5 Reasons Why Your Spouse Loses Interest In You

All the couples in this world have a common problem. That is, after a few years of marriage, they lose attraction to their spouse. Especially husbands lose interest, more than wives. Sometimes, both husbands and wives lose interest. But should it be the result of an affair! If the two people love each other very much, then why they lose interest after marriage? Let’s see what are the reasons: 1. Lack of self-care: It is the biggest mistake that most […]

Top 5 Popular Search Engines To Search Anything

Search engines are the websites which contain huge numbers of links of useful and popular websites. The objective is to find anything quickly with minimum efforts. To perform this huge task, search engines are working 24×7 gathering helpful web links and which is called indexing. To find anything online, you must search by keyword on any search engine. There are many search engines in the world by now. But, all of them are not popular for their poor indexing power and […]

Symphony Xplorer W67: Full Phone Specifications & Price

Symphony has declared a medium specification android mobile phone named Symphony Xplorer W67. This newbie has some really good features compared to the price of it. It contains Android Kitkat 4.4.2 operating system, 1GHz Dual Core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM, 1500mAh battery, 4 inch TN WVGA display, 5MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera. Moreover, the price is suspected to be under 8,000/= BDT, which is always a plus point for a smartphone of this quality. Let’s check out the details about […]

Walton Primo S3: Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Walton Primo S3 is the upcoming phone from Walton in Bangladeshi market. Walton has done a few experiments on the people demand once again. They have realized the need of the smartphone lovers. So, they have come up with some special features in their phones. Walton Primo S2 was a blast from Walton few days ago. But, the new model Walton Primo S3 is coming with more features. It also contains quality features like Android Kitkat 4.4, 1.7 GHz Octa […]

Top 5 Annoying Matters For Facebook Users

Facebook is useful as well as annoying social network for many reasons. It has a lot of good aspects. So, it’s the largest social group online. But, there are some annoying matters which happen in every persons life. Here are the top 5 most annoying matters for every Facebook user: 1. Friend Request From Unknown People: This is so far the most annoying matter for any Facebook User. Every day many people send Facebook Friend Requests to unknown persons. People […]

Eye Care: 5 Tips To Save Your Eyes From Computer

Eyes are the most important organs to watch this beautiful world. Everyone needs these organs to see and work on this planet. But, those who are working with computers are in a danger of losing eyesight quicker than the others. Some people works for 10 or more hours looking at the computer screen. This post will help you saving your eyes from the bad effects of lights of your computer. Let’s see how: 1. Reduce brightness of your monitor: This […]

Conjugal Life Tips: 5 Tips To Prevent ExtraMarital Affairs

Extramarital affair means any relationship between a man and a woman of whom one or both are married to someone else. Now-a-days, extramarital affairs are increasing at an alarming rate. People can’t find happiness in their conjugal life. They seek for more happiness outside their home. There are many reasons behind this act. But, in most of the cases, misunderstanding between the husband and the wife leads to extramarital affairs. Either husband or wife starts relationship with other known or […]

Anti-Rape Tips: 10 Things To Do After Being Raped

Rape is one of the worst crimes in the world. It is ranked second in the crime list, just after the murder. Every now and then, girls are being raped by boys. It has become a social problem in many countries like India, Bangladesh and some other under-developed countries in the world. As the chance of being raped is applicable for all women, all of them should know some steps to be taken after being raped by someone. Here are […]

Relationship Tips: How To Stop Quarreling With Your Spouse

Any Relationship is full of ups and downs. Whether you are married or unmarried, quarreling with your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend will surely happen. This is one of the parts of your relationship. But, when the quarrel gets to an extreme point, it should be stopped. Otherwise, your relationship will not persist much longer. But, how? Here are some tips on how to stop quarreling with your spouse. 1. Don’t be angry together: The main reason of a long lasting quarrel […]