10 Tips To Get A+ In English In SSC & HSC Examinations

In Bangladesh, the SSC and HSC examinations are the most important board examinations for a boy or a girl. These examinations decide in which way you will build your career in future. If you get a good GPA in these examinations, it will be easier for you to get admission in any good educational institution for the higher studies. Now-a-days,¬†golden A+ (Minimum 80 marks in all subjects) is a must for getting admission in any renowned educational institution. Most of the students in Bangladesh can’t obtain A+ in English and Mathematics. So, they must concentrate on these subjects to do better in the SSC and HSC exam. In this post of sujonhera.com, you will be provided with 10 tips to get A+ in English in SSC and HSC examinations. So, let’s start.

1. Time Management: Time management is the first thing you should do to get a good preparation in English. Morning is the best time to memorize your lessons. So, if you are week in any subject, you must read that every morning after getting up from sleep. If you read with full concentration, it will be very easy for you to get a good preparation in that subject. So, You must manage your time accordingly to get a good preparation in English too.

10 Tips To Get A+ In English In SSC & HSC Examinations

2. Speak English: Try speaking English in your daily life. Don’t worry or bother if you can’t speak correct English. You must try and improve your speaking power. It will increase the power of writing on any unknown topic in the examination hall. So, you will be able to write at least 1 page on any given topic.

3. Solve Previous Year’s Questions: Repetition of question is a common phenomenon for any examination in the world. So, you will get some questions in your exam which were also present in the previous years question papers. Collect minimum previous 5 years questions and solve them. It will also give you a good idea about the question pattern.

4. Make A Combined Suggestion: Make a suggestion yourself, by collecting suggestions from different teachers. If you follow the common topics from all those suggestion, you will more likely get those topics in your exam. Read each any every topic from the suggestions as a relatively uncommon topic may also come in your question paper.

5. Read English Novels, Newspapers, Magazines: Read English novels, newspapers, magazines to develop your vocabulary. Primarily, you will face some difficulties during reading those. You will not be able to understand some words and some sentences. But, don’t worry for that. Read and try to understand what is the feelings the writer tried to write there. Gradually, you will learn some words and it will help you making stronger sentences.

6. Use Dictionary: Use of a Bengali-English and English-Bengali dictionary is a must, especially if you want to get A+ in any exam. Whenever you come around a new word, look it up in the dictionary. Try to make another sentence with that word.

7. Prepare Own Notes: Prepare your own notes by the help of the textbooks, guides and lecture notes. Collect information as much as you can. Your chance of getting good marks depends on the amount of information in your answer sheet. So, prepare more informative notes to get more marks than others.

8. Write Simply: Don’t try to write too difficult words or sentences. If you write simple English, it will be easier for the teacher to read and understand. In that case, he/she will be happy and you will get good marks. But, if you write longer sentences with difficult words, they will be bored reading your answer sheet. In that case, you may get poor marks despite writing a lot.

9. Read Grammar: English Grammar is a must to learn proper English. If your syllabus contains Grammar, you must read it every day. If your syllabus does not contain any grammar, still you must read it in your leisure to learn more tricks of writing proper English.

10. Model Tests: Preparation can be assessed by taking the model test. If you take 10 model tests before the exam and get good marks in at least 8 of them, you will be in a good position to get good marks in the main exam. So, assess yourself before the exam by taking more and more model tests.

Thanks for reading this post. You may look at the education section of this website to get more useful information regarding your examinations.


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