10 Tips Before Buying A USB Pen drive Or Flash drive

Pen drives or USB Flash Drives are portable small devices that can store data of several GB. It can be easily inserted in any USB port of computers and can be taken with ease to a distant place. So, it is a useful medium for transferring data from one computer to another computer. There are different types of pen drives in the market. You have to buy one for your daily use. So, it is necessary to look for a good USB flash drive, which fulfills several criteria. Here are 1o tips that may help you before buying a pen drive:

10 Tips Before Buying A USB Pen drive Or Flash drive

1. CAPACITY: Always buy a pen drive with more capacity. It will help you to transfer large files easily. Suppose, you have bought a 2GB pen drive. So, it will be ineffective when you have to transfer a movie file of 3 GB. So, try to buy at least an 8GB pen drive. Now-a-days, 32GB pen drives are very popular. But, 64GB and 128GB pen drives are also available in the market. The price is also reduced to a great extent. So, always buy a high capacity pen drive.

2. WARRANTY: The warranty of any electronic good is important. You must ask for the warranty period while buying the pen drive. You should take the warranty card and keep it in a safe place after buying the pen drive. Now-a-days, most companies provide lifetime warranty on their pen drives.

3. BRAND: Brand is also important for buying a pen drive. You should choose a quality brand even if the price is a bit higher. The lower class pen drives are not long lasting. So, buying a popular brand will always help you. Some of the best brands in the market are: HP, Toshiba, Transcend, Apacer, SanDisk, Kingston, PQI, A Data, Twinmos etc.

4. TRANSFER RATE: Always check the data transfer rate of a pen drive. So, always buy a high class pen drive for higher transfer rate. Usually, the more capacity you will buy, the more will be the transfer rate.

5. CHECK FUNCTIONALITY: Always check the functionality of the pen drive while buying. Otherwise, you will find a defective pen drive after taking it home. Always complain to the seller if you notice any connectivity problem, slow data transfer rate, absence of pen drive icon etc. while checking it at the shop. Never buy a defective product with your valuable money.

6. BODY: Buy a strong metal body pen drive. It will be more lasting than a plastic body pen drive. It may be costly, but it will support you for a long period.

7. PRICE: Never compromise with the quality. Two same capacity pen drives price may be different from each other. Suppose, one of the models of 8GB pen drives of A data is 800/= BDT, while the same capacity model of Apacer is 1000/= BDT. So, you should buy the best brand in this case. Apacer is far better than A data. So, you should buy the Apacer one.

8. COMPATIBILITY: Always check the written specifications on the pen drive box. Check which of the operating systems it supports. Always chose a pen drive that supports  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac 9+. Also check whether it supports USB 3.0 or not.

9. COVER: There are 2 types of covers for the pen drive: Slide and Cap. If you buy a slide cover pen drive, you don’t have to think for the cap when you use it. On the other hand, in case of a cap cover pen drive, you have to keep the cap in a safe place so that it does not get lost.

10. IDENTIFICATION RING: As there are a few models in your local market, always mark the pen drive with something that you can identify it as your at a glance. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you or any other person to identify it as your pen drive. You can use a special ring [as like a key ring], a card with your name and address on it etc.

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    1. Sir, 32GB flash drive small size konta kinle valo hoy? Please.

      1. Any renowned brand like Apacer, Transcend etc.

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