10 Tips To Select Your Desired Android Phone

Many people prefer Android phone nowadays. But, most of them can’t make up their minds that which model they should buy. They become confused before buying a smartphone for them and ask their friends who have a fair knowledge of it. If you are in this category, this post will certainly help you. As in this post, I will discuss the way of selecting the Android phone for you, keeping the advantages and disadvantages into account. So, let’s start:

10 Tips To Select Your Desired Android Phone

1. Your Primary Need: Most people buy a smartphone primarily for calling others. This is so far the most used function of any phone. This function is present in all phones in the world. But, you have to look for the other necessary functions on your phone. For example, you need to read eBooks. If this is the case, you have to buy a phone with large screen. If you want to watch movies, it will also require phones with large screens. If you want to listen to music, you need a phone with good music quality like Sony Xperia. If you need to capture high-quality photos, you need a phone with a higher megapixel camera. So, it depends upon your primary need. Think about your primary need before choosing your brand and model.

2. Latest Models or Old Models: Sometimes, people chose some old models just for some great particular functions. But, the other functions are not updated in those phones. So, you will get an old phone with a higher price, compared to the newer ones. So, always buy a new model. It will help you in many ways. If you want to upgrade the phone software of a new model, it can be easily upgraded. But, in case of older versions, you may not find an upgraded version of the phone’s softwares.

3. Operating System: Operating System is one of the primary features to look for before buying any phone. Always buy the latest operating system phone. At present, Android Kitkat is the latest operating system. So, if you buy any phone, always buy one with this OS.

4. Battery: Always look for the battery capacity of your desired smartphone. As smartphones are made for multi-tasking, the battery of the phone will drain much faster compared to other phones. So, always compare between 4-5 phones and select the highest battery capacity phone in the upper portion of your choice.

5. Built: Some phones may contain spectacular features. But their built quality may be too weak. They may be made with thin plastic materials, which may break down easily. Also look for the screen features like Gorilla Glass, touch quality etc.

6. Price: Always try to buy a good quality phone. Don’t buy a low quality phone just for saving money. It will give a bad user experience and you will waste your money buying those. In Bangladesh, Walton and Symphony bring lots of good quality smartphones in 10-20 thousands BDT. Those are the best choice for heavy users of smartphones in Bangladesh.

7. Sensors: Always check for the available sensors in your desired phone. These are needed for many apps to function effectively. Chose the phone with maximum number of sensors.

8. Other Features: Some phones have special features like Smart Gesture, OTG etc. Always prefer those phones for a great Android experience.

9. Read reviews: If you still can’t choose which phone to buy for you, you should read some reviews on some phones in your budget. You will find many reviews searching Google. They will help you a lot by informing every single feature of any particular model.

10. Buy from customer care: Always try to buy any electronic goods from the original dealer or customer care. It will ensure you the best quality of your product. As pirated materials are present in the market, always select the place carefully from where you are buying your phone.

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