10 Advantages & Disadvantages of Being A Doctor

In Bangladesh, Director General of Health Service [DGHS] offers admission in Medical College for MBBS & BDS course. Any student from science group, who obtained minimum GPA 4.00 in both SSC & HSC exams are capable of attending this exam. Every year, millions of students sit for the Medical Admission Test to become an MBBS or a BDS doctor. Only a few of them succeed in this battle. The rest of them try the next year or try anywhere else.

But, among the succeeded ones, many can’t adapt in the complex study in medical colleges. Some of them blame their parents for sending them in this line. So, here I am sharing some advantages and disadvantages of being a doctor in the present perspective of Bangladesh. After reading all these, you will be able to take the right decision whether you should sit for the Medical Admission Test or not. Let’s start with the advantages:

10 Advantages & Disadvantages of Being A Doctor


1. ECONOMIC FLUENCY: You will be economically affluent if you can make yourself a good doctor. Mind it, all the doctors are not rich. Some of them are rich enough to live a moderate life. Only a few percentage of them are rich. And most of them ages above 50 years. So, this is not a shortcut way to make money. You will be rich when you will have no time to get it’s benefit. But your children will get it’s benefit for sure!

2. SOCIAL STATUS: A doctor is admired by most of the people in the society. Wherever you go, they will look at you with respect. As they know, you save lives, one of the best jobs in the world. So, you will be a respected person in the society. You will be a famous person, at least in your district.

3. MENTAL SATISFACTION: You will feel a mental satisfaction after saving a person’s life as a doctor. This feeling is exceptional. God will bless you for whatever good deeds you do. You will be able to know how people live and what abnormality causes disease and death. So, it’s one of the advantages of being a doctor.

4. TREATING YOURSELF: If you become a doctor, you will be able to treat yourself easily. You will easily know any abnormality in you and your family. So, quick actions can be taken to treat the disease. Besides, your colleagues will stand by your side when you seek help from them. It’s a great advantage of being a doctor.

5. SERVING MANKIND: Serving mankind is one of the best advantages a doctor can get. The world is being selfish day by day. Nobody tends to help others except they are benefited also. Only a few professionals get the chance of helping the poor people in the root level. Doctors are one of the best in this task. Diagnosing a disease and treating a poor person for free is the best help you can do to him/her.


1. REQUIRES VERY HARD WORKS: Being a doctor is not so easy. You have to study regularly for at least 5 years and pass all the exams to get an MBBS degree. Your non-medical friends will enjoy in holidays when you will be on duty in a hospital, treating the diseased people. So, if you don’t have the capability of such hard work, medical sector is not for you!

2. NO TIME FOR FAMILY: Family & friends become enemies for a doctor in quick times. Most of the newly passed doctors fear to marry for the reason of economic insufficiency & ¬†uncertain career full of post-graduate courses. Your friends will discover you as an unsocial person very soon, as you won’t have time to meet them. You may not be able to stay with your wife/husband for the sake of your job. You will not be able to meet your parents, wife, children day after day. You have to stay in hospitals, even at nights. Very few professionals have night duties. Doctors are the most brilliant persons among them!

3. MENTAL TENSION: You will be always in a mental tension. You will think of your patients lying on your hospitals, when you stay at home. You will think about your family, when you will do a night duty at the hospital. You will have to think about your career, your income, your expenses etc. So, if you are planning to become a doctor, practice being in such type of tensions.

4. CHANCE OF BEING DISEASED: Doctors are the person who goes into contact with diseased people everyday. There are millions of diseases in the world. Some of them are contagious. But, as a doctor, you can’t ignore a patient dying in front of your eyes. So, you have to go in contact with the patients. This is the best chance when you will also be caught by the disease. So, doctors are the persons who are most prone to diseases.

5. ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY: It may sound crazy to you. As most people think, doctors are rich. But, in the perspective of Bangladesh, doctors are the most unlucky professional who have all the quality of being rich, but have to struggle more than the backbenchers. Most doctors have to sit for the same post graduate exams for at least 4-5 times in order to pass. They have to study 10-12 hours a day, and at the same time work in private clinics and hospitals to earn a livelihood. So, to become a specialized doctor, you have to run through a certain economic uncertainty.

Analyzing all the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages, I will advise you to think for a while and re-think before entering into the medical field. If you find yourself unfit for this sector, please don’t waste your potentials in the wrong way. And if you think you can handle all the above mentioned things, you are welcome to the group of doctors, my friend!


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    1. I Wish to become a doctor but my problem is the lack of money to study medical.

    2. I’m in grade 11, being a Doctor was my career in my childhood until now. I’m confused disadvantages apprehension me it seems to be hard and I can’t control my emotions get angry, cry very easy. I don’t know whether still loved to be a doctor or not but let’s hope by the year 2018 my mind will be filtered and I don’t have any other options beside being a Doctor.

    3. I think I won’t be able to be a doctor. I read about the disadvantages of being a doctor. I think I am scared and it will be hard. Please help. I am still in high school. I get angry and cry very quick. small things make me cry.

      1. You have a long way to go. Things can be changed very soon. It’s better not to think that way from now. Rather try to control your emotions gradually. Decide when you are in college.

    4. Sir, I am a second-year student. I am really in a fix to decide what should I become. I love to help people, it gives me immense satisfaction. But, I am impatient and I get angry soon. Sometimes it becomes really hard to control my anger. Sir, please tell me whether I should choose this profession or not. Will I be able to improve?

      1. How could I know whether you will be able to control yourself in future or not? If you are confident enough, then choose medical. Otherwise not.

      2. Hi, I think you should only do the exam if you truly feel that you can become a doctor and survive the hell that is medical school. Do not give into the family or peer pressure into taking the exam because honestly, most people who are rich, aren’t doctors. If you want to help people, why not set up a charity organisation? Or become a nurse? Any job you do helps people, either directly or indirectly. If you can not control your anger, I personally do not think you are suitable for becoming a doctor unless you are able to control yourself and manage your anger.

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