10 Ways To Gain Weight Quickly And Naturally

Everyone wants to lose weight. There are very few people in this world who wants to gain weight. Very thin body is not acceptable to anyone. Everyone wants to be healthy. To gain weight quickly and naturally, you have to go through a special diet chart. Here is an example of a weight gaining diet chart:

1. Have some peanuts and raisins in your early morning breakfast. Sink some peanuts and raisins before going to sleep at night. Eat those when you get up at the morning.

2. Increase your dietary amount. If you eat less and thus very thin and underweight, eat some extra amount of food during each meal. One-fourth increase in your food is possible and it will cause you gain some weight.

10 Ways To Gain Weight Quickly And Naturally

3. Some people think that eating frequently will cause weight gain. But it is totally opposite of that. Eat full stomach 3 times a day, it will cause decreased metabolism and increased weight gain.

4. Eat fatty foods. Foods rich in oil can increase your body fat and will take part in the weight gain mechanism.

5. Go to a gymnasium. You may think, people go to the gym for losing weight. Yes, you are right. Eating excess amount of foods will increase your body weight and you will be bulky. You need to build up a healthy body. So, regular physical exercise is a must, in this case.

6. Do not strain off the water from the rice. This water contains starch which will cause increased weight. And it is tasty too!

7. Eat some honey mixed in a glass of milk before sleep. This nutritious food will guard your energy need during sleep. It will increase your body weight.

8. Give your body rest for at least 1 hour after eating. Sleeping for long time will also cause increased weight gain.

9. Eat high-calorie foods in your diet chart. It may include butter, egg, cheese, soft drinks, beef, sweetmeats, potato, chocolate etc.

10. Have some high-calorie fruits and vegetables like mango, litchi, jackfruit, banana, guava, papaya etc.

If you follow this chart regularly, your lean and thin body will quickly be a healthy one. But control your eating when you achieve your goal. Otherwise you have to look at this article too!


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