Eye Care: 5 Tips To Save Your Eyes From Computer

Eyes are the most important organs to watch this beautiful world. Everyone needs these organs to see and work on this planet. But, those who are working with computers are in a danger of losing eyesight quicker than the others. Some people works for 10 or more hours looking at the computer screen. This post will help you saving your eyes from the bad effects of lights of your computer. Let’s see how: 1. Reduce brightness of your monitor: This […]

Conjugal Life Tips: 5 Tips To Prevent ExtraMarital Affairs

Extramarital affair means any relationship between a man and a woman of whom one or both are married to someone else. Now-a-days, extramarital affairs are increasing at an alarming rate. People can’t find happiness in their conjugal life. They seek for more happiness outside their home. There are many reasons behind this act. But, in most of the cases, misunderstanding between the husband and the wife leads to extramarital affairs. Either husband or wife starts relationship with other known or […]

Anti-Rape Tips: 10 Things To Do After Being Raped

Rape is one of the worst crimes in the world. It is ranked second in the crime list, just after the murder. Every now and then, girls are being raped by boys. It has become a social problem in many countries like India, Bangladesh and some other under-developed countries in the world. As the chance of being raped is applicable for all women, all of them should know some steps to be taken after being raped by someone. Here are […]

Relationship Tips: How To Stop Quarreling With Your Spouse

Any Relationship is full of ups and downs. Whether you are married or unmarried, quarreling with your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend will surely happen. This is one of the parts of your relationship. But, when the quarrel gets to an extreme point, it should be stopped. Otherwise, your relationship will not persist much longer. But, how? Here are some tips on how to stop quarreling with your spouse. 1. Don’t be angry together: The main reason of a long lasting quarrel […]

How To Add Official Facebook Like Box Widget

Facebook like box is one of the important widget for any website or blog. It brings you genuine likes to your Facebook Fan Page and keeps your visitors updated about your latest posts. There are many ways to generate Facebook Like Box widget. But, only one of them is official and it is used by most of the bloggers and webmasters. Here is the procedure of generating the official Facebook Like Box Widget of your Facebook Page: 1. At first, […]