible?

      1. Impossible is nothing. If you study well, you can complete your exam in less than 1 hour.

    417. Sir, I am from Cambrian College. My SSC point is 4.88 and HSC will be 5.00 inshallah. How much marks will I have to carry in MCQ. One thing. Can you please tell me when the medical question will be ready? Before how many days of exam?

      1. SSC = 4.88×8 = 39.04
        HSC = 5×12 = 60
        Total = 39.04+60 = 99.04
        You have 0.96 marks short. So, you need minimum 40.96 marks to qualify for any private medical college and around 60 marks for govt medical college.
        I am not a member of the question setting committee. This is a highly secret matter and only known by the authority.

    418. Sir, Zoology theke koto number er question ase? Botany theke koto number er question ase? And medical coaching kotota helpful?

      1. Zoology questions are more than the Botany questions. And total 30 questions from these two. Coaching is not mandatory. But, it will help you in case of regularity of study and by model tests.

    419. Sir, 2014 te MBBS e lowest score koto? Dental 2014 te lowest score koto?

    420. Ami 2nd time er student. Amr SSC te point 4.69. Ar HSC te point 4.40. Tai amar 10 mark short ache Medical exam er jonno. Private medical e porte hole amake ki 100 er exam e 40 pete hobe, naki 50 pete hobe? Please answer ta diben.

      1. 4.69×8 = 37.52
        4.40×12 = 52.80
        Total = 90.32
        For private medical, you need minimum 140 out of 200.
        So, you need 140-90.32 = 49.68 in the MCQ exam.

    421. Sir, I got 4.5 in SSC and 4.1 in HSC including optional subjects. I didn’t apply last year and studying in English. I was almost going to leave it, but I want to apply this year. I want to ask that how many times a student can apply for this and if there is any declaration of years after passing HSC. I mention that I passed H.S.C in 2014.

      1. You can’t appear in medical admission test after this year. So, this is your last chance. A student can appear in this exam 2 successive times after his/her HSC result.

    422. Sir, amar preparation ebar valo na. Tai vabchi, next year e apply korbo. Tokon jodi na chance pai, tahole ki ami porer bar apply korte parbo?

      1. No. You can’t take part in the Medical Admission Test exam more than 2 times. And that 2 times are the successive 2 times after your HSC result. So, you should not miss the least possible chance of appearing in the exam. If you can’t qualify, you will get some good experience which will be helpful for you in the next year’s exam. But, after that second exam, you will get no chance of appearing in the Medical Admission Test. If you still want to appear in the Medical Admission Test after the failure of 2 times, you will have to reappear in the HSC exam and pass it, which is a silly thing! So, try hard to pass within the 2 exams.

    423. I got 4.13 in SSC. Now if I get GPA 4 up in HSC, is it suitable for giving exam in medical college? If it is not, then how many points do I need in HSC? I heard that one needs 8 points from SSC and HSC exam.

      1. You heard it right. As you have got 4.13 in SSC, you can take part in the exam if you get minimum 3.87 in HSC.

    424. Sir, ami ekjon HSC 2nd year er student. Ami SSC te 4.56 peyechi. Ami ki HSC te A+ pele ki DMC te exam dite parbo?

      1. Exam DMC te alada vabe hoy na. Exam centrally hobe. Best 175 students DMC te chance pabe.

    425. Vaiya, DMC te pete hole minimum koto score korte hobe?

      1. It differs from year to year. Usually, the lowest mark remains around 80. The best 175 students gets the chance to get admitted into DMC. So, you need to study targeting those few seats.

    426. Vaiya, math ki srijonshil hobe? Apni e bepare kichu bolte parben? (HSC).

      1. You have to see the previous years questions to get the answer.

    427. Sir, ami SSC te 4.00 peyeci. I hope HSC te 5.00 pabo. Tahole amar admission ar jonno koto mark kata jabe? Ar MCQ te kompokkhe koto pele ami Govt Medical College a chance pabo?

      1. SSC = 4×8 = 32
        HSC = 5×12 = 60
        Total = 32+60 = 92 (Within 100, so you are 8 marks short)
        You need at least 160 marks to confirm your position in a Govt Medical College. So, you need (160-92) = 68 Marks in MCQ exam.

    428. Thank you, sir. You have enhanced my hope. Thanks once again πŸ™‚

    429. Viya, BUET er jonno kon kon writer der boi porbo?

      1. You have to ask this question to a BUET student. I am not an engineer!

    430. Sir, I am a student of HSC 2nd year. Once my target was to be an architect. But, when I was admitted in 11th class, I found Mathematics too much hard, which is quite impossible for me to move on according my dreams. So, from then my target is to be a doctor. I’m trying hard. But, some topics I can’t understand. So, I can’t memorize it and that’s why I’m getting late to prepare myself. Please help me, sir. What can I do to solve my problem? πŸ™

      1. If you dream honestly, you will surely be succeeded. Difficulty in understanding is not a fault. You have to find a way to understand. You may seek help from your teachers and friends. Even your elder brothers, sisters or parents may help you in this case. Some people memorize first, then understand, which is a tough task. Most people understand first, then memorize, which is easier. If you have difficulty in understanding, try your best to understand it. If there is still some difficulty, you may try memorizing it without understanding. That will also help you if your memory is sharp enough. Gradually, with time, you will start to understand everything.

    431. Bhaiya ami jodi second time medical exam dei, tahole ki amar number theke 5 marks kata hobe?

      1. If you are currently admitted into any Government Medical or Dental College, only then 5 marks will be deducted. Otherwise not.

    432. Thanks, sir. Ami NDC te pori. Amar parents er dream, ami jeno medical admission test a whole country theke first hote pari. Is it possible at all for me? Ami all time e disappointment a bhugi. Ki korbo? Sir, DMC er sit newar khetre 2nd time try kora students ra ki amader tulonay more advantage pacche na?

      1. It’s good to dream big. But, it’s bad to dream the impossible. Nobody can guarantee that he/she can be 1st in the whole country. Rather, you should target one of the 175 seats of DMC. This is a big dream which is also possible. But, it’s also true that if you try better than the rest of the students, you may come first. But, if that does not happen, you should not become disappointed. Of course, the students appearing for the second time, are getting more time for preparation and will surely do better than the first timers. But, if you study well during your HSC course, 90 days preparation is also enough for managing a seat in DMC. So, study well, utilize your time, keeping other thoughts away from your mind.

    433. Dear sir, DMC er first & last student er mark difference koto thake? DMC te chance nite hole kemon target niye study korte hobe?

      1. It differs from year to year. Usually, the lowest mark remains around 80. The best 175 students gets the chance to get admitted into DMC. So, you need to study targeting those few seats.

    434. Sir, I have recently completed the SSC exam and I am at present going through college. My strong ambition is to study in DMC, so sir can you please advise me some of your very valuable tips to help me get ready for facing the medical tests? And sir, I am a student of English version. So, will there be any difficulties for me like won’t the question be translated in English for students of English version? Thank you.

      1. There will be an option in the form about the language of the question paper you want. If you fill up the English option, your question paper will be set in English. Don’t be worry about that. And you have to read the textbooks carefully to get maximum from this exam. Another thing, take as many model tests as you can to judge your preparation.

    435. Dear sir, I am a student of HSC 1st year. I want to get myself admitted into DMC and it is my only one target. At this time, will I take preparation for medical admission only or also for BUET/DU?

      1. It is extremely difficult to prepare for both medical and BUET for the same person. You must choose one of these and take full preparation accordingly. You should not prepare for all. It will result failure for sure.

    436. Ami SSC te temon valo kori nai. 4.00 peyechi. Ami ki admission dite parbo?

      1. Yes, you can. But for that, you have to get at least 4.00 in HSC also.

    437. Sir, amar SSC te GPA 4.44. Asa kori HSC te GPA 5 asbe. Amar govt. medical college a chance paoar jonno koto mark lagbe? Ami ek jon muktijoddhar sontan hisebe ki kono subidha pabo?

      1. If you get GPA 5.00 in HSC, your SSC+HSC marks will be 95.5. If you get around 85 marks from 100 marks MCQ exam, you will have a chance of managing a seat in DMC. You can apply in Freedom Fighter Quota, which will make this task easier for you.

    438. Dear sir, I got GPA 4.94 in SSC exam. HSC te main subject ki Biology na nile kono problem hobe? Amar SSC ta ei point e chance paowa jabe? Please help me, sir.

      1. Ha, Biology main hok ba 4th subject hok, admission deya jabe.

    439. Sir, jodi college fee free hoy tobe minimum koto lakh khoroch hote pare besorkari medical college e?

      1. College fee is the bulk of the expense in private medical colleges. Other expenses will be affordable to anyone.

    440. Sir, ami HSC 1st year er student, 2nd part motamuti cover hoyse, but 10-15 din na porley vule jai, ki kori bolen to.

      1. Try to study more and more everyday to memorize the hard lessons.

    441. Sir, oneke China theke MBBS complete korse. Sir, eita ki amader Bangladesh er MBBS theke better? Sir, konta better please bolben.

      1. China MBBS is inferior to Bangladesh MBBS. They have many lacks in clinical skills in comparison to the Bangladeshi doctors. It is expensive also.

    442. Ebar naki 56.5 score kore chance hoyse. Amar paser basar apu non-goverment medical college a pore free. Minimum koto score korle free pora jabe?

      1. I think, that girl is a relative to the college authority or there is something else. You can’t study completely free in any medical college in Bangladesh. Even Govt medical college students pay few thousands taka each year. In private medical colleges, this amount varies between few lakhs. But, as those are private medical colleges, they can decide who can study free. You should ask her details about it.

    443. Sir, MBBS/Dental e equal score korte hoy?

      1. No. Minimum mark for MBBS admission is 140/200 and for BDS, it is 130/200.

    444. Viya, HSC te Mathematics na nile ki medical admission deya jabe?

    445. Viya, ami 2014 te SSC 2017 te HSC debo. Ami ke second time medical admission a ongso nite parbo?

      1. So far, it is possible. But, 2017 is still a lot of way to go. So, it may be changed if the authority wants.

    446. Dear sir, thanks for the reply. Another thing is that, suppose I didn’t get the chance in any medical college, then can I take admission under science in other subjects? Means, I have 2 options in my mind for career: doctor/engineer. This is wrong thinking or not? Please advise.

      1. Yes, you can take admission test of any university you want, if you have a good GPA.

    447. Sir, 2014-15 sikkhaborse medical admission question a notun and puraton dui syllabus theke question eseche. Eibar o ki same combined question hobe naki only new book thekei asbe?

      1. If the teacher wants, then it may happen. But, most of the questions will be from the new syllabus. So, you should not worry about the few marks of old syllabus and concentrate on the new one.

    448. Dear sir, could you please advise, is medical coaching important for getting chance under governments colleges? Till now I am not admitted in any institution for coaching. Please advise what should I do?

      1. Medical Coaching is not useless. It has some benefits. The first one is, you will get enough chance to judge yourself through the model tests and class test exams. You will not get that chance if you don’t admit in any coaching. Secondly, you will be bound to study regularly. Otherwise, you may waste a day or two during this vital period. These 2 are the major advantages. But, the decision is ultimately yours. You should do whatever your mind tells you to do.

    449. Sir, SSC te amar GPA 5.00 chilo. HSC teo may be GPA 5.00 asbe. Tahole amake medical e chance pete hole koto pete hobe? Ar ekta question. GPA ta ki 4th subject bade count hobe? Please sir, suggest me.

      1. In that case, you have to get at least 40/100 to get admitted in a private medical college. You will get the chance of being admitted in a government medical college if you get around 50-60 marks.

    450. Sir, ami jodi ei bochor na tiki tahole ki ami agami bochor abar apply korte parbo?

    451. Sir, ami Botany Hasan; Zoology Ajmol; Physics Amir (1st, 2nd); Chemistry Hajari (1st, 2nd) ei 6 ta boi fully complete korsi. Now Bichitra portesi. Amar preparation complete korte eta ki enough hobe? Na hole ar ki korte pari? Jehetu 2015 e boi change hoise, se khetre question ki notun boi & purano boi duita milie hobe naki only new boi theke hobe?

      1. You should revise those 6 books more and more. Try to take as much model tests as you can. That will be enough.

    452. Sir, general knowledge er jonno ami kon books gulo follow korbo? English er kon topics gulo theke question ashe? Ami kon guide books follow korbo?

      1. For General Knowledge, you may follow “Ajker Bisso”, “Cholti Bisso” etc. English is mainly grammar related. You will get a good idea about the question type from any guide book. There are many guide books in the market. Discuss with your teachers and friends to select the best book for you.

    453. Thanks sir. Private e admit hote admission test e koto pete hobe and private e admit hote cost koto hobe?

      1. You need a miminum of 40 marks out of the 100 in the MCQ exam, if you have GPA 5.00 in both SSC and HSC. If you have less GPA than that, you need more marks in the MCQ exam. Please read the previous comments to get an idea about it. The cost for private medical colleges varies from colleges to colleges. But, in average, it will be around 15,00,000/= BDT.

        1. Sir, negative marks komate ki korbo?

          1. Good question. As you know, there is 0.25 marks negative marking for each wrong answer, you have to be 100% sure about the answers. At first, answer the common questions as much as you can. Then, count the number of answered question. If it is above 60, you may left the unanswered ones. Or if you want to take some risks, you may answer some of them which you feel as correct. But, don’t answer the questions which are completely unknown to you.

    454. Sir, to get admitted in DMC what marks I need. And what’s the financial effort. Please inform me. In private colleges it is very expensive I know, but what about in govt colleges. In HSC I will follow your following books besides my textbooks. So will it harm my HSC result?

      1. It varies from year to year. Only 175 students with the top marks will get the chance to be admitted in DMC. So, you need to be among them to fulfill your dream. Financial problem is very less in govt medical colleges. You need minimum 5,000/= Taka per month to lead a simple life. College fees are also less. You need some money for buying human bones for the 1st year and some books. Those will require at least 40-50 thousand taka for the first month only. The Books listed here are followed in most of the colleges in Bangladesh as textbooks. So, you will need no extra book if you read those.

    455. Sir, I have got 4.22 in SSC and I will get 5.00 in HSC. So, amake admission test e koto pete hobe?

      1. SSC = 4.22×8 = 33.76
        HSC = 5×12 = 60
        Total = 93.76
        So, you need minimum 140-93.76 = 46.24 for MBBS Admission Test and 130-93.76 = 36.24 for BDS Admission Test.

    456. Sir, I have got 4.78 in SSC. So is it possible to study in Govt Medical College.

      1. Yes. You have to get good marks in HSC and Medical Admission Test for that.

    457. S.S.C=GPA 4.10, Bangla-4, English-3.4, Math-5, Social Science-4, Religion-4, Physics-4, Chemistry-3, Highermath4, Biology-3.5
      Assume that I get H.S.C=GPA 4.1 then What can I do for qualify of medical? Kindly, suggest me. Will the above per subject result create problems for medical admission test?

      1. No. if your GPA (Grade Point Average) is 4.00 and above in both SSC and HSC, you are eligible for medical admission test.

      2. How will I take preparation for 15 marks on English MCQ? Please suggest me in details.

      3. Sir, in which university unit can I take admission after medical admission?

    458. Dear sir, thank you for replying my question one after another, please help me with the blog or website where we all can find 1. Last years medical exam questions and all MCQ reply. If possible please upload some medical and MCQ questions subjectwise, this will surely help the deserving students.

    459. Dear sir, ami HSC batch 15 er. Amra ki medical admission er jonno amader 2013-2014 er books porle Hobe? Naki eibar I mean 2015 er new book kinte hobe?
      Please sir, do favour.

      1. You have to read the books which you have read during your HSC course. It means, 2013-2014.

    460. Dear sir, this is to let you know that very recently the HSC exam has been over. Now, the students are trying to get admission in different trades. The science group students main target are Medical Admission Test. Your site is full of very essential guidance of medical student. Kindly provide some tips for the admission test examination for the coming test examination of 2015.

      1. I have given some tricks in this post. I think, it will help you.

    461. Amake daily kotokhon kore porte hobe?

      1. It depends on you. Some people can memorize 1 page in 5 minutes whereas some need 1 hour to memorize the same. So, it’s up to you. As long as you are not satisfied about your study, you must continue reading.

    462. Sir, 2014 te pass howa students der ki 2015 er syllabus theke new kicu porte hobe?

      1. Of course. Because, the questions will be set from the latest books.

    463. Math e naki admission test e 10 MCQ add hobe?

    464. Sir, je koeta writter er boi lekha ache, shudhu ei writter gular boi follow korle hobe na? I mean Zoology-Gaji Ajmol & Botany-Abul Hasan er boi thekei ashbe? Okkhorpotro prokashoni na porle hobe na? Please tell me. I am afraid.

      1. These books are the best ones among many. I also got chance in Medical Admission Test reading these books. Most of the students follow these books. So, I think, these will be enough for you. You just have to remember the important information from these books. Nothing else.

    465. Thank you, sir for your advice. And I’ve a question. For preparing for the MCAT how hours we should read?

      1. It depends on you. Some people can memorize 1 page in 5 minutes whereas some need 1 hour to memorize the same. So, it’s up to you. As long as you are not satisfied about your study, you must continue reading.

    466. Sir, tell me that MBBS marks distribution on Govt medical.

      1. Are you asking for the Admission Test marks distribution or the 5 years MBBS course marks distribution?

    467. Physics and Chemistry ei 2ta subject er ki math type question asbe? Normal MCQ er upor jor dibo naki mathematical term er upor jor dibo? Ar English ki grammar type asbe? Kon kon item important ektu janaben please.

      1. You must solve the last 5 year’s question to get an idea about all your queries. I think, it will be more beneficial for you.

    468. Amader Biology 1st part a kebol Ekbijpotri Malvaceae family deya ache jekane old edition a Liliaceae, Dibijpotri Cruciferae and other family deya ache. Mediacal question age kora hoto osob topic theke. Ekhon ki oi topic gula porte hobe?

      1. No. You should read only the topics from the new book.

    469. Dear sir, many many thanks for providing very important advice here. Outside Dhaka the admission coaching center are advising many books nearly 5 books of 20 authors to purchase, my question is whether those books will be needed or not. I’m looking here that only 6 No’s book have been earmarked for reading passionately. Kindly help me over my email.
      Yours truely,
      Malaker, Gaibandha.

      1. Well, you can buy as many books as you wish. But, the information is quite same in all those books. So, it is wise to buy one or two good books and read them attentively.

    470. Sir, kon guide book medical admission test er jonno beshi helpful? Sir, can you tell me, please?

      1. Any guide book which contains previous years questions of Medical Admission Test will be helpful. You have to read the textbooks in order to pass. Guide books contain wrong and concise information which are not good for memorising. Those are needed only for solving previous years questions and some model tests.

    471. Sir, apnar tips er jonno many many thanks. Ami SSC te optional soho GPA 5 and optional chara GPA 4.75 peyechi. Sir, amar number ta kivabe count hobe.

      1. Forget about 4.75. Your GPA is 5.00. It will be multiplied by 8 and you will get full 40 marks there.

    472. Sir, ekhon ami sunlam je 40% number na pale medical a admission newa jay na. To apni je bollen ami 33.3% number pele admission nite parbo please sir kindly ektu janan.

      1. Yes. You are right. Minimum marks for Dental College Admission Test has been reduced to 30. For Medical Colleges, it is still 40. So, you need 43.3 for MBBS admission. If you want to get admitted in BDS course, you will need minimum 33.3. For details, you may read this.

    473. If I admit into a Private Medical Collage and my SSC result is 4.89 and my HSC result is 4.80. So, amar admission test a Koto number prte hobe?

      1. SSC x 8 = 4.89×8=39.1
        HSC x 12 = 4.80×12=57.6
        Total= 39.1+57.6 = 96.7

        For Private Medical College, you need Minimum 130 in Grand Total i.e. MCQ+SSC+HSC.
        So, you need 130-96.7=33.3 out of 100 in MCQ.

    474. GPA 5 ki Optional subject niye count kore naki optional subject chara? Jemon ami SSC te GPA 5 peyechi with optional subject. Ekta subject e A+ paini. So, eita ki 5.8 diye multiplied hobe naki 4.88 diye?

      1. With optional subject, you have to get GPA 5 to get full marks there. Your GPA is 5.00 with Optional Subject. So, it will be multiplied by 8 and you will get full 40 marks there.

    475. I want to see the previous year’s medical addmission questions. So what book or guide I should buy for my wish? Kindly tell me please.

      1. Some coaching centers provide such guides. You can search nearby bookstalls and select the best one among them.

    476. I want to know whether I have to read the old books of Biology or only the new one will be enough?

      1. The questions will be made according to the new books in all the subjects.

    477. Sir, I would like to know that what topic should be read in General Knowledge for medical admission?

      1. General Knowledge knows no bound. You have to solve all the previous years’ questions and also cover some related topics to get a moderate preparation.

    478. HSC and SSC te GPA 5 ki fourth subject niye? Without fourth subject, it’s 4.88.

      1. Yes. It is counted with the GPA of the fourth subject. If you get GPA 5.00 with fourth subject, you will get 40 full marks in that part.

    479. H.S.C te group sob gulote ki GPA 5 dorkar? Ekhon to amader ICT o ache. Otateo ki lagbe?

      1. Total GPA 4.00 or more is required, not individual GPA.

    480. Is there any age limit for Admission in Dhaka Medical College?

      1. No. There is no such limitation in Medical Admission Test.

    481. What about quota system & how much number is suitable 4 quota?

      1. The Tribal and Non-tribal Applicants of Chittagong Hill Tracts must have a total of GPA 7.00 in their SSC and HSC examinations. They must have a minimum of GPA 3 in both SSC and HSC examinations.

    482. Onek Kichu Janlam. Thanks.

    483. If I get GPA 3.88 in SSC and GPA 4.50 in HSC, then can I apply for admission?

      1. Yes. You can. As you have minimum 3.50 in both SSC and HSC exams and a total of GPA 3.88+4.50 = 8.38.

      1. Sir, I have got GPA 4.00 in SSC. I want to be admitted in MATS (IHT). What should I do? Please help me to take the decision.

        1. You should continue study, get at least GPA 4.00 in HSC and study harder to be admitted in MBBS or BDS. If you don’t like it, you will still have options for engineering and universities. Don’t stop here.

          1. But, I want to be admitted to medical now. Eta ki possible, sir?