10 Types Of Birthday Gift Ideas For Male & Female

Birthday gift ideas are always very difficult to come in mind, when we need them. If you are planning to go to a birthday party of any boy or girl, you might need some exceptional and attracting gift ideas for the occasion. Most of the time, we buy only some common gift items for the birthday ceremony. But, we don’t think much about the expression of the birthday boy or birthday girl after getting the gift. So, we should choose the gift items for any birthday party very wisely. We should give emphasis on some points for this choice. We should make sure it is necessary for him/her, it is attractive and gorgeous looking, it is within the budget and looks more valuable compared to the actual price. So, here are the top 10 types of gifts we can give to any boy or girl on his/her birthday:

10 Types Of Birthday Gift Ideas For Male & Female


Children likes to play games. They will be happy more than anything else if you gift them toys or gaming materials. Here are some suggestions:

Football, Cricket bat, Cricket ball, Carrom board, Basketball, Table Tennis set, Doll etc.


If the boy or girl is going to school, you may look for this category also. This may include the following gifts:

Different kinds of Books, Pen, Pencil, Color Pencil, Pencil Box, Drawing board, Bag etc.


New clothes bring a new look to anyone. So, everyone will be happy if you gift them a new dress. Some gift ideas under this category include:

Shirt, Pants, Tie, Shoes, Jacket, Cap, Hat, Sweater, Saree, Salwar Kameez, Frock, Baby towel etc.


Children loves some special foods. You may gift those on their birthday and bring much joy to their hungry minds! These may include:

Chocolates, Ice-creams, Cakes, Fast foods, Sweetmeats, Fruits, Juice etc.


It is an option for the older children. You may gift the following materials to them also:

Piano, Guitar, Flute, Harmonium, Music CD, CD Player, iPod, MP3 Player etc.


Vehicles will help them to explore the outer world more easily. These may include:

Bicycle, Skateboard, Mini rickshaw, Van etc.

7. PETS:

Pets are another excellent choice for older children. You may gift the following animals:

Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fishes, Hair etc.


These are loved by girls especially. But boys will also be happy if you gift them something like these. These may include:

Body spray, makeup box, shampoo and many others.


This is one of the most beautiful ideas for the older children. It may be:

Photo frame, Photo album, Camera, Camera lens, Photos, Wall Mats, Paintings etc.


There are many other things that you may give them as a gift. These may be:

Wrist Watch, Table clock, Umbrella, Utensils, Mobile Phones and many more like this.

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