10 Things You Should Do Before Sleeping At Night

Sleep is the basic need of every human being to remain fresh during the daytime. Most people sleep at night, except those who has night duties. Sometimes, bad preparation of sleeping may ruin your sleep. So, you need to prepare well for sleeping at night. Here are 10 things you should do before going to sleep.

10 Things You Should Do Before Sleeping At Night

1. Prevent mosquito bites: In most of the countries, mosquitos are the major threats to a sleeping person. If you don’t use a mosquito net, spray, mosquito coil etc, then you will surely be attacked by them. It may cause many mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue, Filariasis, Malaria, etc. So, it’s your first duty to use preventive measures against mosquito bites before going to sleep.

2. Close the doors and windows: Many people forget to close their doors and windows before sleeping. As a result, valuable materials of their rooms become stolen. So, always close the doors and windows before sleeping.

3. Turn off the lights: In many cases, the sleep comes so deeply that we forget to turn off the lights. It may hamper the sleeping process. You should always sleep in a dark/low light room. It will also save energy consumption.

4. Turn off TV, Laptop, etc: Sometimes, we watch TV or work on laptops before sleeping. When we feel sleepy, we forget to turn those devices off. It may cause damage to those devices as well as excess power consumption. So, always turn off those devices at least 2 hours before sleeping.

5. Go to toilet: You should void urine before going to sleep. If you go for sleeping with a full bladder, you might have to wake up in the middle of the night to micturate. So, go to toilet before sleep to get an uninterrupted sleep.

6. Drink water: Drinking water before sleeping is required. When you sleep for 8-10 hours, your body become dehydrated. Fluids from your body are excreted through respiration and skin [insensible loss of fluid]. So, it is necessary to drink at least one glass of water before lying on the bed.

7. To do list: The things you need to perform in the next morning should be written in a small paper before sleeping. Otherwise, you may forget those when you wake up in the next morning. After waking up, you should always check the list and start working accordingly.

8. Set alarm: If you don’t have a biological clock, you should set alarm for waking up at the right time. Otherwise, you will find it more difficult to start a new day in the next morning. Always set an alarm in your mobile or table clock for this reason.

9. Sleeping pills: Some people may need a sleeping pill. But, it should be avoided in most cases. When you try all necessary methods to fall asleep, but none of them works, only then you may have a sleeping pill for a sound sleep. But, always use the medication after consulting with a doctor.

10. Comb hair: Your hair should be combed before sleeping. It is more needed for the women who have long hairs. Otherwise, they will be destroyed.

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