10 Free Softwares That Should Be Present In Windows 8

Windows 8 has some really astonishing built-in free softwares that can provide a lot of functions for it’s users. But still, it lacks some really good apps that should have been present as built-in. That is, when you install windows 8 from a CD or ISO image, these softwares are not installed by default. Rather, you have to install these freewares after completion of Windows installation. So, this post may aslo be titled as “Top 10 Essential Freewares of Windows 8“. In this post, I will discuss about some of those apps which are so essential for our daily life but are absent in Windows 8 [or windows 7] as built-in. So, let’s see which are those:

10 Free Softwares that should be present in Windows 8

1. Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office has several versions like 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 etc. But none of them are pre-installed in any version of windows. Almost all windows users has to install the Office software after installing windows, which is a time-killing job. So, it should be installed by default in Windows 8 or any other versions. Although, Windows 8 has a similar built-in software called Word pad in it which can perform some functions of Microsoft Office, but it is not sufficient.

2. Picasa: Picasa is one of the best image editors of modern times. Those who don’t know tricks of Photoshop  can easily edit their photos with some simple clicks in Picasa. It has a attractive photo viewer too. But still it is absent in Windows as built-in!

3. Google Chrome: It is the number 1 browser in modern era. You can see the other browsers in the rankings in this post. But, astonishingly, it is absent by default in Windows 8!

4. Tera Copy: Although Windows 8 has a faster and more customizable copy-paste system, there is still some limitations in it. When you start copy-pasting 2-3 files at a time, the speed is decreased. You have to manually pause a file to get the full speed for another file, which is really annoying. In Tera Copy, you don’t have to think about this. The freeware will put all the copy-paste actions in a queue and start the second transfer only after the completion of the first one.

5. KM Player: KM Player is one of the most popular media players which can play all types of media files. The default media player of windows 8 has very less functions. So, a software like KM Player is needed in Windows 8 by default.

6. μTorrent: Now-a-days, people likes to download from torrent websites. But Windows 8 lacks torrent downloading software. It should be pre-installed by default.

7. Foxit Reader: The default reader of Windows 8 is not enriched with many functions. It only contains some basic functions, which are not sufficient for people who read eBooks on their computer. So, it should be considered by Windows 8 team and they should try something like Foxit Reader.

8. Advanced System Care: Any computer must be checked regularly for any errors. Advanced System Care is the best performer in this field. So, it should be pre-installed in Windows 8 also.

9. C Cleaner: Almost all people who use computer, use internet. To use internet, you need browsers. To keep browsers functioning and fast, you need a cleaner for them. C Cleaner is a must for every PC, which is absent by default in Windows.

10. Any Video Converter: A video converter is a must for an computer now-a days. But Windows lack them by default. Any Video Converter is one of the best free softwares in this purpose.

All the softwares stated above are not made by Microsoft Corporation. They need not provide these softwares in Windows by default also. What they can do is, improve their built-in softwares a little so that they can be more productive and user-friendly.

Thank you for reading this post.

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