Anti-Rape Tips: 10 Things To Do After Being Raped

Rape is one of the worst crimes in the world. It is ranked second in the crime list, just after the murder. Every now and then, girls are being raped by boys. It has become a social problem in many countries like India, Bangladesh and some other under-developed countries in the world. As the chance of being raped is applicable for all women, all of them should know some steps to be taken after being raped by someone. Here are 10 things you should do immediately after being raped:

Anti-Rape Tips 10 Things To Do After Being Raped

1. Go to a safe place: If you were alone during the rape, the first thing you have to do is to find a safe place. If the rapist rapes you in your own house and then left it, you are safe in your own house. If you are raped anywhere else, call your friends or family members and move to a safe place.

2. Find a friend and tell her/him the details: Find a friend or family member and tell her/him about the accident. Don’t hide anything you noticed. Tell everything you know about the person who raped you. Tell how it happened and why it happened.

3. Write down everything you experienced in the details: Take a piece of paper and write down important points about the accident. It is necessary as you may forget some points with the elapse of time.

4. Visit a doctor/hospital for a medical checkup: You must visit a doctor or hospital for details check up of the affected area. You should tell the truth to them and help them examine the affected private parts of your body to find any evidence. It will be helpful in punishing the rapist.

5. Don’t destroy the evidences: Don’t wash away any evidence like blood stains on your body and clothes, semen stains, hairs and so on. All these must be preserved for making the identification of the culprit.

6. Complainants against the rapist in the nearby police station: Complain in the nearby police station as soon as possible. They will help you find the culprit and give him the punishment for his act. Help them as much as possible in identifying the rapist.

7. Seek help from any women social welfare organization: There are many women social welfare organizations in your country. Seek help from them. They will help you both financially and legally.

8. Consult a psychologist for mental stabilization: After all these, consult a psychologist for your mental stabilization. As, rape affects your mentality, it is necessary for your future life. Don’t be hopeless and don’t dare to commit suicide. Life is yours. So, nobody has the right to make you commit suicide.

9. Take post-coital pills: The doctor will prescribe you some medications like post-coital pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Abide by them and take medicines regularly.

10. Strengthen your security: Secure your home by tightening the security. Otherwise, the culprit will take revenge on you for your post-rape activities.

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