10 Reasons Why No One Comment On Your Blog

So, you have a blog. You also have a good number of visitors. But, most of them don’t comment on your blog. It’s one of the great problems in the way of creating a visitor friendly blog. Let’s try to find out the reasons of it. Then you will be able to solve these problems and get many comments everyday on your blog.

10 Reasons Why No One Comment On Your Blog

Reasons Why People Don’t Comment On Your Blog:

1. Boring Post Title: Blog post titles are one of the important factors to make anyone read the posts. If your posts are read by more people, there will be more chances of getting more comments on those posts also. So, think a bit differently and write some exceptional blog post titles to catch the attention of the readers.

2. Boring Post Content: Post title is the vital part of making any visitor comment on it. If your post is full of grammatical mistakes, poor word selection and irrelevant talks, most people will not comment on those posts. So, try to be focused on the topic you are writing about. Give a close look at the grammatical mistakes. Revise your post after writing it. It will draw more comments on your posts for sure.

3. Common Ideas: If the visitors find no uncommon ideas on your posts, they will simply close the tab and visit other blogs searching for newer ideas. People always like to know new things. If you have enough talent to invent new things, it will be easier for you to write posts with newer ideas. This will provoke the visitors to comment on your posts.

4. Ignoring The Readers: If your language hurts or ignores the visitor, you will not get a single comment on your blog. Always try to make a good relationship with your blog readers. Ask them what they like, whether they like your posts or not, which part could have been more helpful etc. It will make anyone comment on your blog.

5. Not Commenting On Others Blogs: If you do not comment on others blogs and expect they will do so on yours, then you are not right. You should comment on other good posts with your blog links to express your presence online. Then they will visit your blog and comment on it also.

6. Captcha: Some people use captcha to stop spam comments on their blog posts. The captcha questions are sometimes too hard to solve. It makes the visitor irritated and they simply skip commenting on the posts. So, use simple captcha for your blog in order to stop spam as well as get comments from the original readers.

7. Not Replying To The Comments: If you are too busy to reply to the comments on your blog posts, those people will never comment again on your blog. You must reply to each and every comment on your blog. Then, the commentators will be enthusiastic enough to comment again on your blog.

8. Spam Comments: If you don’t have any protection for the spam comments, the spammers will use this opportunity and left spam comments on your blog. The real readers will see it and lose the enthusiasm to comment on those posts. So, clear the spam comments regularly and have a good anti-spam plugin to stop those spam comments.

9. Register To Comment: If you don’t let general visitors to comment on your blog, rather require registration for commenting, you will get far less comments on your blog. Most people don’t want to register just for posting a comment on your blog. So, make it simple and easy for all.

10. Poorly Visible Comment Box: Some people want to comment, but can’t find the place to post their comment. They look for a few seconds and finally loss energy to find it further. So, design your blog simply and make a large and easily visible comment form.

Thanks for reading this post. Please comment below why you don’t comment on any posts.

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