10 Physical Benefits of Regular Namaz/Salat/Prayer

Last Updated: October 29, 2013 at 12:38 pm
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Namaz/Salat/Prayer is the process of worshiping Allah, the creator of us, according to Islam. In Islam, there is an accurate process of Namaz/Salat/Prayer. You have to follow this process exactly to make your Namaz/Salat/Prayer perfect and to receive the grace of Allah. Besides, there are some physical benefits also if you say your prayer 5 times a day regularly. Through the process of Namaz, your body gets some unique exercise, which are essential for a healthy life. Let’s see what are the physical benefits of Namaz:

10 Physical Benefits of Regular Namaz/Salat/Prayer

1. During Sizda, your brain gets more blood supply. It sharpens your memory.

2. When you stand up during Namaz, your eyes are centered to the Jaynamaz. It improves your concentration.

3. Your body goes through an unique exercise during the Namaz. So, you get a flexible and healthy body.

4. It improves your body structure. You get rid of any malfunction of your body.

5. During Oju, you clean your vital parts with clean water. It prevents various microorganism from invading your body.

6. During Oju, your face becomes clean and bright. You get rid of any skin diseases.

7. Your mouth cavity is cleaned during the Oju. It increases the blood supply to your mouth cavity.

8. Namaz prevents you from doing any wrong works. It builds your character.

9. Those who says regular prayers, live longer than those who does not. It increases your life time.

10. Your eye care is maintained during Oju. So, you do not suffer from eye diseases.

These are the important physical advantages of Namaz. You should say your prayers daily 5 times to get these benefits.

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    1. Salaam. Regarding point No.9, I would just like to say that there is no evidence to support that those who says regular prayers, live longer than those who does not. It does not increases your life time. Allah has given each individual a set number of days to live whether he/she prays or not. It is our responsibility, therefore, to make dua and pray sincerely.

      Please find the time to either find strong evidence for point No.9 or remove this point please. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

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